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Which Are The Best-Unexplored Hill Stations In Himachal Pradesh? (2024)

Vacationers and nature lovers are all praises for the picturesque views, scenic spots, and beautiful landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful land has been an inspiration for artists and poets from India and all over the world. You may have heard about famous towns and hill stations such as Shimla, Kullu-Manali, Dalhousie, McLeodganj, Dharamsala, Kasol, and others. But, the fact is, Himachal Pradesh is still an undiscovered enigma, and there are many off-beat breathtakingly beautiful hill stations, towns, and cities hidden from the public eye!

Which Are The Best Unexplored Hill Stations In Himachal Pradesh?

Well, let us take this journey together and explore the charming hill station towns of Himachal that are hailed as quiet and packed-away, but are stunningly beautiful and worth a visit. Visitors rush to Himachal to escape from the cities and get away from the noisy cacophony of cars and vehicles. They are searching for a balanced holiday full of peace and adventure activities. Let us read more about beautiful places and hill stations in Himachal Pradesh that are serene, unspoiled, and undefiled but catering to all these needs:

1. Kalpa:

The pine nut forests of Kalpa stand tall against the spellbinding scenery of the snow-capped Kinnaur-Kailash Mountains. The blend of beauty and calm in this offbeat Hill station in Himachal Pradesh is every travellers dream. Dig into the juicy red-luscious apples available at the countless orchards in Kalpa. Savor a bite, and you will see the difference. Kalpa also has an exquisitely beautiful temple of Goddess Chandika and one of Kailash Shivaling popular for its changing color with the day’s progression.

2. Sangla:

Sangla Valley, or the Bapsa Valley in Kinnaur District, is located on the bank of the Bapsa River. This unexplored region is charming and showcases exquisite natural greens with a captivating view of the white snow-capped mountains. An architecturally-rich temple devoted to the Naga god leaves the visitors spellbound and is a must-visit. The other areas to see in the vicinity are the ancient Kamru Fort, Kilba, Sapni, and Rackchham.


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3. Barog:

Barog in district Solan, near Shimla, is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, not-too-far from Delhi. The calm and serene place offers a striking view of the pine trees and tall mountainous ranges. Additionally, the scenic ambiance of this undisturbed small village nestled in between Oak and pine forests has made Barog a popular destination for tourists.

You can get a clear view of the magnificent Churdhar peak from here. To get a closer look at the “Mountain with the silver bangle”, you have to book a room at one of the resorts in this quaint village. In fact, because of its scenic grandeur, corporate homes often choose Barog for their meetings and family get-togethers.

4. Kandaghat:

Kandaghat is a cozy place, a stone’s throw away from Shimla. In fact, not many people are aware of this hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Far from the maddening crowds runs true for this gorgeous vacation spot. Truly peaceful and serene, Kandaghat offers a breathtaking view of the lush green valleys and mountain ranges from its height.

Many people say a hill station is “Just another hill station”. But, that is not so because each spot has unique qualities. There are hardly any people here, but Kandaghat is slowly gaining popularity.

To see the beauty of the green forests and tall majestic mountains, you need to spend a night here. Make it your base and travel to Chail or Shimla and nearby tourist spots. The sunrise and sunset in Kandaghat, leave the traveler stunned beyond words. The sun’s rays with all its hues radiate from the blue skies brilliantly, but words are not enough, the scene is best seen!

5. Barot:

Stay free from the smoky zones of the bustling city crowds and watch the mountains arise around the green valley of Barot, in Mandi District. The region is famous for mountain treks, adventure games, and fishing farms. The trout farms here are a breeding ground for the fish.

While you are here, visit the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, the home to the Himalayan Black Bears, different varieties of pheasants, and Himalayan Gorals. Red kidney beans from the Barot valley are famous all over India, take some home to relish the taste of the Himalayas when you reach back home.

6. Chindi:

Chindi is an off-beat town on the Shimla-Mandi highway, located in the Karsog Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This spiritual hill station and the religious temples in its vicinity are about 90 km away from Shimla. Mahunag temple, Kamaksha Devi temple, Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple, Shikari Devi Temple, and the Pangna Killa temple, stand majestically with all their intricate carvings, adding to the glory of the landscape. Thick pine forests, widespread apple plantations, and exciting treks such as the Bakrote trek, make this place a favourite spot of true nature enthusiasts.

7. Churdhar:

Churdhar literally means “Dressed in the Moonlight”, and you can imagine the beauty of this hill station in Himachal Pradesh when the night falls. The tall mountains reflecting the moonlight look exquisitely eye-catching in the darkness. If the nights are so beautiful, imagine what the days will be like!

Trekking through the Deodars to Srigul to visit the ancient temple is pure bliss. The peace and stillness you experience are worth all the energy you spend, and you can bow down to the majestic Lord Shiva deity here and see the magnificent view of the town below.

8. Chitkul:

In the Kinnaur district, near the Indo-Tibetan border lies an inhabited village called Chitkul that has the best potato and peas to offer. This hamlet along the Baspa River overlooks spectacular mustard fields, fruit-filled orchards, and thick green vegetation reflecting the snow-covered white mountain ranges in the background.

9. Malana:

In the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh, lies a peaceful laid back village called Malana. The surprising fact is, that people living here feel they are the Aryan descendant and belong to the “Alexander- the Great’s ” family tree. Furthermore, they run the village according to a personal administrative cum legal system, rituals, practices, and laws influenced by the Greeks. You can see the Deotibba and Chadrakhani peaks clearly from this village, and the sight is a vision to behold!

10. Thanedaar:

Thanedar is a blissful haven for nature lovers with its cherry and apple orchards. Resorts nestled in the wilds, overlooking their lusciously green and colorful orchards, get a clear view of an unblemished backdrop of Thanedar. Succulent apples in cartons and other fruits are sent to different parts of the country and abroad. You can also visit the St. Mary’s Church, Nag Devta Temple, Hatu Peak, and Tani-Jubbar Lake, to take a moment and see the magnificent mountain ranges stand tall in the background.

11. Shoja:

About 5 km from the Jalori Pass, lies a non-commercial hamlet, called Shoja in Himachal Pradesh. Not many people have heard about this place, and it is the ideal Hill station to relax and breathe in the fresh air. The sound of the natural waterfall near Shoja breaks the silence with its musical notes. You can head over here for a drink or a spine-chilling bath and then laze to capture the sun rays on your body. If there is heaven on earth, then Shoja, on the Shimla Kullu road, is where it is! Also, visit the Serloskar Lake in the region to catch the setting sun and its glory.

12. Gushaini:

To camp, trek, or spend relaxed days fishing, camping, or trekking, head for a few days to the Gushaini for a “trout-filled” holiday in Himachal Pradesh. Set up tents on the river banks to see the unbridled Mountain View and grab a mouthful of tasty fish. The greens and the hills are an enthralling sight to tired eyes. Wish Goodbye to the busy city life for a few days and stay here undisturbed for a rejuvenating experience. About 20 km away from Gushaini, is the Great Himalayan National Park, with its impressive flora and fauna. The National Park has almost 300 birds and 30 mammal species for animal lovers to see.

13. Jalori Jot:

Jalori Jot is a fabulous and exciting trekking trail of Himachal showcasing unspoiled natural splendor at its best. This hill station is a great place to start a trek to Sareyol Lake near the Jalori Jot Temple. Plan your stay at Shoja and travel to Jalori to spend precious moments connecting with the natural splendor of the undergrowth and mountains.

14. Rakcham:

Rakcham is defined as a traveller’s paradise with its meandering River Baspa and the grandiose of white snow-capped mountain ranges. Explore this unexplored area lying between Chitkul and Sangla valley. People of Rakcham believe in Hinduism and Buddhism, and there is a Hindu and Buddhist temple for the people to pray here.

It’s easy to catch a glimpse of Himalayan animals including Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Leopard, Brown Trout, Goral, and Himalayan Black Bear. While here, you can spot the scenic splendor of the Indo-Tibetan border too. Why don’t you make a plan at the earliest to connect with peaceful nature in Himachal Pradesh?

15. Hampta Pass:

Hampta Pass, almost 4270 meters high, is a small corridor that falls in the Pir Panjal Himalayan range in Himachal Pradesh. Between the Kullu and Lahaul Spiti valley lies the Hampta pass region with its barren hills of various shapes, lush green valleys, and high snow-covered mountain peaks, to woo traveller. This interesting landscape offers a lot for the eye to see. Hampta Pass Trek is a choice for many trekkers who want to escape the crowded road to Rohtang Pass.

16. Pabbar Valley:

Pabbar Valley is near Hatkoli, a tiny village about 100 km from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. You can also visit the interesting Hatkeshwari Mata Temple, designed in the 8th century in Kinnaur architectural style, and the Shiva temple standing adjoining it. Many Shiv devotees head to these temples in April and October during the Navratri. This valley does not see many people but provides an unparalleled and breathtaking view of the surroundings.

17. DadaSiba:

DadaSiba, a part of Pragpur, falls in Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh. This town lies at one end of Himachal, very near the Panjab border, and it is about 40 odd km from Dharamsala. DadaSiba is a remarkable place with its awesomely designed and architecturally-rich Radha Krishna temple. This unique temple has a stone from Jodhpur, and the lintels and carved doorposts constructed from an exclusive stone from the Mangarh Fort quarry. The village is popular for its scenic beauty and this exquisite temple!

18. Pangi Valley:

Pangi valley sits royally surrounded by the majestic Zanskar and Pir Panjal ranges. The whole atmosphere is tribal and serenely attractive. Moreover, the beauty surpasses anything you have ever seen. The environment and its serenity are a treat for the holidaymakers. Pangi valley sees heavy snowfall for almost 6 months and gets cut off from the other parts at this time. But, in summers, it greets gloriously bloomed flowers, shrubs, trees, wildlife, and streams.

19. Pragpur:

Pragpur, the heritage village has small streams that end up at the Beas. This town in the Kangra valley has religious, historical, and culturally significant monuments and structures making it famous. Though not many people know about this town, but a visit here is a must because of the ambiance of this heritage village!

Nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts do not want a commercialized destination for a holiday. After all, they are on a “declutter” rampage and are running away from the bustling towns. Himachal is sprinkled with quaint and off-beat hill stations. They are jewels in the crown waiting to be explored and unravelled, so head straight here for a rejuvenating experience!

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