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10 Virginia Cities You Are Going To Love (2023)

Virginia is a couple’s paradise. This state of U.S. has an exquisite collection of cities with picturesque views, fun places for day picnics, historical localities to excite history buffs, vibrant market places and ravishing river rides. The cities of Virginia are so charming that you will fall in love with them instantly.

10 Virginia Cities You Are Going To Love

Let’s discover the beauty that the cities of Virginia hold that would help you plan your next trip to these splendid cities of Virginia.

1. Norfolk City

Norfolk is best known as the home of the world’s largest naval station. But when it’s about tourism, this city holds ample treasure for tourists to explore. Whether you are exploring the regional market or art museum, Norfolk showcases what a happening life looks like. Norfolk is surrounded by alluring places like Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Norfolk holds the title of third most populous city of Virginia. For its leverages coastlines and historical and cultural heritage, Norfolk is loved by visitors.

Major Attractions:

  • Water sports lovers are welcomed at the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. One can enjoy surfing, fishing, and boating here.
  • Museum-lovers have their wish granted, as Norfolk city offers the best of art compiled in Chrysler Museum of Art. This art museum is listed in the 20 best art museums in the United States.
  • Shopaholic people have a vibrant marketplace waiting in this City of Virginia. There are plenty of shopping malls that sell unique and interesting stuff, and Waterside Festival Marketplace is a must-visit to explore the market life of Norfolk.
  • Norfolk city is much loved for Virginia Opera, Chrysler Hall, Broadway Shows, and fine dine-restaurants.

2. Richmond City

No tourist can make the mistake of planning a trip to Virginia without including Richmond. Being in Richmond means being at the top historical family destination in the USA. Richmond is a rich-in-culture city that has great historical significance. The humid subtropical climate of Richmond makes it ideal for traveling in winters. This city has numerous museums that are open for public visits. Richmond is famous as the first city that commercializes canned beer sales in the year 1935. Being a foodie city, Richmond offers a variety of delightful food to its hosts. ‘Sailor sandwich’ is the special food item of Richmond.

Richmond City Virginia

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Major Attractions:

  • 17th Street Farmer’s market is the perfect place to see the vibrant side of the city.
  • Have a round of Cary town and please your appetite with a sumptuous dinner at ‘Galaxy Diner.’ This is a prize-winner dining place in Virginia.
  • You can choose a canoe round at James River for a romantic getaway.
  • There are plenty of options available at Richmond to quench the thirst for gallery and museum getaways. Such as the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, Byrd Theatre, Richmond Ballet, Virginia Museum of Fine arts.
  • To make your Richmond outing with the family memorable, choose spots like Marymount Park, Jefferson hotel.

3. Chesapeake City

This City of Virginia has nestled South Hampton Roads, and it’s a hiking paradise. Chesapeake is beautifully crafted with forests, urban areas, farmlands, rural villages, wetlands, and National wildlife refuge. If you are looking for natural recreation for yourself, then you will not be disappointed by visiting Chesapeake city.

Major Attractions:

  • Indulge in outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking, and camping. This city has an abundance of getaways where you feel close to nature.
  • The city market has exuberant dining and shopping options.
  • Don’t miss visiting Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge to make your trip memorable.

4. Lynchburg City

On the banks of James River, there is an enchanting City of seven hills called Lynchburg. The sightseeing of Lynchburg showcases the rich heritage of its culture, and this city is well known for its art, shows and concerts. Though it’s a majorly attracting history-lover tourists, this city has a lot to offer to adventurous tourists.

Major Attractions:

  • One must pick a visit to Amazement square is accompanied by kids and family.
  • The James river Blackwater heritage trail offers a fascinating experience for bikers. One can choose the river walk or the creek bikeway to explore the city’s adventures.
  • A getaway to the Crabtree falls you insanely fall in love with this city. The refreshing splashes of cascading waterfalls amidst The Priest and Three Ridges give an ultimate holiday experience.
  • The Academy of fine arts and Appomattox Co. Historical Museum, Legacy Museum of African-American history is a must-visit for history lovers.

5. Arlington City

Arlington National Cemetery gives tourists ample opportunity to experience the modern life of Arlington city, being inspired by the town’s historical value. Several memorials present in Arlington city have the national interest, such as the grave of former President John F. Kennedy.

Major Attractions:

  • The most prominent reason to visit Arlington is its food. Dine in any restaurant in the city market, and you will serve the lip-smashing food.
  • Bikers must choose this city for an adventurous affair with their bikes on Arlington’s W and OD trails. Hiking is another option to explore this trail.

6. Newport News city

Newport News city is the seat of all the adventures for which tourists choose Virginia. Newport News has an intimate relation with history and holds incredible outdoor wonders. This city is the best entertainment for the people who want to fall in love with this place after enjoying enthusiastic adventures at Newport News. Newport News city is in proximity of exotic Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. You can choose either one for ultimate sporting fun.

Major Attractions:

  • Fort Eustis is a nice day getaway of Newport News city when accompanied by kids and family.
  • Living Museum, Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Centre, and Mariner’s museums are other places you must visit in Virginia.
  • History passionate will get assistance at End View Plantation and Lee Hall Mansion because reality speaks louder than the history books.

7. Roanoke City

This city is like a bundle of joy. Roanoke is a modern city amused with fun and adventures. The city market and all the famous restaurants are located in the city’s heart. All the tourist places have an easy approach to the market. Roanoke is a city of celebrations. A dull moment can’t be there in Roanoke city as it’s full of festivals and fairs.

Major Attractions:

  • The major attraction of Roanoke city is Mill Mountain Zoo and the Virginia Museum of Transportation. Both places are exciting and perfect for an adventurous getaway with the family.
  • The History Museum of Western Virginia is a paradise for the history buffs.
  • Plan your Roanoke trip during famous fairs and festivals of Roanoke like Strawberry Festival, Dickens of a Christmas, Kite Festival, AEP festival, and there are a lot more on the list. Surely you will encounter one during your visit to Roanoke.
  • Tubman Museum of Art, Elmwood Park, and the market gallery are beautiful places to explore.

8. Harrisonburg City

Harrisonburg city is nestled amid the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. This place is best for the people who love the outdoor sites and natural views. Harrisonburg city is mostly known for its link with the Civil war history. For the history peps, Hardesty-Higgins House visitor center is the best getaway around the city.

Major Attractions:

  • More Discovery Museum, Virginia Quilt museums are the major museum attractions in Harrisonburg city.
  • You must explore the walk-around vineyard at Cross keys Vineyards or Bluestone Vineyard for an extremely new experience.
  • Nature lovers have an abundance of spots to get along at Harrisonburg city. An adventurous trip to Shenandoah National park, Allegheny mountains is a super-fun idea.

9. Suffolk City

The streets of Suffolk are a major attraction for dining and shopping. Visitors who love to get along with the hustle-bustle of the market or want to see the enchanting nightlife of the city, then Suffolk is a wish come true. Suffolk is mainly known for its entertaining events. Suffolk peanut festival is most popular festival among the visitors. This festival is full of interesting family fun games and events. Visitors enjoy themselves in the contests, competitions, concerts, rides of this festival.

Major Attractions:

  • The Harper’s Table, Constant’s Wharf are some of the places where one can enjoy his time and explore the experiences this city offers.
  • The city market has dozens of vendors selling crafts, homemade condiments, and alluring blooms.
  • Reveal the history of Suffolk city by visiting the Riddick Folly House Museum.
  • Suffolk museum and planters peanut center are some extremely beautiful places to visit in this city.

10. Alexandria City

This city is all about flowers, fragrance, and eating points. This place’s architecture, culture, and art are amazing, and you will fall in love with the city instantly. Alexandria is settled on the south of Washington DC on the bank of Potomac river. This pristine city has historical buildings of 18th and 19th century that embarks its historical worth. There are alignment of boutiques and specialty shops that enhance the beauty of this city.

Major Attractions:

  • Art galleries such as Birchmere Music Hall and Torpedo Factory Art have some amazing art pieces.
  • There are many fun spots like Graveyard tour and city with a ghost for spending an entertaining day at Alexandria city.
  • For a perfect day getaway, try out Alexandria’s Potomac River cruises that are equipped with amazing restaurants, exotic shopping complexes, and eye-soothing views.

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