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Hike to Jalori Pass - Shojha in Himachal Pradesh

Visit Shojha in Himachal Pradesh: Places To See And Things To Do In Shojha (2024)

Shojha is a small village located in Seraj Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a little hamlet that has managed to stay untouched by a lot of visitors and is not yet commercialized. This makes it more interesting for people to visit. Especially interesting for peace lovers and adventure seekers. Shojha village links the districts Shimla and Kullu as it is located on the border of two. You will be enchanted by the sloping mountains covered in lush greenery with conifer forests in the surrounding area. The deodar trees stretching for miles around enhance the beauty of this village. This village promises an incredible and unforgettable view of the snow-covered peaks.

You can also choose to go to Shojha if you are traveling to Tirthan valley for a few days as it is situated close to the valley. A trip to Shojhawould tranquilize you with the beauty of nature. You can go there for relaxation or can also choose to look around the place and do some adventure activities like hiking if you are willing. Shojha is located in a little isolated place and it is not very easy to reach here. For people traveling by car, it gets easier if they have good drivers along. Otherwise, the road from Banjar to Shojha is pretty rough. You should be ready for a slow and bumpy ride from Banjar to Shojha. All of these bumps are worth it looking at the beauty of this marvelous creation of nature. Shojha was featured in a very famous Bollywood movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. It is a must-visit for people who love to go for hikes.

The main highlight of this place is the calmness and the natural beauty you will observe here in addition to the heartwarming hospitality offered by the people of this town and the amazing Himachali food you can enjoy here. The best thing about Shojha is that it is located amid Banjar Valley. You will have the chance to see several small temples made of wood. These temples add to the beauty of this village.

Places To See And Things To Do In Shojha

  1. Hike to Jalori Pass: The Jalori Pass Trek that starts from Shojha is a moderate level trek where you walk amid vast coniferous forests. It is best to go for this trek between the months of mid-June to mid-October when walking through the snow is a comparatively easy task. The path also leads to the nearby Serolsar Lake and ‘Budhi Naagin’ temple. You must visit the lake and temple and can spend some time here before reaching the top.Jalori pass is a place to quiet and calm and is situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The pass is located on the way from Khanag towards Shojha. It is nestled in the peaks of the majestic northern Himalayas. There are restaurants available that serve nice lunches at the top of the Jalori pass. You will also get to visit the Mahakali temple known as Jalori Mata. It is visited by thousands of devotees from the nearby villages. The road leading to Jalori pass is called NH305. You must prepare yourself, your driver and your vehicle for a trip to Jalori pass as the road is quite narrow, steep, uneven, and full of potholes, making it a bumpy ride. The road to the top is both scenic and challenging. But all the trouble is worth everything when you see the view from the top of Jalori pass. This is a place one must visit while traveling to the Himalayas. Hike to Jalori Pass - Shojha in Himachal Pradesh Image Source
  2. Waterfall Point: An interesting fact about these waterfalls is that you can not view them from the road. You can visit these waterfalls while traveling to Shojha from Jibhi. It takes a little walk on the path to reach these waterfalls from the road. You will need to walk for 5-10 minutes before you arrive here. There are beautifulsmall bridges made of wood over the stream which is flowing down from the waterfalls. It is beautifully maintained as well. The entire area around the waterfalls is nicely paved with stone and cement. It looks so mesmerizing that you would not be able to stop yourself from getting inside the water and go swimming or take a dip or two in the fresh cold water in the mountains. The waterfalls are surrounded by deep coniferous forests on all sides which makes it even more tempting and beautiful. You can also go to this place with your friends and family to spend some time or for a day picnic too. Make sure you plan to visit these waterfalls while visiting Shojha.
    Place To See In Shojha-Waterfall PointImage Source
  3. Serolsar Lake: This lake is situated at a distance of 10 km from Shojha and 25 km from Banjar town. Serolsar Lake is a beautiful lake situated at a distance of around 5 km from the Jalori pass. This lake can be reached by a trek from Shojha or Jalori Pass. Serolsar Lake is located at an altitude of 3199 m above sea level. It is surrounded by thick coniferous forests. The water in the river is very clear and the perfect shade of blue. The legend says that even if a small leaf falls into the Lake the birds around take them out of the lake and keeps the water crystal clear. The water of the lake is also believed to have medicinal properties. People from nearby areas have a belief that the water in this lake treats diseases. Make sure you wear proper shoes while visiting Serolsar Lake as the lake has a narrow walking track lined up with thick tall trees on the exterior. There is a very famous local temple on one side of the lake which is called Buddha Nagini temple. The devotees worship and offer ghee to the deity. It is said that the lake is very deep and that Budhi Nagini herself lives in a golden palace at the bottom of the lake and protects it. The trek from Jalori Pass to Serolsar Lake is 5 km one way and takes about 2 hrs. This is an intermediate level and people with decent fitness will be able to do this trek. The trek starts from just below the temple to Jalori pass. In winters, the pass is generally closed because there are around 5-8 feet of snow during the winters. It is best to visit Jalori pass during the summers.
    Best Place To See In Shojha-Serolsar Lake

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  4. Tirthan Valley: Tirthan Valley is considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of Himachal Pradesh. The places in Tirthan valley are lesser-known than other laces like Manali and Rohtang pass. This fact makes it less visited by tourists and hence the beauty of the place has been kept intact because of less human interaction and intervention in the area. The name of the valley is derived from the Tirthan River which is located in this valley itself. The pristine and serene river originates from the icy cold glacial springs of Hanskund which is a snow-capped peak in the verdant Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). This quiet valley is ideal for adventure activities with your friends and family. You can enjoy activities like trekking, fishing, wildlife watching, and discovering under-explored hill villages here in the quaint place. Or you can choose to do nothing and enjoy the raw nature and spend your time doing some self-realization and relax in
    Sight-seeing Place To See In Shojha-Tirthan Valley

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  5. Raghupur Fort: Raghupur Fort is a historic place located in the area. It is believed to be built by the rulers of Mandi. The reason to build the fort was to protect themselves from the invasion by other dynasties. The fort is in ruins currently other than the outer walls of the fort. But the place offers a mesmerizing view. You can choose to drive to Jalori pass from Shojha and trek to the Ragupur fort and the Serolsar Lake. The Raghupur fort region offers a 360 degrees view of the mountains as far as the Dhauladhar ranges. The trek to the lake is mesmerizing and very serene as the only voice you will hear are crickets and birds chirping and you will only be gently shaken by the bells from the temple nearby. Today, nothing much is left of it except the outer portion of the walls. The path to the fort is covered with lush green oaks and rhododendrons with the majestic snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. A small pond is also present within the premises of the fort adding to its beauty. Make sure you miss this place while visiting Shojha.
    Amazing Place To See In Shojha-Raghupur FortImage Source

Best Time to Visit Shojha

You can visit Shojha at any time of the year but the best time to visit is between March and June which are the summer months, and the temperature does not drop below subzero degrees. This is a great time to see the blooming flowers in the spring season and enjoy the lush greenery around. It is a nice time for the tourists to get around and to enjoy the wilderness that is Shojha. October and November are also good months to visit Shojha. During summers i.e. between March to June, the temperature does not drop below zero degrees at Shojha. The weather is pleasant in summers and is considered the ideal time to spend some quiet time in these hills.

Summer in Shojha starts in March and lasts up to May and June and this time is the most visited in the city as the temperature is pleasant. However, the place remains less visited by tourists which allows you to spend some quiet time here.

Winters start in October and last up to February. Winter is the least recommended time to visit Shojha. However, October and November are manageable. Many roads to Shojha are blocked and the temperatures drop below zero degrees which sometimes get taxing especially when you are camping outside. At the end of February or at the beginning of March the snow starts melting. You can choose the best time for your visit based on your convenience.

How to Reach Shojha?

The are several means of transport for you to choose from to reach Shojha. The nearest airport is Bhuntar airport in Kullu and the nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway station. Shojha is well connected by road as well. Taking airways or railways is also a very good option which can be later followed by a small road trip to reach Shojha. Although it depends on the conditions of the roads, the grace of weather gods, and the traffic.

Air Travel to Shojha: The nearest domestic airport to Shojha is Bhuntar airport which is approximately 8 km from Shojha village. The major airline companies operating at this airport are Air India, IndiGo, and SpiceJet. The taxis majorly prepaid are available outside the airport and can be booked to take you to Shojha.The Chandigarh International Airport is also one of the closest international airports to Shojha. It is around 70 km from Shojha.You can hire a taxi to reach Shojha from Chandigarh airport. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Shojha from Chandigarh by taxi. You can hire a taxi from any of these airports to go to Shojha or you can go to and take a bus that operates quite frequently on these routes from the major cities and their bus stations.

Rail Travel to Shojha: The Nearest railway station is Shimla which is around 60 km from Shojha village. Joginder Nagar is also close to Shojha which is around 165 km. You can easily choose to travel to Shojha by train from Ambala or Chandigarh which are well connected to the railways from the Joginder Nagar station. You can take a train from Delhi to Chandigarh and then to Joginder Nagar. From Joginder Nagar, you can easily take a bus to a taxi to reach Shojha. You will be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Himalayas on your journey all through. It is one of the most scenic routes which will take you between the hills and lush green mountains.

Road Travel to Shojha: There is a frequent bus service from Delhi to Manali or Mandi directly. You can take a bus from the bus stations in major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, etc. You can take a taxi to reach Shojha from the Manali city taxi stand. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi to travel to Shojha directly which will be a little expensive but worth the money as you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the beautiful mountains and valleys on your way to Shojha.

Places To Stay While In Shojha

Shojha is not a very famous tourist destination. There are few options for accommodation in the village and they are also located far from each other. A few hotels are providing essential services to the visitors, but the warmth of the locals fills your heart. With time there are a few homestays which are getting very famous in the area for their views are also there. Having fewer places to stay is a good thing since it confirms the fact that nature here is not being interfered with by humans on a large scale like other places. But homestays are a nice option to stay here in Shojha since you will get to meet locals who will tell you about beautiful spots in the town and you will be able to see beautiful places. Make sure you book your accommodation before visiting the place as the possibility of finding a good or any accommodation gets difficult during the peak season if you just drop by.

Food to Eat in Shojha

Since it is a less visited place in the middle of the majestic Himalayas, they have very limited food options here. There are a few eating joints serving food here. Most of the hotels and homestays have their in-house kitchens where they prepare food and serve it to their guests. You can always try local food which in this area is majorly small stalls with Maggi and other quick snacks for you to munch on. It is advisable to carry food on your journey here so that so you can eat something when you feel hungry during your treks in the area. There is a small dhaba near Serolsar lake serving hot food in the cold weather which is very famous and visited by all tourists.

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