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How To Make An Entry Into The White House

Visit The White House: U.S.’s Most Historical Landmark (2024)

How Did The White House Become So Significant?

The White House is widely recognized as the authoritative structure for the President of the United States of America. It was designed back in the 1790s by an Irish-born architect named James Hoban. The design of the White House was reconstructed in the year 1814 after a British assault. Under the sovereignty of the legendary President Theodore Roosevelt, the President’s house went through many modifications in the early 1900s. For that reason, the White House in the United States was legitimately got its name during the 26th President Theodore Roosevelt and assisting by Harry Truman after the Second World War. Focusing on the Rose Garden and the Oval Office as its prominent features, it had stayed as the sole private property of the head, which is within reach of the ordinary people free of cost.

How To Make An Entry Into The White House?

Planning the tickets for accessing The White House can be challenging if you do not book your place in advance. Booking or reserving this site is decided very early before planning a trip with your kith and kin. Besides, the White House in Washington has organized long-lasting customs, such as the yearly Easter Egg Roll and meaningful events such as the nuclear arms pact with Russia in the year 1987. 

The Interiors Of This Delightful Attraction

The White House in Washington, D.C., is a historical landmark which roughly covers 55,000 square feet and has a total of more than 130 rooms like a building complex. Interestingly, the famous white house took nearly 570 gallons of paint for renovation, and the asking price was more than $85,000. The building still has presidential living quarters and other reception rooms, all designed in typical 18th and 19th-century styles. The west’s terrace is used as a press briefing room and the east terrace house as a movie theatre. The head of the state’s office is actually the Oval office is located in the West Wing. Along with the cabinet and press rooms, the east wing is comprised of various other departments.

The Interiors Of This Delightful Attraction in White House, United States of America

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Past many decades, the White House in the United States has been such a thrilling and historic site that is visited by more than 1.5 visitors every year. The Pennsylvania Avenue sector at the front of the White House was shut down in 1995 for the vehicles due to the fear regarding the terrorist acts. That particular spot is now crowded with loads of pedestrians and skaters.

Some Surprising Guidelines While Visiting The White House:

  1. Make sure that you enter inside the White House a few minutes early as per your programmed expedition.
  2. The guests coming to the white house who are 18 and above must carry a state-authorized photo identity card with them. This type of I.D.s can be either a passport, driving license or any official members’ card.
  3. For photography purposes, the tourists can come with a camera and other items such as an umbrella, wheelchairs and automatic scooters.
  4. Luckily, the cell phones are legal within the White House, but they need to be in the silent mode.
  5. The activities related to video recordings, taking pictures using flash and texting are not allowed by the rules.
  6. The catalog of forbidden objects comprises of food, alcohol or any drink, tobacco items and bags/purses.
  7. It is advised to the White House guests to come via metro or old town trolley services as the parking space is relatively limited, and most of the car parking area is meant for the authorized personnel only.
  8. Being a suspected target for the notorious terrorist group Al Qaeda at the time of the 9/11 attacks, the state declared the White House building as a no-fly zone of about 10 miles away for its security.
  9. The Washington airspace is bordered with a laser caution arrangement, and if the pilot flying an aircraft tries to pierce and passes over the restricted area, then the fighter jets around will shepherd the pilot to the close by the airstrip and take some legal actions against him. Consequently, there would be no option of entering the white house by means of a helicopter or chopper.

Famous Sites To Visit During Their Vacation In Washington D.C. 

1. The Capital Grille

A few minutes away from the White House, the Capital Grille concludes the entire day of the viewers with a perfect dinner, thrilling viewpoints of the city and splendid outings to get away from all the stress and worries of life. The restaurant nearby offers a variety of food times on the menu that includes seafood, steaks, colorful salads and cocktail snack.

2. The National Zoo

The entry to the National Zoo is free of cost for the people coming there. The zoo is also well-known for being one of the alleged zoos with more than 2000 varieties of animals of 400 species. The national zoo stretches about 163 acres, and it is positioned in the center of Washington, DC. Exploring this fantastic spot for a couple of hours can bring a smile over your kid’s faces along with you. Here you can stare at animals such as Giant Panda, Cheetahs, Asian Elephants, Gray Wolves, Sloth Bears, Lions, Eagles, Great Apes, and so on.

3. The White House China Room

The China Room of the White House is just close to the Map Room on the resident’s ground floor. It was nominated by the first lady Edith Wilson in 1917 to endure by the President’s headquarters of mounting collected works of state China as per the White House Museum. On the ground floor of the building, you can see the compilation of gold silver-coated crockery in the Vermeil Room at the side of the China Room.

Amazing Place To Visit During Their Vacation In Washington D.C.-The White House China Room

Image Source Credit: Robert Knudsen. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

FAQ’S About The Expedition Of The White House

1. Can The Visitors Of The White House Tour The Pentagon As Well?

Ans. The Pentagon Tour is open for the entire year, but the reservation for accessing it mustbe made in advance. The tour is directed from Monday to Thursday, keeping out the national holidays. The timings of the journey for the Pentagon are from 10 AM to 4 PM.

2. Where Can The Visitors Save Their Possessions That Are Not Permitted To Be Taken Inside The White House?


As we discussed in the points mentioned earlier, how the White House building is an extremely high-security area; therefore, it is strongly advised for its guests to leave the belongings in their respective rooms at the time of the trip. The belongings can also be stored at the baggage lockers, which are available in the Union Station. The accessibility of the lockers is between the time span of 6 AM to 10 PM. The price range for each bag or luggage is dependent on the size. Rates are around $3 to $6 specifically.  The White House tour can be better if you hire a guide for the entire group.

3. How Much Time Would It Take To Cover The Entire White House Without A Tour Guide’s Supervision?

Ans. The journey would take about half an hour to get completed in the absence of a guide as there are so many rooms in the White House, but only a few are showcased to the visitants as the entertainment sources. The tourists ought to bring a smart appearance inside the White House building. For instance, carrying a polo shirt and denim jeans would be a great choice, and it would also be a cozy outfit.

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