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Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple (Matabari) Travel Guide : History, Construction, Timings, Festivals and FAQs for Tourist (2024)

Tripura is land to many Hindu Temples. One such famous temple is Tripura Sundari Temple, where Goddess Tripura Sundari is worshipped. Hindus believe that Tripura Sundari is the patron goddess and an aspect of Shakti.

About Tripura Sundari Temple : 

It is the Hindu temple of Goddess Tripura Sundari, also widely and locally known as Devi Tripureshwari. It is situated in Udaipur, around 55 Km from Agartala. It is one of the holiest Hindu temples in the region. The temple is also known by the name Matabari; this holy shrine is set on a small hill, and the shape of a hillock is similar to that of a hump of a tortoise (Kurma). This shape is called Kurmapṛṣṭhakṛti is believed as the holiest site for a Shakti temple, and so the name of Kurma Pitha. The traditional Brahmin priests perform the worship rituals. Tripura Sundari Temple

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The sacred shrine of Goddess Tripura Sundari is considered to be one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, and is believed that the little finger of the left leg of Sati (Hindu Goddess) fell here. The temple has two similar but different sized black stone idols of the Goddess. The larger idol of 5 feet height is of Goddess Tripura Sundari, and the smaller one, fondly called Chhoto-Ma (meaning Little Mother), is 2 feet tall and is the idol of Goddess Chandi. Legends say that the smaller idol was always carried by Tripura’s kings to the battlefield. The common prasadam served is Peda, and Red Hibiscus is offered to the main deity.

History & Construction of Tripura Sundari Temple:

The temple was built by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in 1501A.D. The temple consists of a square-shaped chamber in a typical Bengali hut structure having a conical dome. The Kalyan Sagar Lake on the eastern side of the temple is a very famous lake where huge sized fishes and tortoises can be seen and are fed puffed rice and biscuits. Fishing is prohibited in the Kalyan Sagar lake.

History & Construction of Tripura Sundari Temple, Tripura
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Tourist Attractions at Tripura Sundari Temple:

Besides the amazing architecture and beauty of this temple, the popular Diwali Mela that occurs every year on the occasion of Diwali near the temple attracts pilgrims and tourists in huge numbers.

General FAQ’s For Tourists Visiting Tripura Sundari or Matabari Temple:

Where is the Tripura Sundari Temple Located?

Matabari, Udaipur, Tripura 799013

What Is The Other Popular Name For The Tripura Sundari Temple in Udaipur, Tripura?


What are the Timings of the Tripura Sundari Temple?

What are the Timings of the Tripura Sundari Temple?
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Summers – 06:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Winters – 07:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Is There Any Entry Fee At Tripura Sundari Temple?


How To Reach Tripura Sundari Temple?

It can be reached by road or rail.

What Is Famous About The Tripura Sundari Temple?

What Is Famous About The Tripura Sundari Temple?
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Diwali mela that happens every year in October/November.

When was the Tripura Sundari Temple Built And By Whom?

Maharaja Dhanya Manikya built the temple in 1501A.D.

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