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Visiting Asia's Most Extensive Garden Of Roses - -Top Must-Visit Place in Mohali

Visit Mohali: Top 6 Must-Visit Places in Mohali (2022)

Sahib Ajit Singh Nagar, better known as Mohali, is one of India’s modern planned cities. Its location is in the Mohali district in the state of Punjab. Mohali is one of the biggest commercial hubs lying to the south-west of the capital Chandigarh. The administrative headquarters of the entire Mohali is in this city. It is officially named according to the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The town recently came up in most efficient cities in Punjab and the north of India.

Mohali is the leading IT hub in Punjab. According to a recent survey, it’s noticed that special arrangements have been made by the Punjab administration to make Mohali one of the best places to live. The city of Mohali is a proud host to many national and international sporting events. It has a cricket stadium, a hockey playground, many indoor stadiums along with a right court. The following city was once a part of the Rupnagar district but was withdrawn into a separate community in 2006.

Related History With Mohali

In the prehistoric era, Mohali had the presence of many lakes and the right environment. The company of lakes made the area good with fossil remains. The imprints of a wide range of aquatic animals and plants, along with marine life, made the city’s environment healthy. Many people believe the area to be home to the Harappans like 8000 years ago. The name Mohali related to settlement, and it was then a part of the Sikh empire. Lambian village located in the city was discovered by Guru Har Rai, the seventh Sikh Guru. Coming to the modern part, after the partition of Punjab by the Britishers, Mohali came into existence. In 1967, the areas all around Mohali village shaped into an industrial estate. The All India Congress Committee was the first group that put forward the township plan for Mohali. Punjab’s Chief Minister Giani Zail Singh in November 1975 laid the foundation of the city you see today.

Visit Mohali: Top 6 Must-Visit Places in Mohali

If you’re one of the craziest cricket fans, then you surely would have heard of the city of Mohali. It has one of the best cricket stadiums on the entire planet. Along with that, it also has Asia’s most extensive rose garden, which adds more beauty to the city. Mohali, also called SAS Nagar, is a comprehensive commercial hub, an IT sector, and Punjab’s distinctive city. Its stadiums provide you with the best entertainment that you can ever have. If you are one of those visiting with kids and family, then come and explore the fabulous places in Mohali. Here is a list of the attractive places that you can plan on visiting during your trip to Mohali.

  1. Visiting Asia’s Most Extensive Garden Of Roses- The garden of roses or Dr. Zakir Rose garden is a worthy place to visit in Mohali. Its establishment was in 1967. The park has the profound name of being one of the most extensive gardens in the Asian continent. It is spread over twenty-seven acres and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Punjab. You may be surprised that this garden has more than 17 thousand plants along with 1600 varieties of roses. Besides having so many roses, many other types of flowers will never let down your visit. This garden is the most-liked among every local and child who comes here to play both in the mornings and evenings. You can try out this garden upon your Mohali visit with your family. Visiting Asia's Most Extensive Garden Of Roses - -Top Must-Visit Place in MohaliImage Source
  2. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial- This war memorial is in the Chapparchiri area near to the sector-91 Mohali. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur’s war memorial inauguration was in the year 2011. It celebrates Baba Singh Bahadur’s win in 1970 over the Mughal forces. This memorial has been built to mark those people who lost their lives in the battle. You can visit this beautiful memorial in Mohali and glorify the heroics of Sikh soldiers.
  3. Gurudwara Amb Sahib- The Gurudwara Amb Sahib is one of Mohali’s holiest and historical places for the Sikhs. Its location is in the Sector-62 area of the city. This famous Gurudwara visualizes you with the visit of the seventh Sikh Guru of Sikhs, Sri Guru Har Rai Ji. The term Amb may seem unknowing to you, but it means mango in the Punjabi language. According to Sikh mythology, mango marks goodwill and perseverance. The following Gurudwara also commemorates the meeting of Guru Har Rai with the famous Sikh Kuram Bhai, who was a trader by profession. You can visit this beautiful place and pay your homage to the beloved Sikh gurus. It is a worth visiting shrine in Mohali managed by SGPC, Amritsar, that attracts many tourists like you from India and abroad.
    Must-Visit Place in Mohali-Gurudwara Amb Sahib
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  4. Bhakra-Nangal Dam- This dam is one of the acclaimed water ventures in the nation. It’s worked over the Sutlej stream and is one of India’s greatest hydroelectricity makers. Indeed, even you can take your children and family to its lovely outing spot and make the most of its lavish green vegetation with them. It’s further known as Gobind Sagar, named after the great leader Guru Gobind Singh. It is one of the best sightseeing destinations in Mohali comprising both nature and human-made architecture. The generation of electricity for Chandigarh, Delhi, and many other neighboring cities is done from here.
    Attraction Place in Mohali-Bhakra-Nangal Dam
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  5. Fateh Burj- Fateh Burj in Mohali is the tallest minaret of the country. Its location is in the Chapparchiri village in the SAS Nagar district, where many histories got revealed. You can visit this beautiful tower that marks the historical war of Chappar Chiri. The 328 feet tower dedicated to the great victory attracts many tourists each year to Mohali. Its making started in the year 1711 by the general Baba Banda Singh Bahadur.
    Best Place in Mohali-Bhakra-Fateh Burj
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  6. Thunder Zone- Thunder zone amusement and water park’s location are in Mohali near the beautiful city of Chandigarh. The majority of the tourists visit here from all over the state and country to have a day full of fun. The unique features like a slide pool, big wave pool, an activity yard, and a shallow pool for kids attract your children towards itself. You can have a good time with your family and friends to end the trip. Various rides such as the octopus, splash caterpillar, striking cars, trains make it the best for your kids.
    Amazing Visit Place in Mohali-Bhakra-Thunder Zone

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Transportation Facilities to Mohali

Mohali’s location is to the west of Chandigarh in the historious state of Punjab. Many transportation ways adequately connect Mohali to every major city in the country. Being close to Chandigarh makes this city one of the best tourist destinations. Here are some of the most-efficient ways to reach Mohali.

  • Via Rail- The railway station of Mohali is in the Industrial area of phase eleven. It connects the people of Mohali with many important locations along the northern region and the entire country. Trains mainly run to Delhi, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bhubaneswar, Ludhiana, and many other cities, too, from Mohali.
  • Via Air- The International airport of Chandigarh, is also reckoned as Mohali International Airport and is located near Mohali’s Aerocity. It serves as both domestic and international flight destinations. Frequent and affordable flight services are always available at the airport.
  • Via Road- Mohali’s central bus stand location is in the sector-56 area. It’s where you can take any private bus towards your destination. The city has good road connections. The buses of Patiala and East Punjab States Union, and Haryana Road Transport Corporation ply daily from every city of both the states.

Mohali is one of those places in India that you can visit with your family, and it promises to be a great destination. It has everything from Gurudwara, temples, amusement parks, lakes, gardens to sanctuaries that would make your Mohali trip outstanding. Mohali is also a city that your kids would love to visit. Its cricket stadiums, rose gardens, unique water parks, and malls attached to movie theaters make it the best travel destination for your tour.

The delightful landmarks and hotels also add to every tourist’s tour list. So, what are you looking for then? Start making your plan for vacations in Mohali along with your family and kids. Everyone in your family would thank you for making them visit this remarkable place. For any other assistance related to tours and travels, you can contact us freely.

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