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Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple in Kodaikanal

8 Popular Temples to Visit in Kodaikanal (2024)

The temples in Kodaikanal, which bear witness to the holy God’s presence here in many manifestations, are a wonderful place to contemplate everlasting happiness and holiness. Incredibly, all of these holy sites that visitors and devotees go to are situated in the midst of nature, ensuring a trip that in equal parts is serene and exhilarating.

8 Popular Temples to Visit in Kodaikanal

The Popular Temples to Visit in KodaiKanal are a must-see if you’re looking for peace and serenity. To top it all off, you don’t have to visit these temples at a set time of year since they’re open all year long.

1. The Kurinji Andavar Temple

Lord Muruga is honored in the Kurinji Andavar Temple. This temple is a wonderful location to visit if you want to get a feel for the culture and customs of South India. “God of the Hill” is another name for Lord Muruga. The Kurinji flower, which only opens its petals once every twelve years, is also associated with the Kurinji temple. Visit this temple in Kodaikanal if you’re seeking a place to get away from it all and find some peace and quiet.

2. Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple

The Kodaikanal Murugan temple is the Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple. There is something intriguing about this temple in that the talents employed to sculpt the idol’s face and body are so drastically different from one another. Navapashanam, or the nine poisons, are claimed to have been produced by the sage Bogar from them. It’s important to note that Bogar is also one of the eight Siddhas, so keep that in mind.

There’s a folktale that states he spent all of his time working on the idol’s face and features, so he didn’t have time to finish the body. Because of this devotion, there is also a shrine dedicated to him located in the southwest part of the temple. Nevertheless, the legend goes on to tell that Bogar is still meditating in a cave in the center of the hill, surrounded by eight Murugan statues.

3. Palani Murugan Temple

Legends surround this temple, which is perched on top of the Palani Hills in Kodaikanal. Another Murugan Temple is located at Kodaikanal. The Thai-Poossam festival, which is attended by a large number of temple pilgrims, is the most important one in this temple’s calendar. Pankuni Uththiram, the Soora Samharam, and the Vaikhashi Vishakham are among the other festivities observed here.

It’s wonderful news for visitors and believers alike since there are six poojas done here every day, so you can nearly arrange your visit at any hour of the day. If you’re worried about the weather, you may go to any of the temples in Kodaikanal at any time of year. In addition to its stunning design, this temple’s beauty is derived from its profound religious importance to its numerous adherents.

4. The Mahalaxmi Temple

Located near Kodaikanal, India is the Mahalaxmi temple, which is dedicated to Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of riches. It’s worth noting that she’s the wife of Ganesha, the brother of Lord Murugan, according to legend. On the route to Poombarai Village, you’ll see a modest and peaceful time in the distance.

In spite of its modest size, the temple is remarkably well-kept. It is a popular pilgrimage site for both tourists and believers alike due to the short travel time and stunning views. Remember that this is a private temple, therefore even though it is available to visitors, there are certain rules and regulations. If you’re going to spend some time here, please take care not to damage the property or structure in any way.

5. Periya Mariamman Temple

Dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Mariamman, this temple has a large statue of her. The Tamil month of Panguni is commemorated with a large event in March-April. Pongal, Kambam Naduthal, Maa Vilakku, Karagam Eduthal, Manjal Neerathu, etc. are included in this category. This temple, which is reported to have been erected almost 1200 years ago, has a rich history. Kongu Cholas is credited with the construction of this temple. During the festival of Thiruviza, the idols of the god are paraded around the temple on chariots. Because of this, worshippers and visitors alike flock to the area.

6. Lake Side Ganesh Temple

While most temples in Kodaikanal are dedicated to Lord Murugan, this Popular Temple to Visit in KodaiKanal is dedicated to his brother, Lord Ganesha, who is said to have been given the fruit of knowledge by legend. This temple is modest and has fewer people, making it ideal for those looking for a quiet place to meditate. The temple’s superb position on the shores of Kodaikanal Lake is an added bonus. The lake includes a lot of fun activities for kids, so parents can enjoy their time there without having to worry about their children. Because you’ll be looking out over a gorgeous body of water, this peaceful spot is ideal for quiet meditation.

7. Subrahmanya Temple

There is evidence to suggest that the Subrahmanya Temple has been in operation for more than 3,000 years. Lord Murugan is reported to have pondered on this hill in Kodaikanal in order to gain knowledge, wisdom, and maturity. In this temple, as well, the idea is that the idol is made of Navapashanam, which is lovely. As a result of the worshipers who come here to conduct religious rites, this temple is kept in exquisite condition at all times.

Tourists will be pleased to learn that this temple is situated next to the Punnagai Murugan temple, allowing them to visit both at the same time. This Kodaikanal Murugan temple’s distinctive architectural feature is that there are idols on the exterior, particularly on the dome, making it a must-see building.

8. Swetambar Jain Temple

If you’re in need of a Jain temple in Kodaikanal, go no further than this location. The fact that this temple is so popular and beautiful is proof of the hill station’s secular character. There are Tirthankara idols in this temple, like in other Jain temples. This temple in Kodaikanal is a popular destination for peace seekers, regardless of their religious or theistic beliefs. Jainism, as a faith, believes that everything has life inside it since it is situated in the natural world. Jain food and lodging are also readily accessible in the region, making it possible for visitors and devotees alike to explore the location to the fullest extent.

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