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Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

9 Top-Rated Hot Springs in Washington State (2024)

True to what visitors and locals claim, Washington’s natural beauty and features and boundless. And one of the most appealing amongst them is the ‘Thermal Spring’. Also known as Washington Hot Spring, these facilities are fed by mineral-rich thermal water and are known for their therapeutical benefits. Soaking in them not just relaxes your body also heals it from within. The state of Washington has both human-made and natural hot springs within its range. While some are nestled close to the city in resort forms, others are somewhere deep within into the wilderness.

Washington Hot springs are incredible but reaching them requires a little planning beforehand. If you want to go the easy way, choose the resort-based hot springs and have a leisurely time. However, if you want to get into a little adventure, go for the hot springs nestled in the wilderness. Reaching them might take a tough and strenuous hike, but the end result will make it all worth it. So why wait? Read below and find out the best and most popular hot springs in Washington State. We hope our choicest picks below will help you make a decision.

9 Top-Rated Hot Springs in Washington State

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1. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

The Sol Duc Resort is undoubtedly a top-rated hot spring in Washington State. It is located in the heart of Olympic National Park and is perfect for a family-friendly getaway. The resort has hot tubs, swimming pools, and several soaking pools, all of which receive thermal water from a nearby natural spring. Besides that, there are three mineral hot springs, including a large mineral fountain pool and two mineral wading pools. All of them have water with temperatures ranging between 35 to 40 degrees Celcius.

Participants can cool down in the freshwater spring once done with relaxing in the hot spring pools. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort also operates cabins and campgrounds for visitors who want to stay overnight.

2. Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Hot Springs is a close-by attraction near Sol Duc within the Olympic National Park. Though unlike the former, it is nestled within a more rugged setting with forests all around. The location has nearly 20 hot spring pools completely natural and unmaintained like any small reservoir in the wilderness. The water temperature of these spring pools ranges from 37.7 to 44.4 degrees Celsius. Since their depth is only half a foot to a foot, these pools are meant for leisurely sitting and soaking purposes. For reaching the Olympic Hot Springs, you can take a short hike from Elwha River Valley, about 5 miles round trip. Though the Olympic Hot Springs is free to use, one needs to pay an entry fee to the park.

3. Gamma Hot Springs

Gamma Hot Springs is an ideal wild attraction for someone who likes finding things deep into the forest. It, by far, is the most remote hot spring in Washington State. Since it is somewhere the rugged Glacier Peak Wilderness reaching here will become convenient for experienced hikers only. Gamma is remote, to say at least a reaching here will take hiking 32.3 miles trail, nearly 4 to 5 days and hardcore challenge. What’s more challenging is that Gamma’s exact location is not preached; hence visitors need to take necessary equipment and navigate accordingly to find them on their own. And at times, even despite that, many people fail to find the springs. Though once you find them, these small, unmonitored, and pretty secluded springs will impress you to no end. The alpine views all around with hot thermal water, any kind of praises are underrated for them.

4. Carson Hot Springs Resort

One of the most popular hot springs in Washington State, the Carson Hot Springs Resort is a must-visit. It is a premium golf resort and spa that features mineral therapy pools and a traditional bathhouse for adults. The mineral therapy pools have water of temperature 40 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the traditional bathhouse has a 30s-style design featuring vintage healing baths and multiple clawfoot tubs. These tubs and baths directly receive mineral water pumped out of close by hot springs. Besides the public hot spring experience, visitors can book a room here and privately enjoy the mineral-fed hot tubs. Participants can also avail benefits of a linen wrap session of luxurious massage to wrap their thermal spring experience. Besides that, there is an 18-hole Elk Ridge Golf Course on the property, worth exploring. The Carson Hot Springs Resort operates only for guests who are 18 and above.

5. Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer is by far the most scenic and top-rated hot spring in Washington State. This best-kept geothermal gem of Evergreen State is settled amongst the ancient forests of the Cascade Mountains close to the city of Seattle. For reaching here, one has to drive on a non-maintained, unpaved Forest Service Road for 15 miles. Following this is a 4.5-mile hike that takes you into the wilderness with a walk along the famous Snoqualmie River, scenic forest views, and ultimately the hot spring. The thermal pools that will see at last are divine both in beauty and experience. Though since they only allow 20 people a day, reservation for Goldymer is a must (from months ago). Primitive camping around the spring is appreciated for the ones who want to stay overnight.

6. Scenic Hot Springs

True to its name, the Scenic Hot Springs is pretty scenic. This hot spring is privately owned somewhere in the Cascade Mountains. Hence for a visit here, one has to book in advance. And since they allow no more than ten people a day, advance booking means at least a month ago. For reaching here, one has to hike a 1.8 miles trail that gains a 300-meter elevation. Since the trail is quite steep, hiking here is moderately strenuous and takes nearly 1.5 hours. The trail passes through the forest, and there is plenty of signage to keep you on track. Besides that, the owner provides a good idea of where, how, and when to mender. Upon reaching the destination, you will find three hot tubs, each a little warmer than the earlier one. The best time to be here is during winters since all the hot tubs overlook a vast snow-dusted forest of Ponderosa Pines with Cascade mountains as their backdrop.

7. Baker Hot Springs

Baker Hot Springs is an extremely popular hot spring in Washington State, near Mt. Baker. The property has a few unexploited thermal pools in the wilderness, with each capable of holding no more than five people. Getting here is accessible via a hike from the Baker Hot Springs Trailhead. It is a half-mile out and back trail and is easily accessible for hikers of all comfort levels. However, it remains closed during the entire winter stretch, especially when the grounds still have snow. Baker Hot Springs, at times, have a strong sulfur smell which makes people go nude and take a dip. The process is known as balneotherapy, which relieves bodily pains and aids in ageless beauty. The forest leading to the Baker hot spring is also popular for dog walking and picnicking fun.

8. Sulphur Creek Hot Springs

Sulphur Creek is the most secluded hot spring in the state of Washington. Though it is the least popular amongst all, privacy here is a pleasant bonus. There are a few tubs to soak with water temperature ranging 32 degrees Celsius. However, the pools are quite small and can accommodate only two individuals at a time. For reaching here, drive to the Sulphur Creek Campground area in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Following that is a 3.7 miles hike crossing some steep, rocky hills and a log bridge. The thermal pools are not always filled with water, and anyone reaching here needs to operate them first. You can find a broom nearby to clean the pool and further open the pipes nearby to fill the thermal water. The process will take nearly 20 minutes, but it is worth to effort.

9. Doe Bay Resort & Retreat

Doe Bay Resort & Retreat is the last but first-class hot spring on our list. On Orcas Island in Olga, it is located over 30 acres of gorgeous waterfront land in the San Juan Islands. They have thermal pools as well as soaking tubs and a sauna overlooking the water for ultimate relaxation and rinse-off. For a day-only visit, one has to pay $15 including tax, whereas overnight guests have to book rooms at the property. The overnight guest gets unlimited access to the hot pools and other common services of the resort. For a stay here, they have standalone cabins, yurts, dome along with drive-in and walk-in campsites. There is also an on-site café, a yoga studio, and several outdoor (land and water) adventure options. If you are looking for something luxurious, a stay here is definitely a must.

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