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Why Is Kasol Famous? (2024)

To escape from the harsh realities of life and explore the true beauty of nature, head straight to the small town of Kasol, in the Kullu district. With the incomparable beauty of the coniferous forests and crinkling streams, Kasol is the ideal place for tourists in search of peace. Himachal Pradesh is God’s gift to mankind and has quaint and beautiful terrains packed in the wilderness. Far away from the human eye, encased in the mountains, near the Parvati River lies the stunningly enthralling Kasol!

Kasol and its Surroundings:

This divine land and the valley it overlooks is about 80 km from Manali and is a delightful terrain worth stepping into. Kasol village is simple and modest and can provide the visitor with an adventurous and exciting time. A strange peace and satisfaction envelop the visitor on entering the vicinity of this village-cum-town.

The beautiful Kasol stands silently in the middle of the coniferous forests of the Sylvan Hills of the Kullu District. You can hear the soothing sounds of the pristine clear water steams rushing through the mountains and the sweet chirps of birds tweeting happily when you visit this small town at the convergence of River Parvati and the Beas River. Just 30 km from Bhuntar, lies this beautiful small hamlet called the “Mini Israel of India”. With a rich cultural backdrop and plenty of Israelis, this Backpackers heaven is full of hippies singing and dancing along the streets.

You can savor the tastiest Israeli cuisine in this quaint village. Also, the normally-illegally-grown” Hash is available in plenty in these natural surroundings. Lush greens and the gurgling waters make this place look awesome.

Why Is Kasol Famous?

Have you been to Kasol? If not, there are plenty of reasons to be here this summer. Let us see why is Kasol famous all over India and the world?

The Beauty of Kasol:

Kasol is an exquisitely beautiful but unexplored hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The moment you step into the land, you can breathe in the fresh air. The environment is serene and glorious and connects the traveler to nature. Kasol is an exquisite town that resounds with the pleasant sound of the cackling Parvati River. Moreover, the whole journey to this place is amazingly stunning.

Lots of River Fun:

The blue water of the river, the lush green grass with huge smooth stones, and the white sand add immense beauty to the region. The fresh stream is a huge contrast against the steam of cars you see in the bustling towns. As the river meanders, it opens a whole new world of snow-capped mountain peaks, cliffs, pine trees, and gurgling waterfalls for us.

Click plenty of memories here and place the pictures to remember on your mantelpiece as a reminder of the wonderful time you spent here. The water mass is huge, and when it falls down the steep gradient, it raises a torrential sound that reverberates through the environment.

Why don’t you lie back on the boulders and bask in the sun while you soak your feet in the cool waters? Don’t trudge into the river; instead use the old crackling wooden bridge linking the two banks to each other, to cross it. That is safer!

Away From Civilization and Commercialization:

The breathtaking view, untouched by commercialization and too many crowds, leaves the onlooker spellbound and in awe. No doubt, you get to see the Hippie hues close by and have to deal with the pot culture of the town, but there are many other activities also to do in Kasol.

There are thrilling treks organized that mystify the experience. You can now trek through the green forests and the rocky terrain to rejuvenate and energize your body. The fresh air and exercise will definitely do you good.

The food available here has a touch of the Israeli cooking style and is extremely flavoursome. Breathe in the pure air as you munch delicious food to your heart’s content. This adds an exclusive touch to Kasol and is a great attraction for people visiting here. There are not many hotels and guest houses here thus book your stay beforehand.

Proximity to the Manikaran Gurudwara:

A great attraction for many of us is the pious Manikaran Sahib, which is only 6 km away from Kasol. You can drive down or hike to this religious Manikaran Gurudwara or holy door for the Sikhs. There are hot springs here that are said to wash away the pain, suffering, sins, and diseases of the people with the water’s healing properties. The sacred “parshad” or Langar from the Gurudwara is delicious. It is prepared out of rice and dal with the waters of the hot spring.

Before you enter the shrine, you have to cover your head with a cloth in reverence to the Guru. Inside the Gurudwara, you can see pictures of Hindu Gods, Sikh Gurus, and even Jesus Christ. Manikaran is a sacred place for people of all religions. With the torrential sound of the fiery Beas and the Gurudwara encased in the tall hills and dense forests, the visitor is left spellbound with the beauty and spiritual significance.

Take a Walk to Tosh or Malana

Malana has a distinct culture, and people living here are not interactive at all. They prefer isolation and believe they are Aryan descendants belonging to the lineage of “Alexander”. In this quaint village, a voyager cannot even touch the wall of a resident’s house. This action forces them to wash the wall with buffalo blood say the gossipmongers.

The people living here run the village according to their personal jurisdiction and do not live by the rules of the country. But, the town is breathtakingly exquisite and is called the “Little Greece” by many. Many say that the distance these people maintain from the tourists is to shield their flourishing cannabis business from the public eye.

Tosh is influenced by European culture. When you go for a walk around here, you can sniff the cannabis plant. The trek to Tosh is awesome and provides the visitor with a spectacular view.

Cheap food and accommodation are great attractions in the area. There are plenty of Israeli and European food cafes that can keep you busy for hours in the wilderness and the pretty mountain scenery.

The Kheer Ganga Trek:

The Kheer Ganga Trek spreads over 9 km and takes about 4 hours to complete. The trail is rickety, narrow, rocky, and exciting. Moreover, it provides loads of challenges for the trekker. This is the easiest and most adventurous sports activity you can indulge in Kasol.

The lush green meadow at the end of the trek with its fresh hot geothermal spring is just the right thing you want to splash around in the chilly weather. Soak your tired feet or take a hot bath to get rejuvenated instantly. There are plenty of small hamlets close by to see. The tranquil atmosphere and the fabulous scenery are a stunning and balming experience for the tired nerves of an exhausted “city man” person.

Superb Food in Kasol:

Packed away in the greens, Kasol offers the traveller, a mouth-watering cuisine. Great food gets good thumbs up in this hippie paradise, locked away at one corner in Himachal Pradesh. You will see plenty of Israelis walking around this hamlet, and thus it is also called “Mini Israel” by many.

There are plenty of signboards with Hebrew inscriptions outside the cafes. These street-side food joints have a strong Israeli influence, and they serve delectable foods. Many people go to Kasol to taste the wonderful foods here. The ambiance of the clean and clear valley with delicious food imprints a fabulous eating experience in the mind of the tourist.

A Delight to Shop in Kasol:

The shopaholics are going to love the flea market here. You can choose the best souvenirs to take back home as gifts for your family members and friends. Trinkets, semi-precious stones, pendants, swanky T-shirts, caps, pullovers, and even coats are available here, at extremely reasonable prices. The display of Lord Shiva T-shirts is astonishing. Well, every town in Himachal has great spiritual significance with several religious and holy shrines with plunging valleys and peaceful monasteries.

Hiking and trekking can keep the sightseer well occupied for a few days here. The peen valley, Malana village trek, and Kasol forest treks are organized here. Also, plenty of food and other camping facilities arranged here make the visitor enjoy the trip. If you are not on your toes, relax at a café and listen to the foot-tapping beats of musical instruments and interesting songs sung by Indian artists. Also, you can even get a stunning tattoo from an expert! This is why Kasol is famous!

Brace yourself when you start your journey to Kasol from Delhi because it will take you anywhere between 8 to 14 hours. Make a detailed travel plan and add all those places in and around the area where you want to be the next few days of your vacation. Kasol provides you the chance to bask in the beauty of nature and unwind your stressed bodies and minds.

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