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Go Horseback Riding In The Heart Of The City - Non-Touristy Experiences in Washington DC That One Must Not Miss

13 Non-Touristy Experiences in Washington DC That One Must Not Miss (2024)

Washington DC being the lively city, it has loads of adventures and destinations to offer. Even so, residents and travelers often can’t decide what to do on weekends and vacations. Tourists must, at times, need to take a break from regular trips to monuments and historical places, especially when in D.C. When you visit the capital of the most happening country in the world, you must get out of the typical scene of tourism.

A lot is there for you to experience, and the craziest moments await you. Most places can be accessed by trains, but some may require hiring a taxi or riding your car.

Dip your hand in this bucket-list of Experiences in Washington D.C., and plenty of options for your exciting trip to D.C. will pop up!

13 Non-Touristy Experiences in Washington DC That One Must Not Miss

1. Go Horseback Riding In The Heart Of The City

Wandering on a gentle mountain, the Rock Creek Area are nature lovers and horseback riding adventurers. It has been a soothing haven for Washington residents since its establishment in 1890, with miles of parks, treks and walking paths along its lush green borders and 13 miles of rough and rusty roads. Join your Rock Creek Park Horse Center on a convenient and walking trail or go to a riding lesson. The Center provides guided tours, which do not include riding or riding instruction at all levels of ability, from beginner to professional.

Go Horseback Riding In The Heart Of The City - Non-Touristy Experiences in Washington DC That One Must Not Miss

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2. Grab A Chance To See The Mighty Halls Of The City

The two most powerful sessions of the U.S. Congress and The Supreme Court of the U.S. allow visitors to witness their proceedings with limited seating offered on a first-come basis. You will be allowed to witness the history being made if you are that lucky. In these oral hearings, the judges, clerks, and lawyers meet bar leaders, journalists, celebrity guests, and the audience. No other country has offered this chance to the general public and visitors, which makes it one of the unique Experiences in Washington D.C.

Grab A Chance To See The Mighty Halls Of The City, Washington DCImage Source

3. Whip Out Your Pockets and Buy Tickets To The 9:30 Club

This entertainment space is a paradise for electronic music enthusiasts, as loads of rock music professionals have performed on the platform, and many recent discoveries such as Melanie Martinez have been played here. And if you’re into music, as top musicians sing, visitors love to groove along. You’d have access to a selection of filling beers, soft drinks and bites if available. To avoid the sold-out sign, try making reservations for iconic activities early to get a feel of this non-touristy experience in Washington DC.

Whip Out Your Pockets and Buy Tickets To The 9:30 Club, Washington DCImage Source

4. Learn About Drugs At The Drug Enforcement Agency Museum

Officials at the DEA Museum give student community visits and services. For teams of more than 15 members, you must book in advance. A photo I.D. is mandatory for visitors of 18 and older. Museum entertains inquiries between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The exhibitions are structured to break into teams of 40 or even less for tours of the DEA Museum and Visitor Centre at Washington DC. The entrance to the museums is not chargeable. Visitors 10 years of age and above are welcome to the exhibition.

Visitors can know all about narco-terrorism, opium cartels, overdose stories and much more.

5. Say Springggggg at the National Cherry Blossom Festival

It would be best if you visited Washington D.C. this spring to see the cherry trees blossom and flower; such a beautiful treat to the eyes it is! These gorgeous flowering trees are a glimpse of an explosion of vivid, rose colors that reflect rosy highlights on the waters. However, this magnificent blooming cherry flower is only the starting as its arrival is a party for the city, and the yearly Cherry Blossom Festival brings three weeks of enthusiasm.

Say Springggggg at the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC

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6. Burst Out Your Anger Issues At Armored Combat League

Join this full-force sport to satisfy your anger with modern protective rules. ACL is an extraordinary event, where fighters armor-clad compete in the war zone in heavy combat. Participants in this process suffer from one-on-one to seventeen party struggles. ACL preparation is rigorous and fulfilling by extreme physical training, breaking stamina boundaries, and battling at the individual and team levels.

7. Spend Some Shakespeare Time At The Folger Shakespeare Library

The Folger Shakespeare Library gives tourists, pupils, teachers as well as academics a resource to have more extensive knowledge. A vast number of Shakespeare’s most famous works are on show, the only origin for eighteen of his stories, including Julius Caesar and Macbeth. There are many games, puzzles, drawing platforms and student tools based on Shakespeare for kids. Folger Shakespeare’s Library houses even the Elizabethan Theatre, an elegant indoor platform where tourists can see plays, concerts, and other activities from Shakespeare’s time in a natural setting.

Spend Some Shakespeare Time At The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DCImage Source

8. Watch The Ladies Go For It At D.C. Roller Derby Scrimmage!

Tourists will surely have loads of fun and excitement at this perfect day trip involving family day public roller skating and roller derby scrimmage. The scrimmage costs $10 and runs for two rounds of 30 minutes. Roller Derby sport/event is among the widely popular Experiences in Washington D.C.

9. Spend Beery Noon At Some Brewery

If you’re in Washington and don’t enjoy beer, it may be a mistake, but you can always go back to any brewery at day time and make up for it. When talking about beer in D.C., many open-air beer shops and local breweries offer limitless fun and gourmet snacks. The culture of the brewery is an integral part of the city’s culture and is a great stress reliever, especially during a happy hour when the prices are meager.

Also, having brunch in town is among the ‘D.C.’ things to do on the weekend in the morning. While brunch is not unique to D.C., there are many international choices and fusion possibilities.

Spend Beery Noon At Some Brewery, Washington DCImage Source

10. Do Post-Hunt in D.C.

In the Washington Post each year, Hunters try to locate answers and solve mysteries across Washington DC. Involve yourself in an exciting and fun-for-readers activity. The Post Hunt was co-created by Columnist Dave Barry and Tom Shroder. The Post Hunt was first released in 2008. On 22 May 2016, the new hunt was conducted. The Washington Post publication organized a Hunt in downtown Washington DC, with about 5,000 people in attendance, including several hundred from South Florida.

11. Treat Yourself With A Pizza at a Rooftop Beach

Working on Thursdays, a trendy Italian restaurant is located in a two-story hotel with a 35-seat roof arrangement, which has a growing selection of bars/restaurants around. The 100-seater area will initially be opened for dinner and will continue all day in the following months.

The chef, Adam Harvey, recreates the delicacies of pizzas, the famous food of Naples, with a twist of stuffing, basil, tangy marinara, and mozzarella. These are deep-fried, so the mozzarella on the Center melts, and the outer layer is crisp and hot.

Uh-huh! Don’t forget to get the name of the restaurant right, It’s Little Coco’s!

Treat Yourself With A Pizza at a Rooftop Beach, Washington DCImage Source

12. Celebrate Your Birthday at Barmini by José Andrés

On birthdays, the place treats you with a little sandwich ice cream with sprinkled gold flakes all over it, of course, edible gold. So, you can eat gold on your special occasion.

Barmini is the cocktail workshop by José Andrés, which celebrates classic and contemporary cocktails. Barmini is D.C.’s first drink spot with a menu of over 100 delicacies, as well as experience-based and imaginative snacks. Chefs and barmen work together, and tradition meets creativity. This is a teaching center.

13. Witness Burning Man in D.C.

All about engaging people, Burning Man is about becoming completely interactive, says Nora Atkinson. If visitors don’t stop at social media’s eye-opening site, it could encourage museum people to understand a shared intelligence linked with human imagination.

Witness Burning Man in D.C, Washington DC

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The Burning Man is a local cultural event held each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, where large-scale facilities in a temporary, human-made desert City are constructed, celebrated, and often burned ritualistically. You will feel the atmosphere of a festival with the display in Renwick, which takes place millions of kilometers away, without leaving D.C.


If you’re looking to do something non-touristy and more like a resident, these events and Experiences in Washington D.C. are the best to choose. Dig in the official websites and know more about these exciting thrills.

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