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3 stars Brewing - Fun Things To Do For A Fun Nightlife in Washington DC

8 Fun Things To Do For A Fun Nightlife in Washington DC (2024)

Nightlife in Washington DC

Washington DC is way more than just politics and museums. Of course, rusted monuments and historical figures showcase a side of the importance of this city, there are a lot more things to explore. This is because Washington DC has an energetic nightlife, so as to entertain the tourists, students, and of course the residents. The nightlife options range from rooftop lounges to shadier bars and live music! It has a multitude of options, and you are in for something special, wherever your interests lie!

So here, are a few things you can do to have a fun Nightlife in Washington DC:

1. Bars

Washington DC really is a fast city, with very high stress and pressure rate for most of its residents. It is the capital and has a very important vibe, and thus, if one finds any free time, you can probably find them in a happy hour corner. If you are near one of the happier and more cheerful areas like Adams, Georgetown, H Street or Morgan, then there is a huge concentration of bars for you to choose from. Thus, to grab a drink, you could just take a walk in the neighborhood, and you could just get into any one of those, and have a great time!

Nightlife in Washington DC-BarsImage Source

2. Breweries

Chilled beer is basically preferred by a group of friends who are meeting. The beautiful thing about Washington DC is that it has legal craft breweries throughout the city. Thus, you will have a myriad of choices when it comes to beer, which includes local beer as well as imported or exotic flavors. Thus, it is the house for all kinds of beer! Some of the more common places to go for beer are as follows:

3 stars Brewing: This is at Manor Park. It even has beer tasting, and holds trivia nights on Tuesdays!

3 stars Brewing - Fun Things To Do For A Fun Nightlife in Washington DC

Image Source

Bardo: This is an outdoor place, near the Nationals stadium, facing the river. Of course, as it is outdoors, it is only open on warm days.

Sauf Haus: This is a European style place, that is surrounded by more places of similar style!

3. Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars are one of the most interesting choices when it comes to spending a wonderfully comfortable evening. There are multiple rooftop bars, those face monuments and historical buildings, giving off a regal view of cherry trees and other authentic Washington scenes. A few interesting places to visit are as follows:

Nightlife in Washington DC-Rooftop Bars

Photo By Anna Meyer  Image Source

El Techo: This is a rooftop bar with a Latino ambiance, that sells some wonderful sweet margaritas. It also sells Tacos and their cocktails are all coated with syrup that is homemade.

Crimson View: This is a penthouse bar and it is located at the Pod DC. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a sunset. It serves beer, cocktails, wine, oysters, and other snacks, along with the beverages.

4. Gay Bars

Washington is the home of one of the largest LGBTQ+ population. It would be wonderful because you can find an excellent way to experience, amidst your nightlife in Washington DC, that is more towards this community. You could go to a drag show, or some casual drinking and dancing! Nellie’s sports bar and JR’s bar are two of the places that are quite popular for this!

5. Clubs

Like the numerous bars of a different variety, in and around the district, nightlife in Washington DC is simply incomplete without the clubs. These clubs are known to play a variety of music, ranging from Latin, EDM, R&B, reggae, and much more. The following, are few of the well-known clubs:

U Street Music Hall

This is an underground club. It has some incredible night events, and the plus point is that some of the events are such that people under 21 are also allowed to enter! This is a great place to go to enjoy some wholesome music and see the other side of Washington.

Ultra Bar

This is a very active and exciting club, with almost five floors! It has light shows and is complete with six full-service bars. You can also reserve tables here, to opt for on table bottle service.


This is one of the most well-known clubs in the district. It is a multi-story club, where each floor is actually for a different kind of music, based on time! It has something for everyone- the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and modern genres! It also has the rooftop open for days that are warmer. This is truly ‘one of a kind experience’, and you must visit it if you are a music lover.

Nightlife in Washington DC-DecadesImage Source

6. Live Music

Being one of the largest cities, this is simply one of the best places to actually enjoy Live Music. You could choose the place according to your taste in music, or choice of artist or simply based on its vibe! The following are some of the well-known live music places!

9:30 Club: This is one of the best places and is known as a landmark there. It has some of the best artists in the indie-genre performing, and you should check if your favorite artists are playing there! It has a beautiful vibe, and you are sure to love it!

Amazing Nightlife in Washington DC-Live Music

Photograph: Supplied  Image Source

Black Cat: This is a place that is really interesting. It has both local and national artists playing, and it often hosts some really big names like The Strokes and others.

Nightlife in Washington DC-Black CatImage Source

Blues Alley: This is one of the jazz bars that have been running for a really long time. It often hosts some world-renowned artists from all over the world. There is a beautiful restaurant that you can enjoy while listening to music, which makes the ambiance even more favorable.

Top Nightlife in Washington DC-Blues Alley

Photo by Zhang Yu  Image Source

7. Comedy Clubs

Washington DC has some of the nation’s best comedy clubs. These clubs give a myriad of shows, starting from comics who are just beginning to shine, to the comedians who are known internationally. The quality is great, and if you’re a comic who’s starting up, you too should be joining and participating in the Open Mics!

DC Improv: This is a classic place of laughs in the district and it offers the stage to some of the biggest names in the comedy industry. It also does improv classes and you could give it a try if you are interested!

Comedy Clubs Nightlife in Washington DC

Credit : Natalie McGill  Image Source

Underground Comedy at The Big Hunt: This place mostly takes in local performers, and is a stepping stone to success for many world-renowned comedians!

Underground Comedy at The Big Hunt in Washington DC

Photo By The Big Hunt  Image Source

The Magic Duel: This place offers a unique experience, as you would be able to see a super funny conversation between magicians on stage. It is known to be one of the peak levels of comedy in the district and if you are a fan, you should definitely not miss this one.

8. A Multitude of Events

Nightlife in Washington DC is bound to be more interesting, as it is the capital, which means it has both historical and metropolitical significance. There are a multitude of events and festivals that the city hosts, which call for celebrations and parties!

9. The Broccoli City Festival

This is a celebration of food and music. It allows you to enjoy, while at the same time leave your mark for a cause. It is a sustainable event that helps you with different things. It is an extremely huge crowd maker and stands out as one of the biggest festivals!

10. Oktoberfest

This happens around September. It happens all around the city, and the Munich festival is celebrated with much vigor. The biggest attraction of this festival is the chilled German Beer. It has a European touch to it too, and might be a great visit, for anyone interested to know more!

Oktoberfest in Washington DC

Photo by: Senior Airman Samuel Earick  Image Source

11. DC Jazz

As the live music points out, this district is known for its Jazz. This festival actually brings in many free concerts too! So, if you are a fan, make sure you attend this, as it would be a great experience!

Thus, there is plenty to do, in Washington DC at night. It may be known as the district where only bills pass into laws, but in reality, it has its own crazy wild side! So, what are you waiting for? Have the best nightlife in Washington DC! Go to some bars, chill in a few nightclubs, drink some cocktails and beer and dance your nights away in a club! That city has much more to offer, that some history because it is a true example of how the old meets the new!

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