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5 Popular Thing To Do In Washington State During Summers (2024)

Going on a summer vacation is a memorable childhood staple. You spend time outdoors learning new things, gaining different experiences, and exploring an array of attractions. And since Washington State is on every avid beauty and adventure seeker’s bucket list, it provides up for all kinds of summer fun and expectations. From the beautiful Washington beaches to its splendid campgrounds, each of them makes up for transforming the summer trips into a fun and adventurous ride. And since the state has so many natural features (actually abundance), spending hot days here feels quite relaxing.

Summers in Washington State are hot and muggy. The temperature here usually stays below 34 degrees Celcius, though the sun during the day hours can prove pretty harsh. Individuals who aren’t ready to take heat must head towards the Hoh Rainforest. However, the ones who don’t mind getting some tan on their skin can pretty much explore almost all of the state. No matter which adventure you choose, you’ll find Washington State fascinating during the summer months. From mid-May through September end, it is all that summers of Washington are all about. Here are some of the must-do things in Washington during summers.

5 Popular Thing To Do In Washington State During Summers

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1. Visit the Seattle Japanese Garden

The Seattle Japanese Garden is a beautiful landscape in Madison Park. The garden covers 3.5 acres of land and is one of the oldest Japanese gardens in North America. It is popular for its authentic approach and, of course, the beautiful setting. It is also one of the finest of its kind gardens outside Japan and appears lovely regardless of any season. However, springs and summers here are more loved and appreciated. Here you can find a variety of beautiful plants, trees, and several small ponds. The entire shaded setting and cold-water flow make it a perfect summer afternoon spot. There are several benches across the garden where one can come, sit and soak in the beauty around.

The most appealing feature of this garden is the Shoseian Tea House. A visit here will allow you to observe a 40-minute tea presentation in a traditional roji garden setting. Visitors will have to sit on tatami mats and enjoy this Japanese cultural experience.

2. Explore the San Juan Islands

San Juan is a collection of various islands to the north of Seattle. Since these are ISLANDS, visiting here is a popular thing to do in Washington State during summers. Staggering 172 islands, the region is known for its land and water fun and temperate climate. Even summers here don’t feel as harsh as that in various Washington urban regions. Since the entire San Juan area is a playground for wildlife, you can spot quite a lot of them. It is a great place to spot sea lions, ospreys, and especially the famous Pacific whales. For getting to the islands, board the San Juan Clipper ferry. It operates from Pier 69 in Seattle, and taking 3 hours and 45 minutes; it lands directly into the Friday Harbour. Though the ride is long, it brings whale viewing opportunities quite close and personal.

Other popular places in San Juan include Lime Kiln Lighthouse, Island’s Tide Pools, Cattle Point Lighthouse, Afterglow Vista, and more. Activities like kayaking, scuba diving, shopping, and Lavender farm visits too are popular here.

3. Hike in the Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh rainforest is a unique temperate rainforest with a fascinating ecosystem. This giant old-growth forest is so green that you might have a hard time finding other colours. Hoh receives about 140 to 200 inches of rain per year, justifying its name. Though summers here are sub-oceanic and quite sunny, it isn’t a surprise if rainfall begins once or twice a week. The forest is popular for its understory plants, incredible wildlife, moss-covered trees, fungi, and unique ecosystem. Getting here from any part of Washington will definitely take a long drive. It is 3.5 hours from Tacoma, 5 hours from Portland, and about 4 hours from Seattle.

The best way to explore Hoh is via hiking. The forest has two very popular short nature trails, including the Hall of Mosses and the Spruce Trail. While the former is less than a mile, the latter is slightly over a mile. Hiking on both of them will introduce you to giant ancient trees covered in moss, huge slugs, and wildlife, including elk. Walking a little further will take you to the Hoh River Trail, a 36-mile multi-purpose trail. Since it is a rainforest, do bring raincoats and water boots for your own comfort and safety.

4. Attend a Washington Festival/Event

It won’t be official summers in Washington without the concerts and events going around. Since it is one of the major musical destinations in the United States, you will have a great time enjoying it here. Year-round, though, especially in summers, these state-wide events focus not just on music but things beyond. For musical events, choose to join Summer Meltdown music, camping, and adventure event in Darrington. Going all night long, it caters to adults and kids alike. The Watershed music fest as well is great in case you enjoy live music experiences. The Bumbershoot musical festival in Seattle and the Olympic Music Festival in Port Townsend also is arguably one of the best.

Besides music, Washington has other popular events as well. For example, the Anacortes Spring Wine Festival held on Fidalgo Island is a must-attend. It offers wines from 30 Pacific Northwest wineries along with great local food. Other popular events include Redmond Derby Days, Kla Ha Ya Days in Snohomish, the annual Brass Screw Confederacy, and Kent Cornucopia Days are great options.

5. Cool Off Your Hot Summer Day In Central Washington

Central Washington has a lot to offer which makes visiting here a popular thing to do in Washington State during summers. Just outside Leavenworth is the Wenatchee or Tieton River, popular for the array of bouncy Class III rapids. This setting makes both locations ideal for kayaking adventures. Though for individuals who think kayaking is a little adventure, the calmer boat ride to Chelan and the Lady of the Lake ferry to Stehekin are some great options. Central Washington has more water destinations, including Soap Lake, popular for its shores and breath-taking views. The Yakima Canyon and River have a myriad of recreational activities. And, of course, the Umtanum Falls, a small, hidden but wonderful destination.

Beyond water recreation, Central Washington is also known for its natural areas. Especially sunrise, Ohanapecosh, and Paradise areas of Mount Rainier, make up for some great hiking destinations. Here are trails covered with wildflower-filled meadows, having waterfalls on the way, and of course the great views of glaciers around. The central part of the state is definitely a must-go for outdoor enthusiasts.

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