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Manjhi Sahib - Must-Visit Sightseeing Destination in Ludhiana

Visit Ludhiana: 9 Must-Visit Sight-Seeing Destinations in Ludhiana, History, Getting There (2024)

The city of Ludhiana is a part of the Ludhiana district in Punjab, located in India. Ludhiana is one of Punjab’s largest cities, which also stands out from the north of Delhi in terms of its size. Ludhiana resides on the bank of the river Sutlej. It is well known as the industrial hub of north India.

Many industries are situated here; Ludhiana lists as a smart city developed by India’s government. Many folks also compare it to Manchester as it’s the most accessible city for establishing a business corporation. Ludhiana is a flourishing business hub in India and a beautiful and cultural city with Gurudwaras like Manji Sahib Gurudwara Gurusar sahib, beautifully designed and sculptured a sacred place for the people who live in Ludhiana.

History of Ludhiana

The Lodhi dynasty of Delhi sultanate discovered Ludhiana in 1480 by ruling members of the Lodhi dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. Initially, people used to call it Lodhi-ana, which meant Lodhi town, but today it has changed to Ludhiana. This city has only one structure that has survived until now called The Lodhi Fort, or more prominently Purana Qila, situated close to Fatehgarh. Ranjit Singh was the the final ruler. After that, the Britishers took care of it, and now it’s been declared a state-protected monument since 2013.

9 Must-Visit Sightseeing Destinations in Ludhiana

  1. Manjhi Sahib- Manjhi Sahib is the Sikh place of worship that resides near a village called Alamgir in Ludhiana’s district inside Punjab. In this place, the tenth guru of the Sikhs known as Guru Gobind Singh stayed for a short while, after which, on the way to Alamgir, he shot an arrow into the ground to form a beautiful spring known as Tirsar. This place is a must-visit for tourists to witness history. Manjhi Sahib - Must-Visit Sightseeing Destination in Ludhiana Image Source
  2. Gurudwara Gurusar Sahib- Gurudwara Gurusar Sahib is also a temple that represents the visit of Guru Hargobind Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh. This gurudwara resides in a village called Lal Kalan, a town situated near Neelon Bridge on the banks of Sirhind Canal; on the way through Chandigarh to Ludhiana, you will find an Octagonal shaped room enclosed around this Gurudwara with the same styled sanctum. On the first floor, there is a Sarovar called Beri Sahib and Barota Sahib with great importance. It is a must-visit place for you, along with your family.
    Must-Visit Sightseeing Destination in Ludhiana-Gurudwara Gurusar Sahib
    Image Source
  3. Sri Machhiwara Sahib- Sri Machhiwara Sahib, is a growing city situated in Ludhiana district Punjab. The place Machhiwara is famous for Gurudwara and Temples and is very holy and peaceful as its essence is there from ancient times due to Religious beliefs and Hindi Shivala Bramchari associated with Pandavs of Dwaparyuga the time when Lord Krishna was with them.
    Top Attraction Place In Ludhiana-Sri Machhiwara Sahib
    Image Source
  4. Lodhi Fort- Lodhi Fort is a Royal fort of Ludhiana in the province of Punjab. Its local people call it Purana Qila or Old Fort as its structurally vast and fantastic. This fortification is under state protection and guarded against all sides. Some people hardly know about this fort’s legendary stories as it was first found and occupied by the Lodhi Dynasty. The pride ruler of Lodhi fort in Ludhiana was Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who was ruling and took care of this fort until his last breath. You can visit this place in Ludhiana to be delighted by its vast size and fortified walls still standing.
    Attraction Tourist Place In Ludhiana-Lodhi Fort-
    Image Source
  5. Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum- This museum in Ludhiana is having an extensive collection of India’s past and also contains monumental remains of the Kargil War and Ancient history brings about many stories about India and its cultural values, visiting here you might be delighted to know that how influential were the people of India.
    Top Tourist Place In Ludhiana-Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum

    Credit- Multinational Tourism Image Source

  6. Rakh Bagh Park- It is one of the marvelous places to visit in Ludhiana, a delightful place for kids and people who love to exercise. This park with greenery and foliage is famous for its toy train remade from the British era trains. It is an attraction for younger tourists visiting Ludhiana. This park is also a recreation center that is surrounded by tracks for bike riders. It consists of machines with which anyone can play. Rakh Bagh Park in Ludhiana also consists of food joints that the hungry stomach of guests, the green nurseries inside the park fills up by the weekends.
    Top Tour Place In Ludhiana-Rakh Bagh Park

    Credit- Multinational Tourism  Image Source

    Pavilion Mall- Pavilion Mall resides in Ludhiana’s city side, consisting of the highest-selling worldwide brands and everyday public items at a retail discounted price. It is a huge shopping center with a blend of the market, retail establishments, seven-screen multiplex theaters, and chilling points such as food court, kids zone, and cafes to spend your time. The seven-screen PVR cinemas are a more significant amusement at the shopping center, which is always a massive demand by Ludhiana customers and people. The Pavilion shopping center is situated close to the railroad station and transport stand.

  7. Country Olympics- Country Olympics at Qila Raipur Ludhiana is the place that celebrates most enjoyably than any other place on earth. Qila Raipur is a mind-blowing town that hugely adores sport, and amusement is unmatchable. This place is a little town that is found just 15 km away from Ludhiana’s city in Punjab, highlighting the colossal fields of wheat and mustard that stretch beyond the extent of your eyes. Its buttery and harmonious environment during the three days of lavish celebration of sports and festivals during February brightens up the city of Ludhiana. Qila Raipur is famous worldwide for its festival of rustic games and teaches a way of life in its function named as the Rural Olympics. This celebration is going on since 1933. The celebration is an artful culmination of all the games celebrations. The festival is an unusual yet excellent undertaking, where athletic sweethearts from all over herd by to observe the rush and activity. Alongside sports, one can likewise attend the festival of rustic Punjabi existence with versions of music and Punjabi society’s move.
    Best Visiting Place In Ludhiana-Country Olympics

    Photo by – harshrajsingh  Image Source

  8. World Amusement Park- Hardy’s World Amusement Park is the best sorted out places in Ludhiana, Punjab. This water-themed park can get your adrenaline pumped up with over 20 exhilarating rides like the roller coaster, sun & moon, pendulum, and motorcycle. This place is situated seven kilometers from Ludhiana. It is a significant themed water park in Punjab; it’s nestled over a large parkland area on the Ludhiana – Jalandhar Highway. It’s a frolic place with mostly wave pools and water slides around the home, not only that it has some famous rides like caterpillar ride, swinging chairs and superbikes that swish in the Air but also an Aqua pool with kids planet with rain dance and beautiful sprinklers and sprayers, it contains more than the words required to express this place so if you are going to Ludhiana you must check this out.
    Must Visit Place In Ludhiana-World Amusement Park

    Photo Credit- hardys world  Image Source

How To Travel To Ludhiana?

  • Via Road:- Ludhiana is connected with Punjab’s major cities like Amritsar, Chandigarh, Pathankot, Jalandhar, and Ambala by both PSRTC and private buses; also, there are Bus services available from other states like Himachal, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Jammu. As buses frequently run daily, road transportation in Ludhiana is quite convenient and accessible.
  • Via Air:- Chandigarh Airport, located around 100 km away from Ludhiana, serves as the nearest airport to Ludhiana, and The second nearest airport to Ludhiana is Amritsar Airport. Almost all airlines serve these two airports with daily flights, so it will be convenient to travel to these airports by Air then go to Ludhiana by bus.
  • Via Rail:- Ludhiana Serves regular trains from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Pathankot, and Lucknow with other major north Indian cities. one can quickly board a train from anywhere in India to reach Ludhiana. Every train has a halt at this Railway station.

Ludhiana is a destination that seems like a relief for every voyager looking for quality time from the ordinary metropolitan life and discovering asylum in its beautiful scenery. The city of Ludhiana provides places amid the rich green mountains and many historical monuments that exemplify this unique location. Hence, if you plan to visit Ludhiana as your next destination, you must try out the places in this article to make your trip an outstanding one.

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