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16 Unexplored Places to Visit in Andaman (2023)

Do you want to escape for a few days from the constant pressures of your unexciting corporate life? Are you longing to spend a few thrilling days in a beautiful scenic spot with plenty of adventurous activities? You can quench your thirst for travel and get a view of dreamlike landscapes while you indulge in a world of adventure in the Andaman.

With enthralling natural splendour and plenty of daring water sports to offer the visitor, it is not difficult to understand why the Andaman Islands are so popular with the audiences. The islands reverberate with eternal natural beauty, magnificent surroundings, and breathtakingly stunning marine life. 

Snorkelling, scuba diving, water sports, and other adventure activities take the explorer into an ethereal world. In fact, there are plenty of unexplored places in Andaman that are spectacularly beautiful. This is the reason it is gaining popularity. Tourists remain captivated by its scenic magnificence long after they leave the Andaman island. 

Andaman offers a plethora of adventure sports, and this can be a completely new experience and change from your mundane life. Getting a brush of different shades of the mangrove trees and the serene beaches overlooking the blue ocean is a sight to behold for the traveler. People heading to Andaman plan to visit the Neil and Havelock Islands, Port Blair, and the coral reefs, but why go only here? These places are jam-packed with tourists because of their popularity, so why not escape the crowds and head for the unexplored places in Andaman:

 16 Unexplored Places to Visit in Andaman

1. Chidiya Tapu:

Chidiya Tapu is home to several exotic bird species. If you want to explore and understand this fabulous environment created for birds or watch them for hours from close quarters, then this is where you should be. Thus, sit back, relax or track their activities from the trails in the environment-friendly ecological park. It is worth every second you spend here. Furthermore, it is easy to catch a fabulous view of the setting sun as you spend a relaxing evening in these natural surroundings.

2. Long Island:

This unique village basks in the beauty of nature. With scenic beaches, rich green tropical forests shading the hills, cozy caves, and eye-striking mangroves, this island hamlet should be your target. The whole area is exquisitely beautiful and waiting to be explored.

The white shimmery sands of the Lalaji Bay, the Merk Bay Beach, Evergreen forests, and Tidal Swamp forests can stun the sightseer with their beauty. This undefiled region boasts of a unique marine ecosystem and offers an incredible experience.

If you are lucky, you can spot a synchronized school of dolphins swimming and prancing on top of the sparkling blue waters. Moreover, there are plenty of places to sunbathe and gaze at the unique birds. This activity of bird watching can be blissfully satisfying for the visitor. Also, when you are here, visit the distinctly shaped unique Guitar Island to relax and unwind your senses.

3. Munda Pahad:

If you want to enjoy a trekking expedition in Andaman, go to Munda Pahad from Chidiya Tapu. The mountain climb is exhilarating and can be completed in about an hour and a half. Moreover, the height offers the most exquisite view of the blue ocean. As the sun sets and showers its rays on the waters, it breaks into a million beautiful shimmering hues. The panoramic view can astound the visitor and shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

4. Jolly Buoy:

A tiny island called Jolly Buoy lies in the protected region of Andaman, just about 30 km away from Wandoor Beach. This environmentally friendly region surrounded by a clear blue sea highlights an awe-inspiring marine life.

Moreover, there are exotic aquatic animals and fish species to enjoy here. Nature lovers love spending time exploring the flora and fauna in Jolly Buoy. Just sit back and savor each minute, gazing at the grandeur of nature. But, book your tickets and permit in advance here, or you might miss the opportunity.

This perfect place prohibits the use of plastic because it is a part of the Marine sanctuary of Mahatma Gandhi National Park. Jolly Buoy offers an exhilarating scuba diving experience. The unexplored and unexploited coral reefs can be seen clearly through the water, this is why most visitors prefer snorkeling here!

5. Baratang:

The Baratang island is truly a natural wonder with its interesting mud volcanoes, limestone caves, verdant meadows, quaint houses, and lush green mangrove forests. With a strong cultural backdrop, Baratang is an unexplored gem of Andaman. It is in fact, called an overlooked destination that has so much scenic beauty to offer the visitor.

6. Limestone Caves:

The limestone caves are made out of loads of sedimentary rocks that are basically skeletal remains of marine animals, shells, and corals. The sight is superb and fascinating and worth a watch. In fact, it reminds us that tons of underwater deposits over a million years have resulted in this natural wonder. The underwater deposits collect in interesting formations of yellow and white colours, and come to the surface when the water dries.

7. Mud Volcanoes:

At some places on the island, organic wastes collect below the surface and have decayed to produce natural gas. This gas build-up applies pressure and pushes the mud upwards from the ground forming bubbling mud volcanoes.

The mud volcanoes are evident with overflowing mud coming out of the ground, and this natural marvel is nowhere else to be seen. This natural phenomenon mesmerizes the visitor with its mud expulsions. The mud comes out through tiny openings, and there is no danger of getting burnt by ash or hot lava because these are cold mud volcanoes.

While here you can also visit the Baludera Beach and Parrot Island.

8. Barren Island:

The Island, as its name suggests, is barren now. It enjoys the title of the “only active volcano” in India today. This volcano erupted in 2018 and had been lying dormant till 2017. It is amazing to see this natural phenomenon, and you have to apply for a permit to this protected inhabited area. A private charter of special permission is organized to visit here from a distance because of safety reasons.

9. Rangat:

Rangat Island is proudly associated with the Andaman Islands and is an offbeat place that needs careful exploration. Rich biodiversity, sandy serene beaches, and beautiful forests woo the tourists.

Experience a glorious sunset, or take a walk in the lush green dense forests, to feel rejuvenated. This is a tropical paradise that can’t be ignored. In fact, Rangat Island is one of the most beautiful areas of Andaman. This is one of the lesser “traveler-populated” regions but is slowly gaining popularity. The landscaping is surreal and the waterfalls are breathtakingly striking.

Also, visit the Aamkunj beach, lined with mangroves and eco huts. The beach and its sands along with the thick trees are an ideal hangout for relaxation, swimming, and sunbathing. You can check out the Yerrata Creek and the Yerrata Mangrove Park. The Mangrove nature walkway at Dhani Nallah and the Moricedera offers a stunning panoramic view. The sightseer will also enjoy spending time at Panchvati Hills and Cutbert Bay Beach.

10. Diglipur: 

This hugely populated island is 300 km away from Port Blair. When you reach Diglipur island you can visit the highest peak, Saddle Peak, in Andaman, and see the Ross n Smith Islands. Trekkers come here by the dozen to explore the trek trails. The beauty of the Kalpong River flowing through the island is a picturesque sight. 

You just can’t miss the Kalipur beach and thousands of its turtles. The turtles have made this beach their home and nesting ground for their young ones. Moreover, the island enjoys a multi-culture that intrigues people from all over. You can even see marine life clearly in the waters surrounding the island.

There is a unique taste to the oranges and rice grown in this natural habitat spruced with aquatic life and green forests. Other unexplored places to see here are the Alfred Caves and Lamiya Bay. If you want to go for a quiet and unhurried vacation to escape from the humdrum urban life and enjoy a quiet holiday, Andaman is waiting for you. 

11. Mayabunder: 

This tranquil island has a small population and is thus serene and quiet. On top of it, a gloriously attractive beach and spellbinding isles can keep the visitor busy for hours. At one time, this was home to Burmese Karen Tribes. Tidal creeks surrounded by Mangrove trees and nesting turtles can be seen in plenty, at this incredible beach that lies about 3 hours away from Rangat. The beach is close to Interview Island, Karmatang Beach, Avis Island, and Rampur Beach. 

12. Inglis Island:

Inglis Island, commonly called the Island of Wildlife, offers the visitor radiantly bright coral reefs, flourishing green forests, thriving wildlife, colorful fishes, turtles, rich vegetation, elephants, and silvery sand beaches.

There are nearly 135 coral species that provide a stunning sight to the visitor. Adventure maniacs head over here to enjoy water sports and a great scuba diving experience. People love to take a boat ride or stroll in the shallow blue waters to relax their tired senses. 

13. Sippighat: 

Near Port Blair is an offbeat horticulture cum agriculture farm growing herbal and medicinal plants called the Sippighat. The peaceful location has amazing serenity as it stands proudly amongst the rare trees and plants.

14. Parrot Island: 

This attractive place is the home of thousands of parrots. The homecoming ceremony of these parrots returning home at dusk is a sight to behold and helps imprint memories on the mind of the visitor. While you are here let the cameras do the talking and take a few memorable pictures at the parrot island.

15. Ross and Smith Island: 

If you want to see a unique natural sandbar that connects two islands as one, visit the picturesque Ross and Smith Islands in Andaman. These two single islands have a sandbar connecting them. This bar gets concealed during high tide, and the two islands look distinct, but at low tide, the sandbar becomes visible. 

16. Mount Harriet:

Mount Harriet is an exquisite scenic spectacle and a must-visit for the tourist. This third-highest famous mountain peak in Andaman offers a panoramic view of beguiling surroundings. You can’t miss this at all, can you?

Andaman, with its surreal scenic grandeur, offers a plethora of adventure sports as a completely new experience and change from everyday mundane life. Delve into the beauty here and appease your travel thirst by making a comfy resort your home for the next few days. People also love to experience raw living at the camps and adventure sites. The fact is, Andaman is loads of excitement and fun for the traveller. This makes the island a favourite travel destination on the bucket list of many people.

There are several offbeat unexplored places in Andaman. Each pristine locale is better than the other and has something unique to offer the traveller. Open your travel gateway and venture to the “not-so-famous” areas of Andaman. Not only will you find solace, but you will also get to see the best sights in your lifetime.

Meet the local tribes and take a boat to the mangrove creek or uninhabited beaches to pump up the adrenalin with the adventurous sports activities. Wait a minute to catch a glimpse of the sunrays glisten on the white sands, and calm your agitated and tired nerves.

We all struggle to de-stress and shove aside our hectic corporate responsibilities for some time to enjoy and relax. But is it possible to revitalize the senses? Andaman provides plenty of opportunities for the visitor to rejuvenate and invigorate. There is a lot in store for you, so get ready to explore this unconventional journey of a lifetime- it’s time to explore the “real” Andaman!

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