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Khajjiar - Places to Visit in Dalhousie

Which is Better Kasauli or Dalhousie? (2023)

A “desire for peace” is the main reason most people plan a vacation to a cool and chilly Hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The lush green forests, the gurgling rivers through the valleys, and the soaring Himalayas in the backdrop are an enigma for nature lovers all over.

Which is Better Kasauli or Dalhousie?

Thousands are searching the internet for information on different hill stations, stay arrangements, activities, and more information. In fact, they are making comparisons between one or more hill stations to plan their next perfect holiday sitting at home. 

The latest that comes under the scanner is Dalhousie and Kasauli. It is not uncommon for tourists to head to these two popular hill stations in Himachal for some silent harmony. They come here to spend a few peaceful days away from the hustle-bustle of the city because they are in search of peace and quiet.

But, the question often asked is “Which is better Kasauli or Dalhousie?” Not that we can pinpoint any one specific reason for this, but we can discuss these charming places from a general standpoint, which may throw some light on the reasons why both these towns are a favorite of people from all over India.

Distance of Dalhousie from Delhi:

Dalhousie gets its name from Lord Dalhousie and reminds the traveler of the Victorian era with its architectural wonders. About 1970 meters high from sea level, this town lies in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and is a perfect getaway for the traveler. But, it is far from Delhi, nearly 560 km, and is about 11 hour drive by road. 

Kasauli is Great For A Quick Visit:

The distance and time taken to reach Dalhousie can be quite tiresome, isn’t it? Yes, especially if you have only a day or two away from the office and work obligations. In this case, Kasauli is the better option. If you plan to visit Dalhousie, you need to stay here for a few days to get over the long journey and enjoy the scenic beauty in peace. On the other hand, Kasauli is about 1800 meters from sea level and nearly a 287 km drive from Delhi. It takes about 6 hours to reach this town in Solan District, an ideal getaway if your visit is short and impromptu. Enjoy bliss here even if you plan a trip instantly and have very few days at hand.

The Indescribable Beauty of Dalhousie:

Dalhousie is a town that needs slow savoring. The long walks along the mountains and the tall trees are thrilling for the sightseer. With so much to offer, this town nestled in the tall Deodar and Cedar trees is a sight to behold though visiting the towns nearby will take a few days.

Indescribable beauty and serenity make Dalhousie the envy of every traveler. Breathtakingly beautiful sights are heaven for nature enthusiasts and should never be missed.

Make Kasauli Your Base:

Kasauli is a great place to make a base. This way, you want to skip over to Shimla for a night of dance and fun one night. You can also lie back on the pine trees as you read a book. A forest hike or a bonfire night with fun-filled activities rejuvenates you on this quick trip.

The area of the lower Mall road and other Kasauli attractions are fascinating and picture-perfect. Take out your track lowers and grab a warm sweatshirt to celebrate the beauty of the surroundings.

Breathe in the fresh romantic air and take a walk along the serene Lover’s lane, The Sanatorium, The Gilbert Trail, the Sunset Point, and Kimmughat. Making Kasauli the base you can travel to other towns like Shimla, Kandaghat, Dharampur, Solan, Barog, Jabli, Timber Trail, and its cable car, Kufri, and Chail.

Kasauli is a Safe, Peaceful, and Enjoyable Cantonment Area:

Windy hilly tracks and the mesmerizing weather at Kasauli make the cantonment area interesting. But, there are army areas where you can’t move about freely and have to venture out within permissible boundaries of the army. No doubt, this is safer, but it has its restrictions.

Kasauli cantonment is known for the oldest functioning distillery, “the Kasauli Brewery”, which produces scotch whiskey, and its Central research Institute, which develops the anti-rabies vaccine.

Best Months to Visit Dalhousie and Kasauli:

April to June is the best time to visit Kasauli because of the cold nights and pleasantly warm days. Trekking, bird watching, and nature walks are the best during these months. October to March is chilly but still fun weather times. Travelers take out time to visit the vantage points because of the congenial atmosphere. Also, plan the holiday carefully, July to September are the off-season months with rainy and foggy weather and may ruin your fun.

March to May is fun and great time to book a stay at Dalhousie. Sightseers visiting this hill station indulge in treks, and plenty of rejuvenating nature walks. July to September sees a humid subtropical climate. The weather conditions are perfect for a day out at Khajjiar or the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary.

October to February is off-season time with plenty of snowfall. To see exquisite scenery, hike to Dainkund peak and the Ganji Pahari. The weather stays cool and chilly throughout the year in this open-hilly town. The view is picturesque and the weather is cold!

Dalhousie is the Land of “Mini Switzerland”:

If you want to be a part of the “Mini Switzerland of India” or Khajiar, then Dalhousie is where you should be! Kasauli does have scenic spots to view, but nothing can be compared to the beauty of Dainkund and Khajjiar. Peace and beauty-the combination is lethal, and Dalhousie is the answer to a gorgeous destination in Himachal Pradesh. This may be a personal viewpoint, but the fact is each town in Himachal Pradesh is stunningly distinct and eye-striking. Kasauli is a class apart from others and provides the visitor with the best facilities. In reality, the terrains of Kasauli and Dalhousie are different, but both the hill stations are a great holiday getaway.

Kasauli Region and its Brewery v/s Dalhousie Region and the Dhauladhar Range:

The cantonment town is also famous for the Kasauli Brewery, believed to be the oldest functioning distillery for Scotch whisky in Asia. Kasauli is also the seat of the renowned Pasteur Institute, popularly known as the Central Research Institute, which produces anti-Rabies vaccines. This is history in the making.

On the other hand, Dalhousie may not be historically very relevant but it prides itself on its quiet environment. This hill station is more for the people who love to gaze at the pine forest and grab a stunning view of the Dhauladhar ranges.

If you stay in Kasauli, you will have a variety of places to visit, and each one better and more interesting than the other. If Dalhousie is the base, you can visit Chamba, Khajjiar, and some other hill stations.

Maybe, Kasauli is more centrally placed than Dalhousie and has more to offer you. But, the peace and calm at Dalhousie are incomparable to this. The treks in Dalhousie are not very commercial though they promise a fulfilling experience to the visitor. Moreover, the “Thandi Sadak” and “Garam Sadak” will keep you occupied for hours.

Dalhousie is serene and dazzling with the stunning beauty of the Pir Panjal ranges, Kalatop, Khajjiar, Lakkarmandi, Bakrota Hills, Shri Bhadrakali Bhalei Mata Temple, Panchpula, Dainkund, Chamera Lake, Chamba, and the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.

Where ever you plan to go, don’t forget your woolens. The region is cold anyways but after rainfall, it can be chilling and mushy. Also, try to stay safe because there can be landslides due to the rain.

Why Not Visit Both The Places, Kasauli and Dalhousie?

Kasauli and Dalhousie are poles apart demographically and geographically. Not only this, they are a class apart with a different kind of backdrop and routes. Which is better Kasauli or Dalhousie?” still remains unanswered. Overall, these hill stations have fabulous scenery and plenty of activities to keep you busy always. When the goal is fun, why visit only one?

There is nearly 321 km distance between Kasauli and Dalhousie. So, why not plan a vacation to both these places? Enjoy the greens, flora, fauna, waterfalls, snow capped mountains, plenty of adventure activities and so much more when in the region. You can easily plan a trip to both of these places one by one, so that you can savor the best of both worlds to make a personal comparison!

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