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Havelock Island - Best Place to Visit in Andaman for Honeymoon

Which Is The Best Island To Stay In Andaman? (2024)

Sparkling turquoise blue waters surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful virgin beaches add immense beauty to the scenic Andaman Island. The whole region seems to be God’s canvas ingeniously painted by the divine. The Andaman Islands are spread out along the Eastern side of the Indian mainland and are an ideal vacation destination.

Silvery gold sandy beaches and the lush green tropical forests, spread out in a chain form, is the product of flamboyant heavenly imagination.

Which Is The Best Island To Stay In Andaman?

Several islands in Andaman provide thrilling and picture-perfect moments in a happening atmosphere. But, what happens if you don’t have many days and need to visit this Indian Archipelago in a hurry? Which is the best island to stay in Andaman in such a case?

Almost all the islands in Andaman provide excellent accommodation opportunities and have a fabulous infrastructure. Each of them is more picturesque than the other and grants amazing scenery to the onlooker. The choice is not easy because Andaman hosts beautiful islands such as Neil Island, Parrot Island, Havelock Island, Mayabunder Island, Barren Island, Cinque Island, and more. But, you can choose any one of these to spend some therapeutic rejuvenation moments! Why not start with Havelock Island, Neil Island, and Long Island and then explore the other islands in Andaman?

Havelock Island:

Mystical shallow waters, unmatched water adventure activities, sea explorations, an active volcano, rare flora fauna, unique bird species, and colorful coral reefs greet the sightseer here. Andaman spells excitement at every step of the way. Get ready to explore the reefs and indulge in the best adventure and water sports activities. Do include the exciting kayaking and scuba diving in your itinerary, or it will be a loss for you. All you have to do is decide where you want to spend your days in Andaman. Havelock Island is scattered with innumerable white sandy beach expanses encased by thick dense tropical forests. This luxurious coastal paradise is an integral part of Andaman’s famous Ritchie’s Archipelago and has the most stunning and attractive beaches in Andaman. A visit here is a treat to the eyes. Lie back on the hammock and breathe in the peaceful air for a reviving experience. The fantastic glass boat rides, curling toes in the white sands, and surfing on top of the waves, provide an exhilarating thrill to the visitor.

Havelock Island, Andaman

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Havelock is an undefiled and unexplored island that promises a lot of fun and peaceful moments to the traveler. If you want to look back fondly on enriching and rejuvenating holidays, then this is where you should be. Unspoiled lands here provide a spectacular view to the visitor.

You can unearth the remarkable treasures and beautiful scenic spots on the island by starting your explorations in the natural surroundings. Coral reefs, clean surroundings, white sandy beach shores, and azure waters radiating peace welcome the tired passengers.

Whether you are an adventure junkie, a history buff, or a culture enthusiast, spending a few days in the beautiful Andaman can be a therapeutic experience for everyone. Besides natural splendor, these islands also provide several adventurous activities and water sports that can boost the tired soul from within. So, plan a holiday to Andaman one or more times in your lifetime to experience excitement and peace at the same time.

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar enjoys the privilege of Best Beach in Asia and is crowned the seventh-best among all the beaches worldwide. The immense popularity of this region is a result of the shimmery silver sands embracing the sapphire blue waters and the green trees overlooking this beauty from their height.

Radhanagar beach provides us the quietness and peace we deserve after grueling days spent in the city. Rugged and raw wilderness is enjoyed best in luxurious surroundings-this is Radhanagar Beach for us. There are lovely tall palm trees that cuddle the beach, adding to its exquisiteness. Hours pass and the quietness is articulate through the heart and soul, so refresh your vibe here. Radhanagar Beach takes care of all the needs of Havelock Island’s visitors giving them a memory to behold.

Kalapathar Beach

There is something distinct about every beach associated with Havelock Island. Kalapathar beach is a long expanse of white silvery sand shore touching the blue sea and lined with black boulders and rocks. There is a road near these sands called Black road lending a name to this peaceful and leisurely beach.

The sunrise and sunset at Kalapathar Beach make it a dream destination for vacationing couples. The panoramic sight of this small and secluded sandy region spellbinds the visitor. In fact, time flies by relaxing on the beach with such a peaceful ambiance.

Bask in the glorious rays of the sun and sunbathe to recharge your tired soul. The sound of the turquoise water and white waves hitting against the black boulders and the astounding surroundings make this an excellent sunbathing experience. Don’t miss out on this chance to click perfect pictures for your album. The mystic sunsets and your loved ones will make the perfect spread, so plan a trip to Havelock and spend some time here.


Kayaking is one of the most exciting activities on Havelock Island that leave an impression on the visitor. Trained instructors can tell you the right way to steer the Kayak. You can start from the Havelock island jetty and then move ahead in the waters to admire the thick glorious Mangrove Forest. These jungles are rich in flora and fauna and are glorious up close. You can customize the timings that suit you and book a kayak tour.

Barren Island

As the name suggests, Barren Island is barren and devoid of “in-house” humans. People are not allowed to stay here because it is home to the “only” active lava-spewing volcano in South Asia. A visit to this island near Havelock is exhilarating and a thrill for adventure lovers. Scanty minimum vegetation on the Island attracts only rats, goats, birds, and bats. A visitor here can enter only through permits granted by the Forest department. The sight is gorgeous, and you can view it at a distance from the ocean or get an aerial view of the region.

Vijay Nagar Beach

People who love to gaze at the serene and divine underwater world and aquatic life need to make Vijay Nagar Beach their destination. The exquisite sandy expanse is tranquil and provides the harried visitor plenty of peace and solace. There are plenty of attractions in Andaman, but the picturesque sight of the Vijaynagar beach is unmatched and glorious.

Glass Bottom Ride: The glass ride adds a mystic quality to the atmosphere because it seems as if you are floating on the sea. The ride may be an illusion, but it focuses on the salient features of the beach and stands out extraordinarily. Moreover, the glass bottom rides are very famous worldwide. In fact, the bottom of the boat is see-through and helps the traveler look at each nuance of the marine world from close quarters. You can experience marvels of the ocean amidst pure tropical beauty surrounding the region without entering the waters.

Shopping Market

No holiday visit is complete without heading to the shops. Markets are the heart and soul of a traveler’s vacation “must-dos”. Every sightseer wants to carry back some small remembrances to take back home, but this market caters to everything. Groceries, essential items, clothes, and many other things, can be procured from here. The market is famous for overcharging, so make sure you bargain a little to get a lucrative deal. These shopping outlets close down around 3’o clock every afternoon, so plan accordingly.

Inglis Island

Inglis Island offers a picturesque view of the greenish turquoise waters and diverse structures of the corals. Vast forests and a long expanse of sand embracing the waters leave the visitor speechless. A secluded region with a fabulous view of the ocean, beach, and forests, this is where you should be. An ideal place for holidaymakers, Inglis Island is what most people dream of.

Elephant Beach

The seascape of Elephant Beach exhibits an abundance of exotic marine life and beautiful coral reefs. Moreover, the Beach provides a breathtaking snorkeling experience that prompts you to visit again. Different shapes of the coral reefs enthrall the visitor and provide a surreal experience to them. While you are here, indulge in sea walking and take an interesting ferry ride. On top of it, Elephant Beach is just about 40 km away from Havelock Island by boat.

Elephant Training Camps

Havelock Jetty and its surrounding areas are full of excitement and fun. Through the thick forests, these elephants carry travelers from one place to the other, providing them an experience of a lifetime. The elephant beach hosts training camps for the elephants and here the traveler can enjoy rides on this regal and royal animal.

The Forest Department at Kalapathar organizes these training camps exhibiting elephants carrying heavy logs. The Barefoot resort in Havelock at one time had “an elephant swimming” activity organized once. But, times have changed, and the elephant is no more, but the attraction of this place remains. In fact, the beauty of the beach and Andaman remains undefiled and untouched till today and this is why people can’t resist planning a holiday here.

Neil Island:

Whether it is spending the night at a small luxury hotel or a boutique resort, Neil Island or Shaheed Dweep near Havelock promises the traveler an excellent stay. The white sandy beaches, fabulous corals, and thick tropical forests mesmerize the sightseer.

In fact, Neil Island offers a plethora of exciting underwater adventures that can keep visitors busy for days. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing in the clean waters of beaches such as Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, and Sitapur, are popular activities.

Neil Island has rich coral reefs, silvery sandy beaches, and unparalleled biodiversity to explore. The thick green tropical forests stand out against the beautiful white sands. Moreover, the traveler can visit Howrah Bridge, Neil Kendra Village, Neil Island Jetty, and other scenic spots to get a close brush with the environment.

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach of Neil Island encompasses the outstanding beauty of exotic marine life and exquisitely colorful coral reefs. A huge stretch of pure white sands stroked tenderly by the undulating waves adds to the attraction of the beach. Take a glass boat ride to admire the intricacies of nature and aquatic animals.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach and its untouched beauty is the best place to click postcard-worthy pics. This off-beat beach showcases white shell sands in strong contrast with other beaches. It is rightly said, every beach is different from the others, and the Laxmanpur Beach has an abundance of corals and beautiful seashells. Most people who visit here indulge in diving and snorkeling. After taking a close view of the aquatic life, it is time to revel in the stellar shades of the dull and settling evening sun.

Long Island:

The Andaman speckled chain of islands offers unmatched beauty for the traveler, and out of these Long Island needs a special mention. The eye-catching beach is close to Havelock Island and Port Blair and has untraced paths, plenty of water sports, and adventure activities to keep the sightseer busy.

The Government Ferry carries the visitors to this beautiful sandy expanse. The Lalaji Bay Beach and Guitar island nearby are stunningly attractive and worth a visit. Besides this, other beautiful secrets and mystic areas lying hidden on this island are waiting to be unearthed.

This rural settlement has no road connectivity, and there is a concrete footpath to reach out to other parts of the island. Mud roads lead to the woods and the cemented footpaths are lined by majestic Casuarina trees.

Long Island has to be explored on foot and has no cars. To top it all, there is an absence of luxurious resorts, so eco stay options with basic amenities are available. Moreover, it is a great place to de-stress and unplug because of its peaceful isolation. Then, head to Long Island for a wonderful time.

Merk Bay Beach:

Andaman has plenty of hidden gems waiting to be explored, and Merk Bay Beach near Long Island is one of them. This sandy region is a beguiling amalgamation of shimmering white sands, clear turquoise waters, and lush greens that stun the eye into captivity.

There are plenty of unexplored nooks and corners of Merk Bay Beach and its creeks. People also love bird-watching, dolphin spotting, and walking along scenic paths. Actually, all these activities connect the tourist to nature and rejuvenate their senses.

Andaman is a treasure trove of beautiful places and offers the tourists spectacularly beautiful views of different islands and scenic spots. To get a close brush with nature, you need to start to experience the picturesque splendor of the places and indulge in the activities organized here. The Cellular Jail, the Penal settlement museum, the unique intriguing Corbyn’s Cove Beach, the light and sound show, Elephant Beach, Mayabunder Beach, The North Bay, Radhanagar beach, and so many more interesting travel spots await the visitor. The list goes on and on!

A visit to Andaman infuses a burst of adrenalin in the visitor’s body. Spectacular beauty greets the eyes, and nature lovers cannot compare this scenic spectacle with any other place because the glory is virtually matchless. Scuba diving and snorkeling add thrill to the adventure and delight the onlooker. So, go for the breathtakingly beautiful turquoise waters and tranquil atmosphere of the Andaman for a great adventure.

Whether it is sightseeing, kayaking, or taking a seaplane ride, you can get all the work at the islands here. Grab a package that provides comfortable accommodation, transportation, food packages, uncrowned beaches, and much more. Whether it is Havelock, Neil Island, Long Island, or any other favorite tourist spot, each is a treasure trove of beauty and excitement. Choosing a preferred one from amongst them is a personal choice. So, plan a holiday to the Andaman Islands at the earliest.

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