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Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park - Best Amusement Park in Georgia

5 Best Amusement Parks in Georgia (2023)

Are you familiar with any famous Amusement Park in Georgia? Don’t worry; we will introduce some to you.

Georgia, though, isn’t specifically known for them, but this Peachy State hosts a number of Amusement Parks. When someone thinks about Georgia, the first idea revolves around the American Civil War, orchards of peaches, beaches, and islands. However, once you peek inside and look, you will find an array of water parks, theme parks, and adventure parks spread all across the state of Georgia. From America’s one of the best Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell to classics like Wild Adventures in Valdosta and SkyView Atlanta, options here are truly endless.

Georgia is a wonderful state to visit if your idea is to simply have fun. While it’s summer and the sun isn’t in the mood to lower the heat, head towards Georgia’s water parks. What’s better than beating the heat this way? Or, on a picturesque day when the sky is filled with dramatic sights, head towards the SkyView Atlanta Ferry wheel and grab astounding views. So with such dramatic and exciting options on the list, why wait any longer? If you are already in Georgia, plan out this weekend for some amusement park fun. Here at some of the most popular amusement parks in Georgia, you can consider having fun at.

5 Best Amusement Parks in Georgia

1. Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is one of the 23 Six Flags Amusement Parks in America and one of the earliest of all. It is spread over 290 acres and is located at 275 Riverside Pkwy, Austell. Like any other amusement park, it features a huge roller coaster collection and maintains a large number of other rides and attractions. Kids and adults can choose from an array of thrill rides, family rides, kiddie rides, and water park rides. Some of the best amongst them include Bugs Bunny High Sea ride, Acme Trucking Company, BATMAN: The Ride, and the Dahlonega Mine Train. Amongst the roller coaster is the Georgia Scorcher featuring a 101-foot drop and speed of 54 m/ph. Six Flags Over Georgia is also home to the tallest spinning, swinging pendulum ride in the southeast. Later, to get cool down after a day of sweaty adventure, there are Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, an ultimate chilling spot. The adventure park is also home to some recognized snack and drinks brands.

2. Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America is though a small but thrilling adventure park in Fayetteville. This family-owned destination has everything from splash fields, go-karting tracks, miniature golf, batting cages, and dedicated rides for kids and adults. There is a specially made go-karting track, zip lines, and adventurous yet safe ferry wheels for young visitors. Though for adults, the riders go a little thriller, yet safer for everyone to try and dare. Apart from the adventure, the Ferris Wheel offers great views of Pensacola during and after sunset. Besides that, families often visit Fun Spot America to have their golf time. It has three gold courses of different styles and difficulty levels, catering to visitors of all types. What makes Fun Spot America a popular choice is its proximity to Atlanta Airport (8 miles south of it). The facility is great for organizing birthday parties and other fun events.

3. Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park

Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park is definitely among the best Georgia Amusement Parks. Operating since 1924, it is also known as one of America’s top ten family-friendly amusement parks. The best part about visiting Lake Winnespesaukah is that visitors can as well access the SOAKya Water Park along. Lake Winnepesaukah Park is home to multiple kids’ rides, including Froghopper, Jumbo Elephants, Kiddie boat, Free Whale, and the exciting Kiddie swings. Whereas for families, rides like Ferris Wheel and Balloon rides bring the most fun and adventure. The facility boasts rides in the name of thrill, including a 50 mph Cannonball Roller Coaster, the Fire Ball, and the gravity-defying Conestoga. If you want to experience the timeless fun of 1924, do try Tilt-a-whirl, Wave Swinger, and a beautiful antique Carousel. In addition to that, the waterpark includes features like a crazy river, water slides, a water obstacle course and more.

4. Wild Adventures Theme Park

A popular adventure park in Georgia, Wild Adventures is definitely a must-visit. It is basically a zoological theme park 5 miles south of Valdosta in Clyattville, Georgia. Everyone marks it as one of South Georgia’s most fun destinations from adults to kids. The park features more than 40 rides and attractions, including Ant Farm express, Aviator, Bee Bop, Blackfoot Falls, Boomerang, and more. Even if you are a roller coaster person or not, Wild Adventures is definitely for you. The variety goes from Ferris wheels to slow-moving Safari trains; everything here makes up for an excellent opportunity. A ride on Safari trains allows participants to come across 70 different animals. Wild Adventures theme park is a combined facility including a theme park, a water park and a small zoo. During the summer season, people from entire Georgia gather here to beat the heat. The park also hosts multiple events. Some of them include Wild Adventures Christmas and Great Pumpkin LuniNights, and Pumpkin Spice Festival.

5. Summer Waves Waterpark

The Summer Waves Waterpark draws a huge crowd throughout its operating season; an awesome top-rated amusement park in Georgia. The park is located near the port city of Brunswick on Jekyll Island. It operates during the summer season from May through October from 11 am to 7 pm. It is a multi-thrill amusement park offering three tiers of interactive water thrills (low, medium, and high). Begin from the lower tier, which features Turtle Creek, a lazy river ride. The medium tier features rides like Nature’s revenge and a splash pool. Whereas the high tier features thrill rides like Man o’ War, a four-path two-slide adventure. Summer Waves Waterpark always has lifeguards near the deep pool area who ensures no mishappening comes to life. Some of the must-visit attraction here includes Splash Pool, Force 3, Nature’s Revenge, Pirate’s Passage, and Frantic Atlantic Wave Pool. The waterpark also has some excellent RVing spots nearby.

Special Mention: SkyView Atlanta

The SkyView Atlanta isn’t an amusement park, but it deserves a special mention on our list. SkyView Atlanta is basically a 20-story Ferris wheel in Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta. The Ferris wheel features 42 climate-controlled gondolas that take participants on an amazing panoramic ride. It offers astounding views of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area as it moves. It is the perfect approach for individuals who wants to enjoy views and adventure right within downtown Atlanta. Participants can also visit the spinning classroom and get hands-on with engineering, art, science, and technology.

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