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Visit Bahadurgarh Fort in Patiala

Visit Bahadurgarh Fort in Patiala: History, What to See, Best Time to Visit, How to Reach, Best Foods to Try (2024)

Bahadurgarh Fort is a historic fort that is 6 kilometers away from Patiala’s city, on the Patiala-Chandigarh Highway. It was initially built in the year 1658 by the Nawab Settler, “Nawab Saif Khan.” In 1837, Bahadurgarh Fort was renovated by “Maharaja Karam Singh” to offer the Fort a magnificent look. The Fort is spread across 2100 square kilometers and surrounded by two-levels of rounded walls and a moat.

History of Bahadurgarh Fort

The name Bahadurgarh Fort has been given by the “Maharaja Karam Singh” to pay tribute to “Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur”, who stayed here before leaving for Delhi. The Bahadurgarh Fort includes a historical Gurudwara Sahib, which is named after “Gurudwara Sahib Patshai Nauvin.” The “Shiromini Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee” is controlling the Gurudwara.

Visitors come to Bahadurgarh Fort on the occasion of Baisakhi on 11th April, each year. A mosque is also there in the Fort. It was constructed by Saif Khan in 1968. The tomb of Saif Khan is located 300 yards away from the Bahadurgarh Fort. To remember Saif Khan, a fair is organized every year during June & January.

Visit Bahadurgarh Fort in Patiala

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Without any doubt, Bahadurgarh town has a rich historical background, but presently it is popularly known for the Escorts factories and Milk Food. These industries offer enough employment opportunities to the locals.

What To See in Bahadurgarh Fort?

The Gurudwara Sahib which is situated within the area of Bahadurgarh Fort, and it shows architecture at its best. This Gurudwara influences high religious values to the Sikhs living in Punjab, who makes an excellent decision to visit this place during the Baisakhi festival.

The magnificent architecture of the splendid Fort is even a work of amazement. There are octagonal turrets around the walls, a sanctum for the holy Guru Granth Sahib, a cemented courtyard, pinnacle lotus-shaped domes in rooms, and many more.

The Muslims come to Bahadurgarh Fort because of the religious sentiments attached to the Mosque built inside the Fort by Nawab Saif Khan.

Best Time to Visit Bahadurgarh Fort

The Bahadurgarh Fort is filled with Sikh devotees during the festival of Baisakhi. The Gurudwara and the Bahadurgarh Fort get decorated during Baisakhi, and people can enjoy Baisakhi’s pomp and festivity here.  Best Time to Visit Bahadurgarh Fort

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How to Reach Bahadurgarh Fort?

Reaching the Bahadurgarh Fort is not tricky as it is situated just 6 km outside Patiala’s city. Public transports like autos and buses drop passengers at a pocket-friendly price. One can even take Private taxis to reach here.

Nearest Railway Station: Patiala Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Chandigarh Airport  How to Reach Bahadurgarh Fort

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Best Food To Try Near Gobindgarh Fort

If you ask anyone about what is best in Patiala, the answer you will get first will surely be the “Food.” There is plenty of food options that you can eat at a pocket-friendly rate. Let’s find out what can satisfy your food cravings.

  1. Chole Bhature: Something that doesn’t need any introduction and something a slice of heaven will taste like. Chole Bhature is the most loved dishes from the Punjabi ‘Zaika’ and something which you can’t dare to miss in Patiala. You might have tried Chole Bhature in your respective town, but nothing beats the experience you will have in Patiala.  Best Food To Try Near Gobindgarh Fort - Chole BhatureImage Source
  2. Tandoori Chicken: When we talk about Patiala, and if we don’t talk about Tandoori Chicken, it would be such an injustice. If there is one thing in which Punjabis are at best, it’s their chicken. Tandoori Chicken is one of the most delicious Foods found in Patiala and something you must feast upon. Although you will get Tandoori Chicken in restaurants, we recommend you to try the street ones for the best experience.  Top Food To Try Near Gobindgarh Fort - Tandoori ChickenImage Source
  3. Kathi Roll: The name ‘Kathi Roll’ is enough, I guess. It’s delicious and mouth-watering and falls in the list of most amazing foods in Patiala always. Made with paneer and mixed vegetables and even with chicken sometimes. It is the filling wrapped in a Parantha with lots of cheese and chutneys.  Famous Food To Try Near Gobindgarh Fort - Kathi RollImage Source
  4. Amritsari Kulcha: Try Amritsari Kulcha if you wanted to know Punjab’s authentic flavors and want to know why Punjabi street foods are the best. This refined cuisine is made with mashed boiled potatoes, onions, and other vegetables. If you’re going to give your taste buds a tasty treat, having Amritsari Kulcha is the best way to do this. This local street food is delicious and often served with channa and mainly with chutneys.  Great Food To Try Near Gobindgarh Fort - Amritsari KulchaImage Source
  5. Jalebi: Many people are always worried about the oil, sweetness, and fat that comes with it, but Punjabis are still best with their “Sanu ki” attitude and their utmost love for their Food, and the attraction towards sweets makes Jalebi as one of the must-try street food in Patiala. Not sure whether you must take a break from your strict diet or not? Well, have a look at Jalebis for only once and tell us honestly if you would be able to say a no and not take a cheat day.  Mouth Watering Food To Try Near Gobindgarh Fort - JalebiImage Source
  6. Pakora: Cravings for something that can be made just less than 10 minutes and is tasty? Pakoras are indeed the ones which you are thinking of. Do guests come over unannounced? Pakoras are indeed the ones which you are thinking of. It is not at all possible to miss out on Pakora. It is something to munch on when you are craving some comfort food.  Pakora - Best Food To Try Near Gobindgarh FortImage Source

A visit to the Bahadurgarh Fort is a great destination all away from the busy and crowded city’s noise. This destination is a must-visit if you are someone who loves history and planning a trip to Punjab. It will also be one of its kinds of experiences if you can plan the trip during Baisakhi.


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