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Sheesh Mahal - Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Patiala

Visit Patiala: 6 Amazing Sightseeing Destinations in Patiala, History, and How to Reach Patiala (2024)

Visit Patiala

Patiala is one of the best sightseeing destinations in Punjab. Its location is in the southeastern Punjab, which is in the northwestern part of the country. According to the Punjab government’s statistics, it is the fourth largest Punjab city and Patiala’s district’s administrative capital. The following town has the best sightseeing destinations in Patiala in the form of Qila Mubarak. Patiala’s construction was by the Sidhu Jat ruler Ala Singh in 1763. He was the founder of the royal dynasty of the state of Patiala. The city is named after him to commemorate his legacy. These days the city is well known for its famous traditional headgear, shahi turban, salwar, footwear, and the famous Patiala peg.

Related History With Patiala-

With its establishment in the year 1763 by Ala Singh, Patiala came into existence. The city of Patiala is built around the famous Qila Mubarak. This monument is among the best sightseeing destinations in Patiala. Patiala is a city full of religious and cultural life, and educational hubs in India. One of the best colleges of 1870, Mohindra College, is in Patiala. It is a first-degree college in the northern part of India. The city’s architecture is one of the unique things on the planet to date. Patiala’s architectural designs are according to the Rajput style, but its beauty and elegance are better if compared to those.

6 Amazing Sightseeing Destinations in Patiala –

The famous city of Patiala is one of the oldest princely states of Punjab. The city is full of nature, history, magnificence, and liveliness of the past rulers. It has an immensely rich culture, and its base is wholly related to art. Punjab is a state full of color, life, vibrance, and Patiala is the epicenter. It has a hell lot of fantastic sightseeing destinations from temples, gurudwaras, places to forts. It has a lot to give you to make your trip an exciting one. Spending your beautiful time in this city is something that you’ll never regret in life. So, if you’re thinking of a unique trip, prefer to visit Patiala in Punjab. Here are some of the best-known places in Patiala that you need to visit during your trip.

  1. Kali Temple- The Sikh Maharaja Bhupinder Singh made the Kali temple in 1936. It is one of the ancient and most known places to visit for any tourist in the city of Patiala. Goddess Durga, the goddess of strength, is the main deity of this temple. Along with that, it has a six-foot-tall and wonderful statue of Goddess Kali. It would be best if you always started any of your trips with a holy place visit. Adding to that, starting your Patiala trip by seeking blessings of goddess Kali is a must. You should never miss out on any chance to visit this renowned temple when in Patiala.
    Amazing Sightseeing Destinations in Patiala-Kali Temple
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  2. Baradari Garden- Patiala is in the southernmost part of Punjab and is the busiest city with everything to cheer about for a traveler. If you’re one of those tired of visiting the town hubs, then you can go to the Baradari garden for a visit. It is one of Patiala’s hidden diamonds, and its often toured by many tourists from all over India. Baradari garden is excellent for nature-loving people because the park has a wide variety of lush greenery along with many rare species of trees and flowers. It was built by king Rajender Singh back in 1876 and is home to various fruit trees. It’s a funhouse, and rock gardens show the love of the king towards nature. You can visit Baradari garden in Patiala for a peaceful time in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle.
    Attraction Tourist Place In Patiala-Baradari Garden

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  3. Sheesh Mahal- Sheesh Mahal is an attractive palace built by the Maharaja Narender Singh in 1847. Many tourists worldwide come here to see the stunning paintings and artwork, which clarify the vision of Keshava, Sudras, and many more. A place named palace of mirrors is the most attractive section of the Sheesh Mahal in Patiala. It’s built of mirrors and colored glasses that your children may love. The mahal also has a bridge named Lachman Jhoola and a museum worth visiting. The entire mahal is a complete package full of fun and knowledge for your family tour.
    Sheesh Mahal - Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Patiala

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  4. Moti Bagh Palace- Moti Bagh palace is one of the oldest known forts in the country. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built this magnificent building in the starting phase of the twentieth century. You can come here along with your family and enjoy the famous Rajasthani style jharokhas and chhatris. Even you can move around the lush green garden beside the palace and have a good time with your family. The castle is now a new home to the National Institute of Sports in Patiala. This unique holiday destination stands as the best sightseeing destinations in Patiala.
  5. Qila Mubarak- Qila Mubarak is one of the magnificent works in the period of Sikhs. You can enjoy the best of Sikh architecture via Qila Mubarak. The following structure’s making started under the rule of Maharaja Ala Singh in the year 1764. The entire structure’s division is into many sections that depict the life of kings in those days. Various departments like the Ran Baas, Darbar hall, and Qila Androon are the best sections to visit for you along with your family.
    Best Visiting Place In Patiala-Qila Mubarak
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  6. Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib- You should always end your tour at a holy destination, and this Gurudwara is the best sightseeing destination in Patiala amongst all. The pond of this Gurudwara is one of the pious and curliest considered by Patiala’s people. It has got the tag of Dukhniwaran as taking a holy dip in the pool eliminates all sufferings. The Dukh Niwaran Sahib is beautiful and the most peaceful area of the entire city. You can plan along with friends and family for an excellent relaxed time.
    Must Visit Place In Patiala-Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib
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How To Travel To Patiala?

Patiala’s location is near to Chandigarh, along with being one of the oldest cities in Punjab. The city’s transportation ways are appropriately connected to every major state capitals of India. Patiala is one of the oldest historical cities in India, which attracts many tourists towards itself. Here are some of the best travel ways to Patiala.

  • Via Road- Patiala is well connected to every major city of the state and the country. It’s very well connected to cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, and many others via the national highway number one. The town also connects Ambala, Kaithal, and other suburbs via the state highway number eight. The National capital Delhi also has a direct road connection to Patiala. The majority of Indians love to travel via road, and the city’s good road connectivity makes it easy to visit any sightseeing destinations in Patiala.
  • Via Air- The closest airport from Patiala is Chandigarh airport. It has served for both International and national airplanes. Patiala does not have its airport, but it’s just a two-hour drive to Chandigarh. The airport is very well connected to major cities like- New Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Jaipur, and Leh. You can book your tickets via Air India, Jet Airways, Air Mantra, Indigo, and SpiceJet for a smooth journey.
  • Via Railway- The railway station of Patiala is known as Patiala Junction. Its connection is to every part of India. Major routes of Patiala include from cities like Ambala, Jaipur, Delhi, Jammu, and Ahmedabad. Traveling via trains is the safest and least expensive way.

You would never think of Patiala as such a wonderful city, but it’s filled with so many attractive places. Every place in this article will give you the best sightseeing destination experience. Your visit to this colorful, full of living, and the exciting city should be on the top of your tour list. Patiala is home to the best Indian dishes and famous handicrafts. Apart from both of these, Patiala’s history is the best reason you should travel here. So, don’t think much, plan your trip, pack your bags, and head to Patiala for the best sightseeing experience. For any other assistance, you’re always welcome to contact us anytime, anywhere.

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