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Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Barog: A Hidden Gem in Himachal Pradesh (2024)

Barog is a fabulous, laid-back small town in the district Solan of Himachal Pradesh and lies at a height of 1560 meters. It is an ideal place for nature lovers because it showcases nature and scenic beauty in its full glory. This dreamy region is well-known for its quaint train station, a favorite of many.

You will be surprised, but this tiny hill station is now a popular tourist destinations. Also, Barog holds a great attraction for adventure enthusiasts and people who are inclined to spiritual and cultural experiences.

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Barog: A Hidden Gem in Himachal Pradesh

Let us tell you more about amazing Barog and its famous attractions.

Choor Chandini Peak:

Barog lies in the Shivalik Hills and is on the Shimla Kalka route. The winding paths and fascinating forests make the drive to this place very interesting. However, many people opt for the morning Shivalik Express from Kalka to get a better view of this beautiful hill station up close.

The sunrise is breathtakingly beautiful and a sight from this quiet village town. Grab a glimpse of this colorful glory and admire the lighted mountaintops and thick green bush shining under the bright rays of the golden sun from this town in Solan district. The sight of the Choor Chandni hills at 5120 feet is admirable and you can see the beauty of the hills, the skies, and the greenery from each corner here.

The hills are about 60 kms from Chandigarh and 17 km from Kasauli. The eye-striking Choor Chandni Peak is the highest point in Barog, and visitors can easily see the majestic panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys from up here. So, trek to the Choor Chandni peak and see this sight of a lifetime.

Barog Tunnel:

Once the railway track was made, the hill town started to bloom in the picturesque setting and soon became a lucrative business opportunity for many. People from far and wide come to sit in the Simla Kalka train to admire the 1143 meters long straight Barog tunnel that ends before the train station here. In fact, this tunnel is famous for being the straightest tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla Railway route.

This famous tunnel is located on the Kalka-Shimla Railway route. It is said to be the longest tunnel along the whole rail route here and offers visitors a unique sightseeing experience. If you are driving down from Kasauli, look for the board giving directions to the Railway station. Keep your eyes on the road, or you might miss it.

You will have to leave your car and trudge down a little through the concrete stones and gravel to reach the pretty little ancient wooden station property that dates back to 1903. You will find a beautiful honeymoon cottage and a restaurant with bush-rose creepers that add a mystical touch to the atmosphere.

With the lack of the noisy hustle and bustle, this pre-colonial town and its silent standing seep into mystery and intrigue. If you want to avoid the mainstream crowdedness and enjoy the serene and calm atmosphere surrounded by ancient myths, then Barog is where you need to be to experience a fantastic tourist destination showcasing the magical Himachal charm.

Camping, trekking, and sightseeing Barog offers all these opportunities to its visitors. Enchanting and captivating mornings welcome the sounds of the forests, the whispering on the snail crossings, and pleasant tweets. On the other hand, the nights’ shimmer with the glimmering lights and twinkling lights on the mountain range.


Dagshai is 5689 ft above sea level and is an ancient British cantonment famous for its attractive Church and tall pine trees. This small hill town is only 10 kms from Barog and is a very old cantonment worth visiting.

Dagshai is famous for the Central Cellular Jail Building and several majestic memorial buildings from the British reign hosted here. The town also has two popular schools that stand proudly atop the hilltop! Besides these, there are many picnic spots where people can sit, eat and relax. You can catch a fabulous view of Chandigarh at night from Dagshai.

Solan and Shoolini Devi:

Finally, you can see the famous largest-producing “Mushroom City in India” and the Mushroom research center. Solan got its name from the revered Shoolin Devi, the local Goddess, and the ancient temple with the deity is an important religious and tourist destination. The culturally and traditionally rich town is situated on the National Highway and is home to various temples, recreational centers, and churches.

In the second week of June every year, Solam hosts the famous Shoolini Fair. In the vicinity, you can also see the popular Mohan Park, Children’s Park, and Jawahar Park. Also, there is a mini zoo here, so your kids won’t be able to complain of boredom. Solan also has the Central State Library, Sanatan Dharm Mandir, Durga Club, Lower and Upper Bazaar, Mall Road, Ancient Durga Temple, Hari, and Narsingh Mandir, must-visit places, in this region.

There is also a serene Heritage park called the Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, 22 kms from Barog, for the public to visit. The tranquillity of the surroundings and the beautiful temple on the premises with intricate stone and marble work make the region worth visiting.

Barog Camping Grounds:

If you’re traveling with your friends, Barog Camping Grounds is a great place to spend time. Barog is the only designated registered camping area with a spellbinding panorama of the Solan Valley and the Choor Chandni Peak.

Enjoy the breathtaking experience of camping while you are encased in greenery and surrounded by the exquisiteness of nature. It’s time to participate in nature hikes, bonfires, trekking, and other interesting adventure activities. The registered camps are mesmerizing with natural beauty and well-equipped with essential utilities, such as bathrooms, electricity, and telephone connection.

The camping area of Barog is the perfect retreat from the chaotic life of the city. Staying at the campgrounds is a fantastic offer if you’re looking for a good time, rejuvenation, and refurbishing your senses in one of the most picturesque locations amidst nature. Spend a relaxing afternoon and sip a warm drink as you look out at the Choor Chandini Peak and a fabulous valley view.

The camps offer electricity, food, and recently added WiFi. There is a Tibetan market nearby, and from here, you can pick interesting souvenirs, shawls, clothes, and so much more that can hold your interest.

Barog Graveyard:

As the story goes, “Barog” was the engineer who designed the Barog tunnel. Due to some miscalculation with the tunnel, the engineer committed suicide. The story of the tunnel by the Colonel ends as a tribute at the Barog Graveyard with his grave.

It is said that Barog was sad and humiliated because of his calculation glitch and failed the Britishers by being unable to make the perfect project. In its place, a new tunnel was constructed. The actual grave of the engineer lies about 1.5 kms in the forest. The story increases the curiosity of the tourists and is thus included in the sightseeing agenda.

The serene environment away from the din of city life is the perfect reason to check out and explore the famous spots and enriching nature in this village town.

Dolanji Bon Monastery:

Dolanji Bon Monastery, on Narag-Sarahan Road, Barog, is a famous Buddhist monastery that stands on a hill in a serene environment. This building has a beautiful architectural design, and the rich Buddhist culture and their way of worship are on the exploration bucket list of many tourists visiting this area.

A serene and calm home to several learned monks, the monument and its green surroundings are ideal for all who want to pray for peace and tranquillity. About 22 kms from Barog, this Bon Monastery can be easily reached as the road reaches the breathtakingly beautiful temple.

In this quaint holy place stands a huge Buddha statue that can be seen from the open temple roof too. Let the positive vibes flow into your being in the spiritual premises of this monastery. Get your bikes and ride towards the monastery to uplift your soul and spirits. The enchanting bike trip will invigorate the senses and body.

Camping and Trekking:

Barog is an excellent place for camping and trekking. There is no better way to explore the lush green and wild surrounding hills and deep valleys and enjoy the region’s glorious natural beauty. Whether booking a stay at the Pine Hills Eco camp, getting a stay at the Barog Camp & Boparai Homestay, or choosing the Nature Treat-camping hub, you will have a whale of a time.

Camping is the best way to be cradled by nature and has become a hot favorite with tourists. The tall pine and oak trees and the sight of the majestic Choordhar peak are irresistible. The mountain slopes shine brightly at night with the pristine white moonlight, and camping is the best way to admire these magnificent sights.

Anytime in the summer between April and September, adventure enthusiasts can take in the beauty of nature to their hearts’ contentment. We would not advise you to choose winter for a camping trip because the weather conditions are very cold and harsh.

The tents have beds, hot water facilities, modern toiletries, and attached bathrooms. The camps have interesting adventure activities, nature walks, home facilities, mountain-climbing, hiking, restaurants for food, zip-lining, archery, trekking, etc., to give you an interesting and fun time.

Kali Mata Temple:

This popular temple is located at Neraghati Kiari Kotkhai in Barog and is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. It is a great place to visit for spiritual and cultural reasons, and many visitors have said it is worth visiting.

Sari Pass Trek:

This popular trekking route is through the Parvati Valley, starting from the beautiful Barog town and leading to the Sari Pass. The trek may be challenging, but it offers stunning views of the Himalayas. The beautiful trails with the breathtaking view of the gushing turbulent Parvati river and its fast-paced waterfalls, crisp lush green meadows, thick forests, and so much natural beauty leave the visitor spellbound, asking for more. If you are lucky, you may also see white snow with glittering sun rays.

Sunset Point:

This popular spot in Barog offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty and relax in the peaceful environment.

Solan Brewery:

In 1855 AD., Edward Dyer started the famous Meakin Brewery, known worldwide for its products even today. The brewery, about 11 km from Barog, is a distillery frequently visited by travelers from far and wide. Touring the whole place may take a while, so wear sturdy shoes and march away. The distillery is now under the patronage of Mohan Meakin Limited and is a great place to visit to see the making of alcohol amongst the most beautiful surroundings. The packaging and the making are interesting processes that will mesmerize you for hours.

Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir in Garkhal:

Barog is centrally located and within close range of Kasauli, Solan, and even Shimla. The famous Shirdi Sai Baba temple of Garkhal near Barog needs a special mention here. Tall and white, the serenity of the temple touches the soul. You can sit for hours gazing at the revered deity of Shirdi Sai Baba sitting on the dias.

Karol Tibba

About 16 kms from Barog, you can see the Karol Ridge with its famous temple. The place is famous because of its Pandav cave, with a reference to the Mahabharatha times. The brother is said to have lived here for a few days in this “very long cave” of Himachal Pradesh. It is said that the Karol cave ends on the outskirts of Pinjore. The interesting uphill trek with the tall pine trees and exquisite natural beauty of the Solan village from the top of the ridge is fantastic.

There are plenty of places worth visiting when you make Barog your base. Whether it is the sunset point on the way to Chail with its beautiful setting sun rays, Jatoli’s Vishal Shiva temple, the famous Chail cricket ground, Monkey Point, or the Kali Tibba, each landmark has a story to tell and history worth reckoning. Check out the weather and the visiting months before booking your stay and making it memorable.

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