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12 Amazing Beach Destination in Virginia (2024)

The feeling of soaking your feet in sea waves or watching the glorious sunset is every beach lover’s dream. The beach stretches of Virginia hold an abundance of fun elements, and it’s your time to unfold the splendid beaches of Virginia.

Virginia is truly a couples place that throws significant vacation goals. Beaches of Virginia adds to the beauty of this exuberant holiday destination. Your every wish for a beach holiday will be granted in Virginia.

12 Amazing Beach Destination in Virginia

Whether it’s a romantic beach getaway or friends’ fun time, or a rejuvenating holiday with family, there is a beach for everyone with any holiday goals in Virginia.

1. Sandbridge Beach

If you are looking for a quaint beach to de-stress your mind from the hustle-bustle of the city, then Sandbridge beach must be your choice. This beach is ideal for a fun-filled family holiday. There are sea-facing accommodations for family, so they don’t miss the jaunty site of Sandbridge beach.

One can also visit False Cape State Park. This park is the home of beautiful birds and rare birds such as bald eagles, wild horses, etc. It’s an excellent combination of natural beauty and beaches.

The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuse is a must-visit while exploring the locality of this beach. The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuse is the home of migratory birds and other wildlife species.

2. Colonial Beach

This beach locality has something more significant to offer you. If you are an admirer of George Washington, this beach is perfect for collecting memories related to this great leader.

A national monument, the birthplace of George Washington, is located in the premise of the beach. Colonial beach is elegant and situated in the proximity of downtown.

Many fun elements in this beach amuse the visitors, such as a vast playground, bathhouse set, fishing pier long walk to the outskirts of the beach.

Amidst Monroe Bay and the Potomac River, Colonial Beach is the second-biggest beach in Virginia.

This sand stretch is greatly influenced by historical places, as you would find the great Scientist Alexander Graham Bell’s home within walking distance from the beach. Don’t forget to check out the nearby Colonial beach museum that showcases the town’s culture through its artefacts and antiques.

3. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach takes pride in offering a perfect blend of adventures and tranquillity to the visitors. No doubt Virginia Beach is the most loved and most famous beach in the town. Because it offers a high-end buzzing nightlife that gracefully contrasts the solace of spending time on this gorgeous beach. Virginia Beach’s surroundings hold attractive stimuli to visitors, whether it’s a romantic couple or a family with kids.

People enjoy the cultural mix of urban-rural experiences. Virginia beach’s locality has an excellent historical value. Virginia Beach is marked as a National Natural Landmark of the U.S. registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

4. Bethel Beach

Bethel beach is undoubtedly not recommended for you if you are looking for a beach just for relaxing and sunbathing. This beach has dozens of activities- attractions that may distract you from sitting on the shore and gazing at the gigantic sea. This beach is spread to 1.9 km of land.

Bethel beach gives the perfect setting for water activities like swimming, fishing, etc. And if you are done with watching waves of water, numerous birds are waiting for your glance. Yes, you heard it right, along with exciting activities, Bethel beach is famous for bird watching. There are around 180 species, such as black-bellied plovers, yellow-ramped warblers, etc., that you may capture from your camera lens or eye lens.

5. Cape Charles Beach

This beach in Virginia indeed throws some primary holiday goals for swimming lovers. The beachside seawater is not so deep that it provides a perfect seat for swimming. You would find people of all ages enjoying swimming, but you follow the cautions.

Cape Charles beach is located on the eastern shore of Virginia, and the beach and whole Cape Charles beach look like a living history back from 1800 times. When you get free from the beach, a walk to the town will surely take you to the flashback from the 80’s movies. For more vigorous activities, choose hiking and camping. You may have a fantastic experience of bird and butterfly watching at Kiptopeke State Park.

6. Chesapeake Beach

Also famous as Chic’s beach, The Chesapeake beach is a peaceful sandy beach in Virginia. This beach embarks about its locality more and is an excellent example of local feeling in the beach. The Chesapeake beach offers engaging activities like dolphin’s games, swimming, etc. In the nearby distance, there is Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

You can go for a walk to explore the locality of Chesapeake Beach. Splashing through the waves of the sea, watching the sunset are favourite activities of visitors of Chesapeake beach.

7. Buckroe Beach

To spend a full day picnic at Buckroe beach, you must check out the adventurous sports. Either book a Kayak or Jets Ki, the beach set up is all equipped to entertain the visitors. This beach is located in Coastal Virginia, at Hampton. If you can’t make it to Virginia Beach, then choose Buckroe beach to enjoy the same experience.

Surfing at Buckroe beach is relatively smooth, and it’s less crowded than Virginia Beach. Buckroe beach shows spectacular views of Chesapeake Bay. Other activities at this beach include watching the sunset, gazing at beach life, observing the diversity of the ocean, etc.

8. Ocean View Beach

Ocean View beach means a good beach holiday amalgamated with good food. This beach is for nature lovers, beach lovers, and food lovers. There are some fine restaurants where you can enjoy tasteful food. This beach is equipped with amenities such as parking facilities, hotels, café, beach access, etc. One can choose Ocean View beach in Virginia for a family fun holiday. Sandcastle making, swimming, beachcombing are some regular activities of beach comers. In the proximity of Ocean View beach, there is Ocean View park. You can have a good time here as this park has picnic tables as well as a bathhouse.

9. Smith Mountain Lake Beach

The Smith Mountain Lake is the second largest lake in Virginia. This beach is most famous in Virginia for its activities and picturesque views. This freshwater beach offers many water sports for visitors. One can enjoy jet skiing, fishing, and boating, etc. A cottage community surrounds this beach, and it has a public fishing pier. Along with the fun at the beach, you can enjoy other activities like camping and enjoying the hammock.

10. Jamestown Beach

Include a visit to Jamestown beach if you have planned a holiday to explore Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and this fantastic beach will surely make the holiday memorable. This beach-holiday comes with a combination of visiting historic Jamestown town. You can enjoy this beach with your family. This beach includes a park, picnic area, shaded areas, and other amenities. The beach is kept very clean and experiences less crowd than other beaches. Watching the sunset and sunbathing are some of the regular activities of visitors.

11. Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateague Island is the beautiful National park of Virginia that attracts tourists. Some part of this island is located in Maryland. This seashore is incredible, and the wildlife park is the major attraction for tourists besides the beach. This park has plenty of attractive wildlife species such as seabirds, marshes, wild horses, bald eagles, etc.

Assateague Island is well-known among visitors for Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Other major attractions of this place are lighthouses. This Assateague Island National Seashore beach has stunning lighthouses that provide picturesque views of the sea and the Island Park.

12. Croatan Beach

If surfing is your love, then Croatan beach is the destination. This beach provides an ideal environment for surfers, and the area remains protected with lifeguards. Croatan is famous as the location where East Coast Surfing Championship is held.

At Croatan, there are two surfing areas. One on the north side of the beach and the other on the south. This whole beach remains flooded with surfers. One can learn surfing here from the professionals. There are many surfing camps on the premises of the beach that give knowledge and training about surfing. The north side of Croatan beach is Camp Pendleton, while on the south side is Rudee Inlet.

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