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Is Manali Better or Kasol? (2023)

Kasol and Manali are beautiful destinations in Himachal Pradesh, with similar landscapes. These two hill stations have glorious scenic spots, cascading waterfalls, fast-paced rivers, and the best mountain views with exquisite sights. People tired of the noisy racket on the roads can escape the hustle-bustle of the city by spending a few days in these calm and peaceful hill stations. Kasol and Manali are the perfect place for adventure activities and serene beauty. 

Well, we are trying to decide between visiting Kasol or Manali. Both the destinations are fantastic, but the question asked here is –“Is Manali better or Kasol?” Maybe an overview of these interesting places in Himachal can give you an idea!

Is Manali Better or Kasol?

The laid-back lifestyle of Kasol is appealing to many, especially those who love the serene and quiet atmosphere. Gazing out into the wilderness and staring at the mountain peaks can be very therapeutic for a stressed-out city person. People head over to Himachal to unwind and gather their lost strength, so they need to be away from the noisy sound of the vehicles and construction activities.

You can get this peace if you plan a holid

ay in Kasol. No doubt, Manali is exquisitely beautiful with its pristine landscapes, but it can be noisy for the “peace seeker”.

Honeymooners find Kasol a blissful place to spend their holidays in. They can silently gaze into each other’s eyes in peace without a whole Jing-bang screaming and creating a ruckus around them.

The quiet forests with the chirping birds have a mesmerizing beauty indescribable in words. Kasol, in Himachal Pradesh, is not very crowded and allows the wanderer plenty of therapeutic “Me-time”, so if you want quiet and calm, head to Kasol. Besides, a breathtakingly beautiful ambiance, the town keeps the traveler busy with its adventure activities.

Kasol and Manali Location:

Kasol is a small unexplored hamlet in the Kullu District. This small village town is located on the banks of River Parvati and lies between the holy shrine Manikaran and Bhuntar.

Manali, on the other hand, is another hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This high-altitude backpacking center is a famous tourist destination and honeymooner’s paradise. The town is nestled comfortably in the lush-green valley surrounding the Beas River banks. At one time, this peaceful town stayed packed away from the tourist’s eye but now, it is a favorite travel destination for many.

Activities in Manali and Kasol:

Terraced fields, fruit orchards, chirping bird songs ringing through the skies, and the crinkling streams fed by the snow, add to the exquisiteness of the region. Manali is a place that has enthralling splendor and excitement.

Manali provides an exciting time for the visitor and is an ideal getaway for skiing. The Solang valley is the best ground for these adventure activities. Also, people love trekking in the Parvati valley. Besides, there are paragliding, mountaineering, and rafting, to keep the traveler interestingly occupied. The Rohtang Pass is a great place to visit for white water rafting, rowing, and crossing the river activities.

Manali is almost like Shimla with its energetic activities and crowds whereas Kasol is heaven for cafes and beguiling landscapes. With the stunning beauty of mountains in the backdrop and some sports activities to indulge in, Kasol valley is where you should spend your holidays. The West and East sides of the village, are separated by the River. There are not many people residing here, and the quiet surroundings are undefiled and untouched, an ideal balm for tired eyes.

Trek through the tricky trails or party and dance with your friends till you drop on the floor, exhausted. Hamlet promises great fun. You can also bathe in the hot springs or take blessings from the divine at Hemkund Sahib. Marvel at the view from the lakeside camps and dig your teeth into the sumptuous Israeli food to satiate your hunger.

Enjoy the bliss away from the crowds at Kasol. You can sit at numerous cafes for hours or hire tents to stay in and take pleasure in the beautiful scenery. The tents are reasonable, and many of them have all the amenities you need, so go for it! This exciting adventure will give you memories to cherish forever.

The Kasol valley nearly 528 km from Delhi, is a thinly populated area with a reasonably moderate climate. While you are here, you can visit the Pin Parvati, Sar Pass, and Kheerganga.

The Commercial and Colder Manali:

Well, Manali is not undefiled and untouched. Several buildings and commercial structures have arisen here, so solitude may not be possible, though it offers a beautiful view of the valleys and mountains. In fact, it is attractive and intriguing in its way. Also Manali is colder than Kasol. If you want to reconnect with yourself and stay peaceful, you need to book a stay at the calm and serene Kasol. It is a better option!

Places to Visit in Kasol and Manali:

There are not many explicit tourist spots to see in Kasol, but you can check out the unique tourist hubs such as Choj, Rasol, Chalal, and Katagla, besides some other places. Moreover, the whole province has a relaxed ambiance that calms down the visitor. Here, you can head out for hikes and treks along the Parvati River or head into the mountains to see rare and rewarding places such as Grahan, Malana, and Kheerganga. If nothing else, saunter around the tall pine trees and admire the sun rays peeping through the leaves.

Manali is full of places you shouldn’t miss. Do visit the popular Hidimba Devi Temple, Atal Tunnel, Gulaba, Manu Temple, Nature park, Mall road, Jogini falls, Vashisht, Kothi, Rohtang Pass, Old Manali, Solang Valley, Marhi, and other scenic spots. Well, this keeps you busy for days and days to come, and there will be no chance of losing interest in the gorgeous locales.

Kasol is the Hash Hub:

Now, this is where the comparison comes from. Kasol is the “hash hub or smoker’s paradise” in India. People here smoke hash and drink to their heart’s content openly. Though no awkward incidents were reported you still need to be on your guard.

Loud music, dancing, and smoking are the culture in this region, but this may not be acceptable to some people. It can be a tad uncomfortable if you want to avoid passive smoking. Manali may give you respite from this issue for sure.

It’s the favorite holiday getaway for families and offers the biggest tourist resorts for travelers. If you are putting up in Kasol try to stay away from the areas where hash trade is rampant, especially if you are traveling solo! Remember, it is illegal to trade hash in India, and you can get into trouble. But, there are plenty of families who have been revisiting Kasol regularly. In fact, they love it here and have a good time because of their progressive and relaxed nature.

Stay Arrangements at Kasol and Manali:

Kasol has several homestays and backpacker hotels that are great news for a budget traveler. But, old Manali also has plenty of hotels available at reasonable prices. So, if you are visiting here during the peak season, booking in advance can be a great idea, or else, you may not get the accommodation you desire.

The stay arrangements in Manali are par excellence because it has been a tourist favorite for decades. But, Kasol has few selective hotels which provide a luxurious stay option for the traveler. You need to book your stay beforehand, or you may have to adjust in the budget backpackers heaven.

Snowfall in Manali and Kasol:

Manali is at a higher altitude than Kasol and thus enjoys more days of snowfall. The areas around here also have snowfall from November to March, but in Kasol, the “white cottony” weather, can be experienced in December and January. Himachal Pradesh is the land of snow, so you shouldn’t miss the experience. Get room to witness this alluring sight.

Kasol is just a few kilometers away from Manali, and it is easy to take a break en route. You can visit the hilly region and enjoy the scenic splendor as you pass through if you don’t want to stay here. Plan your trip anytime during the year, it’s wonderful always, but only in the winters that see plenty of snow. Pack plenty of woolens at this time. Though in summer, March to June is pleasant weather and the best months to be here.

Kasol and Manikaran Gurudwara:

Kasol has a spiritual significance because of its proximity to the Manikaran Gurudwara and the hot springs. Get ready for the quad bike racing, helicopter rides, zorbing, sledging, skiing, river rafting, paragliding, and maybe angling here.

Manali and Kasol are connected, by road and air. There are enchanting greens and insane landscapes to appreciate here, but deciding the best out of the two can be a challenging task. These two hill stations are picturesque and worth a visit if you love the lush green forests and snow-covered mountain peaks so take pleasure in the beautiful valleys and meadows while you interact with the warm and friendly locals.

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