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10 Best Places to Visit in Andaman for Honeymoon (2023)

Married recently and planning your honeymoon? Why don’t you go to Andaman with its crystal clear waters and wonderful beaches? This romantic getaway offers an extraordinary view for love-struck couples. Andaman is unofficially called the Honeymooner’s paradise with its stunning scenic locales and ample peaceful privacy. Fabulous dense tropical forests and eye-striking turquoise waters with mesmerizing aquatic life can woo the senses of people in love instantly.

Marooned islands with an attractive landscape are a great place for a newly married couple to spend time together. Walking hand in hand on the never-ending white sandy beaches and gazing out at the idyllic setting sun views and the playing dolphins is a magnificent way to celebrate being together with your partner.

The love of your life will always remember the initial days spent together so celebrate your moments by embracing the natural environment. Andaman provides you the chance to hold close the beauty of the ocean and the scuba diving experience together.

If you haven’t experienced underwater diving, then Andaman Islands is the right place to be. It’s time to celebrate togetherness, embrace the beauty of nature and measure the ocean’s depth. Whether you want to spend days at an off-beat destination or you want to be in the centre of excitement, Andaman has all the works to interest a newly married couple.

10 Best Places to Visit in Andaman for Honeymoon

We bring the best places to visit in the Andaman for your honeymoon so you can plan your exciting “first-time-as-a-married-couple” vacation here:

1. Port Blair:

Port Blair, the capital of Andamans depicts a strange rural charm that pleases the heart and talks about the strong influence of the British on the region. This is one of the best places to visit in Andaman for your honeymoon.

With fabulous sunsets and sea sights to offer, Port Blair needs to be explored thoroughly. There are plenty of nature excursions, day tours, marine park visits, and the glorious sunsets to see here. Magnificent tourist attractions are there to greet us.

The Cellular Jail with its ancient appeal and innumerable freedom struggle stories that are depicted in the “Light and Sound” show organized here. Honeymooners can enjoy a peaceful meal here to increase the romantic spark in your holiday.

Chidiya Tapu, Bay Island, Wandoor, Fisheries Museum, Cellular Jail tour, Anthropological Museum, and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park are the other places to check out in Port Blair.

People here often indulge in trekking at Munda Pahar Beach and Mount Harriet. A wonderful shopping experience Samudrika and Aberdeen Bazar delights the visitor. There are loads of things to do here and you can never get bored. Port Blair provides energetic excitement to the honeymooners and can give them a memory of a lifetime.

2. Barren Island:

A honeymoon will always be memorable if you make a unique memory along the way. So, why don’t you visit the only active volcano in India together? Why not spend some hours on the unique Barren Island with your beloved?

Well, you may have to get special permission from the Forest department to look around the Island. But, you can manage that for your partner, can’t you? The visit to this uninhabited island and viewing the volcanic eruptions up close is a sight to behold and a memory of a lifetime.

But, the volcano can erupt anytime and is an unpredictable natural wonder that is less than a kilometre from the shore. It can be dicey and dangerous, so the tourists are not permitted to set foot on the shores, though they can admire the view from the ocean or the skies.

Believe us, the view is awesomely beautiful and exclusive, you can’t miss it. Seize the moment with your partner. The black bedrock island is in contrast with the flourishing marine life and bright Blue Ocean. Explore the unexplored with your loved one and appreciate the beauty of nature.

3. Long Island:

Long Island is small in size and spread over 18 sq km. But, it is an integral part of village tourism in the Andaman Islands. The island embraces dense natural vegetation of tidal swamps, lush evergreen forests, a flourishing marine life, undefiled scenic beauty, and widely spread white sandy beaches in plenty to enthral the visitor. Behind the thick green undergrowth lie caves waiting to be explored.

Honeymoon couples relish the vibrant and adventurous ocean cruises, flora fauna, and water sports in this exotic land. The setting and rising sun look breathtaking from this archipelago. If you want to free your adventurous streak and bathe in the natural paradise, then plan a trip to Long Island, an integral part of the East Baratang Islands and Rangat Taluk. Off-beat travelers, honeymooners, and backpackers often head to this unexplored natural environment for some “lone” time.

4. Little Andaman:

Little Andaman situated about 120 km from Port Blair provides a serene and soothing experience to a newly married couple. Breathtakingly beautiful views of the rainforests, waterfalls, silvery-white beaches, and stunning creeks greet the eye.

Little Andaman withholds a plethora of interesting and charming surprises for the visitors. . Just take a ferry and breathe in the fresh air of the seas. When you are here take out time to visit Butler Bay Beach, Hut Bay, and Harminder Bay Beach.

Little Andaman or Ebu Belong spreads over 730 sq km and hosts a magnificent rainforest. Also, it is home to rare marine species that are an integral part of the Andaman visit. Walk further and your faces will be sprayed by small drops from the gurgling waterfalls. Stay at one of the hotels on the intriguing island, and enjoy your stay with your partner.

There are plenty of trekking and surfing activities to do here. The natural beauty here is incomparable, so it should not be missed!

5. Baratang Island:

Baratang Island, or Ranchiwalas Island, is a beautiful island full of mangroves located in North and Central Andaman. Baratang Island is not an urban settlement though its natural and rural surroundings make it a great tourist attraction. It is about 100 kilometers from Port Blair and is well-known for its limestone caves and the “only” mud volcanoes in India. To enter the caves, take a special sanction from the Forest Department at Baratang. Arrange the permit in advance to admire the interesting mud volcanoes without any inhibitions.

Curbert Bay Beach and the Amkunj Beach help the honeymoon couple express their love for each other on the pollution-free, clean, and stunning beaches here. It’s a wonderful feeling to walk through the sparkling sands and wade through the calm and clear water.

Honeymoon couples coming to Andaman are not ready to miss this serene and panoramic landscape. A love-struck couple can walk for hours through the dense mangrove creeks and the beautiful beaches. They also love to spend special moments at the Karmatang beach with its fresh clean waters and silent backdrop.

6. Diglipur Island:

Diglipur is an offbeat and secluded area in the Northern part of Andaman. Honeymoon couples can enjoy this scenic place peacefully settled amongst the serene natural surroundings.

Saddle Peak is a popular place worth visiting on the tourist lists and does attract people. The region talks of natural beauty and lacks the latest luxurious amenities but promises the couple some cosy moments together. It is almost 300 km away from Port Blair, and you can reach by cabs or buses. The choice is yours to make. The travel plan is incomplete without stopping over at the Kalipur Beach, Pathi Level Beach, or looking around the rustic and ancient Alfred and Chalis Ek caves.

7. Cinque Island:

Next, the honeymoon trip brings the couple to Cinque Island – the scenic island that mesmerizes the visitor into silence with its stunning backdrop. The eye-striking bright coral gardens, the marine life underwater, and brilliant sandy beaches provide a unique sightseeing experience for the honeymooners. The North and South of the island stand connected through a sandbar. There are hardly any people who stay here, so it provides a wonderful getaway for a romantic couple. They get plenty of clandestine moments with each other and can stroll through scenic splendour to their heart’s content.

8. Havelock Island:

Havelock Island has out-of-the-ordinary and super comfy beach resorts that provide privacy. With plenty of water sports to play around and brilliant sunsets and sunrise, Havelock is a great place for honeymooners. Hand in hand, you can enjoy the Catamaran ferry ride or take a boat to reach here.

If you want to let loose the adventurous streak go for a Havelock seaplane ride. The Kalapathar Beach, Elephant Beach, Radhanagar Beach, and Govindnagar Beach, provide an enthralling scenic experience. Have a late-night beach dinner or indulge in a romantic dining date with your beloved in the moonlight.

Fun times await you here, and you can start your adventure tryst at Elephant Beach. Slip on the scuba diving gear to see the beautiful aquatic animals from close. Snorkeling at Radhanagar beach is very famous. Honeymoon couples can spend hours and hours gazing at the underwater life and staying actively employed on Havelock Island. Is there a better way to honour a “couple-togetherness day”?

9. Neil Island

Andaman tourism boasts of the beautiful Neil Island as seen amongst the Ritchie’s Archipelago of Andaman. The chain of islands in the Bay of Bengal is incomplete without Neil Island because a huge part of the sea separates it from Havelock and Ross Island. This adds to its exquisiteness and magnificence. The best is to pack a picnic basket and take your partner for a day trip here.

Lakshmanpur bridge, Sitapur bridge, and Bharatpur bridge here are the envy of travelers from all over the world. Sandy beaches, thick forest cover, and rice cultivations provide a bewitching sight for the holidaymaker. This island, also called the “Vegetable Bowl”, supplies vegetables in plenty to different parts of Andaman. The area is not very widespread, and a walk here is very therapeutic. Hand in hand, explore the “extraordinarily” clean spread-out sandy expanse of the beach.

10. Ross Island:

Is your partner intrigued by history and interested in the Indo-British era? Ross Island is a historically significant region because it was a British penal colony for freedom fighters who took part in the 1857 freedom struggle. The island is just 3kms away from Port Blair and can be reached easily by ferry. In 2018, Ross Island was renamed Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose Dweep.

This tourist destination has an ancient history behind it, and you can be a part of this history if you take your beloved to all the beautiful ruins here. The region has a rustic backdrop with ruins spread all over due to an earthquake. You can easily make out the ruins of the tennis court, hospital, holy church, sanctuary, printing press, and so many other places. These ruins have a long story to share and talk about thousands of dedicated and committed people of the past. It adds a quaint beauty to the region and stands outstandingly against the clear ocean.

The island has a thick forest growth that falls under the protection of the forest department. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of animals and birds, even deer and peacocks, living amidst the tall tropical forests. This amazing sight pleases the insides though there are no civilian settlements here. You can book a couple of seats for the light and sound show organized here and head back to your room after grabbing a luxurious and tasty lunch in naturally beautiful surroundings. Before the sun sets, head back to the jetty where you are putting up for the night.

Other Honeymoon Getaways in Andaman:

There are many other places that you can explore with your partner. Add in a few extra days, extend your trip to enjoy the serene atmosphere, and don’t miss anything here. Jolly Buoy Island, the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, Sea Princess Beach, The Elephant beach, North Bay Island, Kaala Pathar Beach, The New Wandoor Beach, and Red Skin islands will give you plenty of memorable photographs for your album.

Couples can indulge in love moments and romance each other, surrounded by the beautiful scenic spots of Andaman. Plenty of thrilling experiences, peace, quiet, beautiful topaz blue waters and loads of personal time on solitary beaches for personal satisfaction are the perks of being here.

Andaman has a bounty of scenic exquisiteness and plenty of surprises for the honeymoon couple. Every nook and corner here provides a wonderful view of nature with glorious waterfalls, rain forests, shimmery white beaches, and mystic creeks that add immense charm to Andaman. Peaceful regions with soothing scenic splendor are a great place to start the beginning of a new romantic life. Give your partner days and memories to remember for a lifetime, and spend your honeymoon in Andaman!

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