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Coonoor - Top-Rated Weekend Destination From Coimbatore

5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Coimbatore (2024)

Often known as the ‘Manchester of South India,’ Coimbatore is an important city in Tamil Nadu. This beautiful city is nestled away in the Western Ghats and lies on the banks of the River Noyyal. Coimbatore is a must-see place and a very popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. Sometimes also known as Kovai or Covai, Coimbatore is the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu and has a rich cultural and religious past. From ancient temples to magnificent waterfalls, there are many breathtaking places to visit in Coimbatore. For people who live in Coimbatore, there are many exciting places to visit nearby if you are planning a weekend getaway. Here are some of the most interesting sites you can visit during the weekend if you are in Coimbatore.

5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Coimbatore

1. Coonoor

The nearest weekend destination from Coimbatore is the breathtakingly beautiful town of Coonoor. What is Coonoor famous for? Known for its beauty, Coonoor is one of the three hill stations in the Nilgiri mountain range. Coonoor is also the second biggest hill station in the Western Ghats, located at an altitude of 1930 meters. Coonoor is also a stone’s throw from another famous hill station – Ooty. With slopes of tea plantations all around and perfect chilly weather throughout the year, Coonoor is the ideal summer getaway. This also means that many locals from Coimbatore often throng to Coonoor during the summer vacations. 

Coonoor offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Nilgiri Hills and Catherine Falls, one of the major tourist attractions of this place. This dreamy destination is known for its lush greenery, the manicured tea plantations, unique sceneries, and it also gives you a taste of the exquisite Colonial culture.  Coonoor, Sim's Park - Top-Rated Weekend Destination From Coimbatore

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What are the best places to see in Coonoor? Some of the best places to visit in Coonoor include Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose, Law’s Falls, Rallia Dam, Ketti Valley, the Hidden Valley, Lamb’s Rock, Highfield Tea Estate, Droog Fort, and St. George’s Church. 

When is the best time to visit Coonoor? The best time to plan a weekend getaway to Coonoor is October to March, which is usually the winter season in the hill stations. The climate will be cold and pleasant during these months, drawing nature lover and adventure buffs to this hill station. These months also offer the best getaway from the scorching summer heat.

A great idea is to visit this place when the annual Tea and Tourism Festival is held in January. This festival attracts tea connoisseurs from all over the world to Coonoor, and you will get to witness one of the biggest varieties of teas kept on display for sale and tasting. There are many local dance and music performances that also form part of this festival, which takes place over three days. 

But how far away is Coonoor from Coimbatore? Coonoor is just 68 kilometers from Coimbatore and you can easily reach the place within an hour and a half.

2. Ooty

Another beautiful and popular weekend destination from Coimbatore is Ooty or the Queen of the Nilgiris. Ooty is just 84 kilometers away from Coimbatore, making for a quick getaway. Also called Udagamandalam, Ooty is a renowned hill station in Tamil Nadu and is considered to be one of the most top-rated tourist destinations in India. In fact, Ooty was once known to be the summer headquarters of the East India Company. 

What is Ooty famous for? This picturesque town is renowned for its well-manicured tea gardens, majestic waterfalls, beautiful winding country lanes, and its charming old-world colonial architecture. Ooty is the perfect weekend respite for anyone. Not only is this hill station popular with couples, but many families head here to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The biggest draw for tourists is the breathtaking panoramic views of the Nilgiri Mountains. 

Top-Rated Weekend Destination From Coimbatore-Ooty, Nilgiri Mountain Railway
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Ooty is also famous for the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which has the steepest track in all of Asia. The fantastic views that you see as the picturesque train chugs along will prove to be a once in a lifetime experience for all. What are the top attractions in Ooty? Apart from Nilgiri Mountain Railway, some of the other famous sites of Ooty include the Ooty Lake, Emerald Lake, Ooty Botanical Gardens, the Avalanche Lake, the Ooty Rose Garden, and the Doddabetta Peak. There is also a unique Thread Garden in Ooty, where all the flowers are handmade from just thread. If you are in Ooty for the weekend, then a visit to the Thread Garden will prove to be well worth your time. 

What is the best time to visit Ooty? There is no particular time to visit Ooty as the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, and it is always the perfect time for sightseeing in Ooty. You can even visit Ooty during the monsoons if you don’t mind the rains. The rain-washed Nilgiri Mountains are a sight to behold forever.

3. Malampuzha in Kerala

Located just 63 kilometers from Coimbatore, many people find Malampuzha to be the perfect weekend getaway. What is Malampuzha known for? Many people often don’t know about the beauty of Malampuzha and wonder whether the trip will be worth it. Malampuzha is famous for its reservoirs, dams, and abundance of beautiful green sceneries and natural beauty. Located in the Palakkad District, Malampuzha is also renowned for its exotic wildlife. 

Weekend Destination From Coimbatore-Malampuzha in Kerala
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Perhaps the biggest draw for tourists is the Malampuzha Dam, which was constructed in 1955. The dam was initially built to help in the proper irrigation of the whole area, and since then, it has helped maintain the lush greenery the town is known for today. Malampuzha’s serene and pristine atmosphere attracts tourists from all over Southern India. 

Another big draw of Malampuzha is the reservoir that has been constructed along the Malampuzha River. This noise-free, serene, and lush green town is a popular draw for those who want to get away from the stress of city life for the weekend or even a day trip. Many people like to come here for a picnic with their families. 

When should you visit Malampuzha? The best time to visit Malampuzha is between August to April. During these months, Malampuzha experiences mild winters, which is a relief from the hot and humid summer. These months also witness many events like ox racing, the annual chariot festival at the Viswanathan Temple, the Onam festival, and Kalpathi Ratholsavam.

4. Bellikkal

Located around 95 kilometers away from Coimbatore, Bellikkal is another popular weekend destination. Known as the Hills of Good Times, Bellikkal is a small, beautiful village situated in the south of the Sigur Plateau in Tamil Nadu. This small and relatively unknown hill station is just as beautiful as Ooty, and since it draws less crowd, it is an ideal destination for those who don’t like crowded places. Nestled amidst the mountains, Bellikkal is the perfect weekend getaway if you want peace and tranquility. 

Top Weekend Destination From Coimbatore-Bellikkal
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What is the best time to visit Bellikkal? The monsoon months of July to September is the best time to visit this village. However, you can visit this delightful old-world village at any time of the year owing to the pleasant weather of the place. While the summers can be a bit on the warmer side, being in the mountains, the climate is not hot and humid. You won’t be able to witness any snowfall here during the winters, though.

5. Palakkad in Kerala

This ‘Gateway of Kerala’ is just about 50 kilometers away from Coimbatore, making it a great day trip or weekend destination for many. This quaint little town is a picture of a lush green landscape, tranquil scenery, and crystal clear backwaters. Also known as Palghat, this town is located at a wide low pass in the Western Ghats. What is Palakkad famous for? Palakkad is renowned for its paddy and palmyras fields, and it is also the primary granary of the state of Kerala

The town gets its name from the Pala Trees, which was common to the area at one point in time. This town links the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and hence there is a significant overlap of culture and traditions. 

Best Weekend Destination From Coimbatore-Palakkad in Kerala
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What can you see in Pallakad? The town is famous for the ruins of Tipu Sultan’s Fort, Fantasy Park (one of the first amusement parks in Kerala), and four dams. You can also visit the Silent Valley National Park, the Palakkad Fort, Pothundy Dam, Dhoni waterfalls, Walayar Dam, and the famous Jain Temple of Palakkad while you are in the area. 

The beauty of being in Coimbatore is that you are standing at the nearest gateway to the state of Kerala, and you can check out not just the beautiful places in Tamil Nadu but also the best of Kerala from Coimbatore. Several major tourist destinations like Ooty, Malampuzha, Bellikkal, Coonoor, Palakkad, Munnar, Athirapally, Kodaikanal, and many others are situated close to Coimbatore, and you can spend many weekends traveling to these beautiful nearby destinations. Coimbatore has excellent connectivity to all these destinations, and with excellent highways, you can choose to simply drive down to these beautiful nearby getaways.

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