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Raju Bharti's Guest House

8 Amazing Homestays in Himachal (2023)

Travelers looking for peace and quiet may find it in Himachal Pradesh’s snow-capped mountains, great weather, flourishing local culture, and lush flora. Homestays in Himachal Pradesh, which has a plethora of tourist attractions, may help visitors get the most out of their trip by capturing the true character of the region.

8 Amazing Homestays in Himachal

Let’s have a look at the Best Homestays in Himachal:

1. Goshaini’s Raju’s Cottage

If you’re thinking of visiting Tirthan Valley, do your homework beforehand. Things here may change in a matter of weeks, and what was relevant in May may no longer be relevant in August. Before you go, make sure your accommodations are confirmed, transportation is arranged, and you have a backup plan for any eventuality.

Even though Raju’s Guest House in Himachal Pradesh is a highly sought-after guesthouse, it is incredibly tough to reserve. Telephone service might be spotty, and the guest house may be fully booked at any one moment. However, if the mountains have their way, you’ll find yourself at Goshaini’s tiny guesthouse.

In the middle of mountains and flora, the guest house appears completely at home on a modest hilltop and is amongst the Best Homestays in Himachal. The rooms are spacious, well-appointed, and well-equipped, with everything you could possible need right there (though warmth is the only thing that counts in the freezing cold). There’s a cozy living room, a dining room, a den, and a porch where the morning sun beckons you to sit and take in the beauty.

2. Elgin Hall, Dalhousie

One of the finest homestays in all of Himachal Pradesh, Elgin Hall is located smack dab in the middle of Dalhousie and provides opulent lodgings. Built in 1857, the home has survived the test of time and preserved its original elegance, now supplemented with modern fixtures. The architecture of the house is influenced by the Victorian period which is mirrored in the interiors and white furniture items. Colorful pastels adorn the property’s seven rooms, which are separated by different styles.

As an added bonus, the facility features a variety of amenity spaces that pay tribute to British traditions like high tea and a reading room where guests may enjoy a game of carrom. Villa’s vast green lawns are ideal for holding private parties like brunches and tete-a-tete barbeques, as well as leisurely brunches. Elgin Hall is a vacation destination with a difference: it’s elegant, antique, and opulent.

3. Darang Tea Estate, Kangra

Darang Tea Estate’s warmth and friendliness will make your vacation a memorable one. The hosts go out of their way to make you feel at home, and although the homestay provides all the necessities, it’s so nice to be spoiled!

Darang has three lodging choices, and you’ll need to reserve appropriately based on the number of persons in your party. A double room is the sole option here; the other cottages have two rooms each. To make sure you have all you need, contact ahead of time.

For those looking for some adventure, Bir and Billing are just an hour away. This homestay is also close to several more monasteries in Himachal.

4. Manali’s Taara House

Taara House, a stunning home perched on a hilltop in Manali, is the perfect place to unwind. Luxurious interiors are found throughout the two-bedroom home, which is decorated in a mid-modern manner. Inside the cottage is a glasshouse that may be used for both eating al fresco and lounging under the stars.

A patio off the back of the cottage adds to the tranquility of your stay. Custom-made furniture, Scandinavian-style light fixtures, and Himachal antiquities provide an artistic and aesthetic touch to this Best homestay in Himachal.

A comfortable stay is ensured by the presence of a living room, dining area, and kitchen that are outfitted with the most modern comforts. Featuring a modern aesthetic and a plethora of outdoor activities, Taara House Manali is a tranquil retreat in the Himalayas.

5. Khajjiar’s Mystic Village

Khajjiar, Mystic Village is a lovely resort at a height of 2100 meters in India’s version of Switzerland. An immersive cultural experience is provided by the resort, which is set up in the style of a residential community. Khajjiar’s spectacular beauty is only a short drive away from the resort, which is surrounded by nature. Folk music and the opportunity to engage with the local culture make for a memorable vacation for those who attend. There are only 12 dwellings, several temples, and a school in the little town, making it a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In this rural setting, you’ll see mud huts and be able to take in views of Dalhousie and the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary to the east. This homestay does a great job of exposing visitors to local life and culture, which is exactly what the term “homestay” means.

6. Brij Villa, Dalhousie

Brij Villa, a 1939 British house situated in the Dhalaudhar range, was erected by the British in 1939. Atop one of Dalhousie’s highest peaks, this traditional-style home overlooks a lush grove of Deodar trees. Villa’s British design and luxury hospitality make it a great choice for a modern and pleasant vacation stay.

Visitors are kept entertained by the site’s lush green grounds and indoor gaming area. Customers don’t have to leave the building to enjoy the restaurant, coffee shop, and bar there. Brij Villa’s closeness to Dalhousie’s most renowned tourist attractions and Subhash Chowk make it a peaceful and convenient place to stay.

7. Jedi Green Forest Home, Naggar

Your Naggar holiday will be even more unforgettable thanks to our cozy and rustic guesthouse. This is the perfect setting for a peaceful break in the woods, surrounded by pine forests and apple orchards. While the verandah overlooking the gorgeous surroundings is ideal for sunbathing, the apartments are adequately furnished to meet all of your winter requirements in Himachal.

8. Kotkhai’s Apple Farm Stay

Originally constructed in 1920, The Apple Farm Stay had a restoration in 1955 that included stone exteriors, antique furniture, and wood interiors. It is impossible to visit Himachal Pradesh without experiencing the food and culture of the state, and this is one of the best ways to do it. In addition to stargazing, you’ll get to savor home-cooked meals and friendly service at this hilltop retreat in Himachal.

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