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Christ Church, Shimla

Visit The Christ Church: The Popular Tourist Destination in Shimla (2024)

Located on top of a hill, right near the Mall road in Shimla, lies one of the oldest churches in North India called the Christ Church of Shimla. This natural devotional shrine is a popular scenic spot on the bucket list of many visitors.

Showcasing exquisite architectural beauty, the majestic Christ cathedral in Shimla is a spiritual sanctuary for pious people. It’s a blissful experience to whisper a silent prayer or meditate in the serene atmosphere of the Christ Church of Shimla.

Moreover, the opulence of the monument is unbeatable, and it stands out royally against the scenic backdrop. The Church shows shades of British colonization because it was created by the English missionaries. The strong historical reference and the fact that the building took nearly 11 years to complete is the reason it intrigues young and old. Why don’t you sit in the pews to pray and connect with your divine self in the silence?

Architecture and Appearance of the Christ Church in Shimla:

At one time in 1857, Shimla catered to the Anglican British community of the 19th century. In fact, the Church was built here by the Britishers to serve their spiritual needs. The centrally located cathedral stands tall amongst the thick green forests and is a popular tourist attraction for people from all over the world. This attractive basilica with its red roof ranks as North India’s second oldest Cathedral and is still a place of worship and tranquillity for many.

The building records about 100 ft x 42 ft, and the towers surrounding it are 90 feet each. Also, the Church has a huge glass church bell, five tubular bells, and a majestic clock.

Nearly 575 people can be accommodated comfortably inside this Church at one time, but it actually has a seating capacity of almost 630 people.

The Church also has a Sanctuary Wall Fresco designed by Lockwood Kipling, a pipe organ, the stone Pulpit, and notable tablets to add to the beauty of the Christ Church.

Virtues of Christianity:

The Church representing faith in Christianity, fortitude, hope, patience, charity, and humanity is exhibited through the amazing colored stained glass windows. This lasting legacy of Neo-Gothic architecture was designed by J.T. Boileau, a British Colonel. Actually, it is one of the largest footprints of British colonial rule in India.

The works of Colonel J.T. Boileu, the renowned architect, are par excellence, and he has also designed St. George’s Church in Agra Cantonment and lent a hand in repairing famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal.

A few moments of peace at this treasured landmark are worth a lifetime of happiness. The stained look with each window representing virtues of Christianity attracts people from different religious communities.

The Bell Tower Of The Christ Church of Shimla:

This lasting legacy of a building with Gothic architecture has an impressive cream bell tower sitting proudly in the middle of a central clock and smaller spires. Indian arches and an impressive portico welcome travelers and pave the way for the guests. But, there is one glitch- if you are expecting the central clock to move its arms; it won’t because it is not functional anymore.

Inside The Christ Church of Shimla:

Once inside the Church, you can see the European details and skylights inside the building. There are five stained-glass windows through which light penetrates into the main chamber.

There are pews for people to sit and pray as they gaze at the holy shrine in the main chamber. Metaphorical flamboyant white columns and abundant gold ornaments highlight depictions of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday, people head to the Christ Church for Mass or worship. There is an old 1899’s Grand pipe organ at the Church to intrigue the visitor.

Meditate at the Christ Church on the Ridge Shimla:

Tall and elegant with its Neo-Gothic architecture, this spiritual building gleams and calls out to the people walking along the Ridge. The church has paintings depicting the life of Jesus Christ. Whether night or day, the Christ Church of Shimla impresses all with its magnificence and beauty.

It’s a blissful experience to meditate or silently pray in the serene atmosphere of the Church. But, make sure you don’t click any pictures because photography is forbidden indoors. The scenic splendor from the top and surrounding areas of the church is unbeatable.

A visit to Shimla is incomplete without spending a few hours at the Church positioned at the Ridge. Travelers can roam around freely here without paying any entry fees. About an hour is sufficient to see the premises of the Church but if you want to sit back and pray, go ahead and try out this wonderful experience.

The quiet atmosphere is a boost to the spirituality and needs to be experienced. Pictures clicked of the church from the outside are spectacular and enthralling so do keep your Smartphones or cameras ready for the landscape shots.

Historical Manuscripts:

There are several manuscripts and books here that help preserve the history of the Christ Church. In fact, everything about the construction and history of the Church is mentioned in the manuscripts and books available here. The Christ church is striking to look at nightfall because of the dramatic ambiance and extravagant glow created by the well-placed spotlights. Plenty of travelers head to The Christ Church of Shimla, to see its glory by nightfall.

Entertainment Near The Christ Church of Shimla:

The whole surrounding region has plenty of eateries and entertainment joints for fun activities. Also, the Ridge reverberates with the sound of the lively crowds. There is no dearth of anything in the region because of several artisan boutiques and departmental stores catering to textiles, jewelry, pottery, and everyday items.

History of The Christ Church of Shimla

From far, perched high on the raised central Shimla, lies the Christ Church. You can easily reach the holy place by hiring a cab, a reasonably-priced rickshaw, or a public bus. There are no entry fees to the Christ church thus, anyone can visit this architectural marvel.

During the British era, Anglo Indians and Britishers following Christianity used to stay in Shimla. They had asked the Government for a place to pray to the divine. This is how this heritage site and architectural marvel was set up as an important landmark on the Ridge in Shimla.

The foundation stone was laid on 9th September in 1844, and on 11th Oct 1846, the Church got its license. Furthermore in 1857, in the month of January, it got sanctified.

It took almost 13 years to construct the Church. The total construction took about Rs. 40,000 to Rs 50,000. The Government sanctioned only Rs 12000/- and the rest of the money was collected from private sources. Furthermore, it was consecrated by Bishop Reverend Thomas Daltry.

The architecture of the Christ church looks awesome from its high vantage point and is an interesting study for architectural lovers and history buffs. There is a market nearby, and the bustling crowds along with the beautiful green forests and majestic forests make the whole scene enthralling and an unforgettable experience.

How Can We Reach The Christ Church of Shimla?

Most of the visitors mingle with the local crowds on the Ridge and love to walk to the Christ Church. The Church is just about 3.6 km from the heart of Shimla, 1.2 km from the bus stand, 1.8 km from the station, and very close to the Shimla US Club. This must-visit destination is a compulsory stop-over for all the tourists walking at the Ridge, but many people also take taxis and buses to reach the Christ Church. You can also reach Shimla by train and then go to Circular Road to get to the Ridge.

The Christ Church of Shimla is unique with a Neo-Gothic beauty that is unexplainable. It is the plain simple interiors that make this place serene and interesting beyond words. The whole building stuns the visitor with its glimmer and dazzle at nighttime. Plan a visit here during the Easter and Christmas holidays to see the Church in its full glory.

Timings of the Christ Church:

The Church opens every morning at 8.00 AM and stays open till 6.00 PM every day. Also, there are no charges to visit here, though there are a few travel tips you need to follow:

Travel Tips To Follow:

  1. Please do not take out your camera to click pictures- It is not allowed.
  2. Try to maintain total silence in the Church- people are meditating and praying here, and you need to respect the sanctity of the holy place.
  3. If you are in Shimla, don’t miss the Sunday Mass- it’s special and sacred!

Grab A Superb Vacation Package:

Amazing vacation deals are available at the best prices in the travel market. You can take an all-inclusive package and take out those special moments to visit the Christ Church of Shimla with its classic Elizabethan façade, European feel, and Indian touch. Grab car rentals and tour deals available in the area for a relaxed and hassle-free commutation.

List Of Places To Visit Near Christ Church:

Several wonderful places are trending on the “Where to stay list” in Shimla! You can start by checking out the top trending stays near the Church. You can head to the Hotel Marina, The Oberoi Cecil, The Radisson Hotel Shimla, and many other luxury and budget places to stay for a few days.

Also, there are plenty of places to see near the Christ Church, so your Shimla holiday can be super fun if you add several popular tourist spots to your list. A rejuvenating walk on the historical street Mall road and the Ridge will fill your lungs with fresh revitalizing air.

The mountain views are breathtakingly beautiful here, and you can have that shopping spree experience here too. There is a lot to do here, but the “Kufri Fun world” should be included on your bucket list.

The Mahasu peak, the Viceregal Lodge, Army Heritage Museum, and Gaiety Theater with Victorian architecture add panache to a vacation. Shimla is beautiful, and each spot makes it worth a lot more. But, the stunning opulence and majestic look of the Christ Church in Shimla are unbeatable.

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