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Gurudwara Lohgarh Sahib - Top-Rated Place to Visit in Moga

5 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Moga (2024)

The Moga region is one of those 22 regions in Punjab that turned into the seventeenth area of the State on November 24th, 1995. Moga is among the biggest producers of wheat and rice in the entire country. The chief minister of Punjab at that time, S. Harcharan Singh Brar, consented to the public interest to make Moga a locale on November 24th, 1995. Before this, Moga was the region of the district of Faridkot. The historical town of Moga is the base camp of the area and is on the Ferozpur-Moga-Ludhiana highway. Moga is well-known for Nestle, Adani Food Pvt Ltd, and vehicle alterations. Interstates associated with Moga are Jalandhar, Barnala, Ludhiana, Ferozpur, Kotkapura, Amritsar. Bus and Railway administrations are very much associated with some significant urban areas like Ludhiana, Chandigarh, and Delhi.

Why Should You Visit Moga?

Moga is located in the territory of Punjab in India. You can explore Moga, one of the lovely Indian tourist spots unique for its varieties in culture, language, religion, cooking styles, scenes, water bodies, and atmosphere. Moga food trends have a huge variety and are popular among numerous veggie lovers, vegetarian and non-vegan dishes made out of nearby spices, vegetables, and natural products. Moga witnesses every one of the four seasons, and each climatic state of Moga is an unforgettable adventure.

5 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Moga:

  1. Gurudwara Lohgarh Sahib- Gurudwara Lohgarh Sahib, otherwise known as the Dina Sahib, has its location in the famous Dina village of Punjab. According to historians, it’s believed that Sri Guru Gobind Singh visited this renowned destination on his way towards Mukhtar. Another famous belief of this place is that Guru Gobind Singh discarded his blue dress of Uch Ka Pir here and resided in the village. Looking at this, Wazir Khan ordered an arrest warrant against him and sent him back to Sirhind. People later named and constructed the Gurudwara Lohgarh Sahib on his behalf. Many Sikh anniversaries and the famous religious fair on the particular event of Maghi is held every year on January 14th at this place. You can even come along with your kids and family on the Prakash Divas of Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh to have a good time together. Visiting hours- 6 am to 6 pm. Gurudwara Lohgarh Sahib - Top-Rated Place to Visit in MogaImage Source
  2. Gurudwara Nanaksar Sahib- The famous Gurudwara Nanaksar Sahib’s location is in the Takhtupura village in Moga’s well-known town. This Gurudwara’s declaration as a holy site was upon the visits of many Sikh gurus like the Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Nanak Dev, and Guru Hargobind Singh. You can visit this incredible place whose center is the glittering Nanaksar Sarovar, which has a dedication to the following gurus. Upon your visit here, you will see three different parts of the same Gurudwara. The first one is the Gurudwara Sahib Patsahi Pehli, built on the banks to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s visit. The Gurudwara is a six-story building and has a giant marble-floored hall to bring up its essence. The second one is the Gurudwara Sahib Patsahi Chhevin, which is built to commemorate the visit of Guru Hargobind Singh. The establishment of this happened when he arrived at the village after winning the battle of Mehraj. The present structure built in 1921 depicts the beauty which is worth visiting. Following that, the last one is the Gurudwara Sahib Patsahi Dasvin, made on the eastern side of Nanaksar Sarovar. The establishment of this unique architecture was to commemorate the visit of Guru Gobind Singh in the year 1705. It is one of the famous and distinctive places in the Moga district, and the Prakash Divas of the gurus are held in full glory. So, you can visit this place and pay homage to the gurus along with enjoying the annual Jor Mela. Visiting hours- 6 am to 8 pm.
    Top-Rated Place to Visit in Moga-Gurudwara Nanaksar SahibImage Source
  3. Geeta Bhawan Temple- Geeta Bhawan is a beautiful temple located in the Kashmiri park’s surrounding area. Located in the south corner of Moga, this temple is a perfect destination for you along with your loved ones. You can have a great time together with your family while visiting this popular tourist spot. The Geeta Bhawan temple has everything to lure about and give you all kinds of facilities for recreation. Hence, whenever you visit, Moga never forget to visit this temple as it is among all the best spots of interest. Visiting hours- 11 am to 7 pm.
    Top Place to Visit in Moga-Geeta Bhawan TempleImage Source
  4. Ajitwal- Ajitwal is a well-known village situated on the National Highway 95 in the Moga district. It’s just 16 kilometers away from Moga and 14 kilometers away from Jagram. According to the Muslim prophet Ajit Khan, the city is there since the medieval period and has its name. According to many localities, the area had blessings by two brothers, namely Karam Chand and Sahib Chand, who were the messengers of God. A beautiful gurudwara named Gurudwara Sahib is built to commemorate their fond memory. Upon your visit to Moga, Ajitwal is a must-visit place as it has the best Punjabi cuisines along with many old heritages to be explored. So, come along with your family to enjoy the scenic view of this place. Visiting hours- 8 am to 8 pm.
  5. Sahidi Park- Sahidi park’s commemoration is for those twenty-five people killed in the bloodiest terror strikes in Moga. On June 25th, 1989, the sleepy residents of this Punjabi town were killed by a thunderous terrorist attack. The killings of 21 RSS workers and two police officers were in this shooting following the blasts. These attacks left 31 victims with serious injuries. Upon marking this black day, the Sahidi park’s location is fond of those killed in the terrorist attacks. On your Moga trip, you should go along with your kids and family to see these Punjabi people’s glorious bravery. Visiting hours- 8 am to 7 pm.
    Amazing Place to Visit in Moga-Sahidi ParkImage Source

How to Travel to Moga:

  • Via Flight- Two air terminals in Amritsar and Chandigarh’s neighboring urban communities serve Moga’s town. Amritsar’s global air terminal is 119 kilometers north of Moga, and there are routine international flights to and from Birmingham, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Doha, and Tashkent. It also has flights to significant Indian urban areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Chandigarh Airport, 187 kilometers east of Moga via National Highway 44 and 5, is a domestic departure for the significant Indian urban areas incorporating Srinagar in Kashmir.
  • Via Road- Roadways all around connect Moga to different urban areas in Punjab, and buses always move from morning to night. There are transports to Moga from Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Chandigarh among the major territorial terminals. There is likewise a direct route from the country’s capital Delhi to Moga.
  • Via Train- Moga’s association is with the multiple matrices of the Indian railroads. Moga Railway Station is a terminal for every day courses from territorial urban areas like Ludhiana and Chandigarh, alongside fortnightly trips from Delhi, Amritsar, and Ajmer in Rajasthan. It’s always advised to a passenger to book tickets ahead of time and connect for definite timetables for more info. Most trains move between 6 am and 10 pm.

Moga is a destination that seems like a relief for every tourist looking for a quality time from the tensed life and discovering peace in the beautiful scenery. The city provides places amid the rich green mountains and national heritages that exemplify this unique location. Hence, if you plan to visit Moga as your next trip, you should preferably try out these places as mentioned above to make the trip one that you can remember for a long time.

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