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Bay Beach Amusement Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

6 Top-Rated Attractions To Visit In Green Bay, Wisconsin (2024)

Green Bay is the sub-basin of Lake Michigan and the third-largest populated city in Wisconsin. It has every element a growing metropolitan has; however, the small-town vibe here keeps it distinctive from them. When in the city of Green Bay, you can taste authentic local cuisine, can feel the Midwestern friendliness, have fun at the museums, and soak into the greenery. From art and culture to its popular history, there is so much to Green Bay. The moment you arrive in the city, the lively spirit here will captivate and inspire you in different yet beautiful ways.

Be it the residents of Milwaukee or Madison or of the distant city Chicago, everyone marks Green Bay as their favorite holiday destination. For every long weekend that hits the calendar, you can see travelers packing their cars and heading towards this peacefully beautiful city of Green Bay. And if you too are planning something similar, we suggest you should take some recommendations from our list of places to visit in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

6 Top-Rated Attractions To Visit In Green Bay, Wisconsin

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1. Bay Beach Amusement Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is indeed the most pleasant and enjoyable feature in the city of Green Bay. Bay Beach Amusement Park is basically a huge, century-old complex featuring multiple rides and a 600-acre wildlife Sanctuary. Most rides at the amusement park are still for 25 cents, probably the cheapest of all in entire America. However, it does not mean that the space isn’t big for entertainment. From easy and relaxing rides to the ones that can speed up the heartbeats, there are fun varietals you may not have thought of. Though if amusement parks do not interest you, there’s a whole animal and forested world of its own here. From Wisconsin’s natives to the rescued ones, countless animals have their life here. The sanctuary has several walking trails leading to viewing areas from where guests can observe animals from a safer distance. And despite its grandness and possibilities, admissions to Bay Beach are absolutely free.

2. National Railroad Museum

Located in suburban Green Bay, the National Railroad Museum is one of the largest railroad institutions in America. It is home to multiple locomotives brought down from nearly a century of railroading. The biggest highlight here is the largest steam locomotive in the world, Big Boy, which measures over half the football field and weighs nearly 1.1 million pounds. Other notables here include:

  • The British Railways steam engine.
  • Dwight D Eisenhower.
  • A train used during WWII by the Supreme Allied Commander.

Apart from such grand (literally) features, the museum also houses railroad artifacts, photographs, and an archive. Once done with exploring the museum on foot, guests can also go for a 25 minutes on-site train trip. Lastly, going back, a gift shop selling souvenirs impresses the guests.

3. Neville Public Museum

Neville Public Museum is a local museum sitting in downtown Green Bay. The idea of the museum here focuses upon local history, science, and art. Initially, during its establishment in 1915, the museum had only a few artifacts that were exhibited in the basement of a local library. However, soon the facility outgrew, received funds, and in 1927, this new museum came into existence. Today, Neville Public Museum’s very own permanent collection alone counts on one million significant objects. Even though the museum is small, it would easily take one and a half hours to explore it nicely. The selection here will impress both kids and adults, ensuring undisputed engagement. The museum operates from Tuesday through Sunday, offering free admission to Brown County residents and payed for others. There’s also a gift shop that is a must-visit whether you want to shop or not.

4. Heritage Hill State Historical Park

The Heritage Hill State Historical Park is an open-air museum and a popular attraction to visit in Green Bay. The park is spread over 56 acres and houses about 26 historical and reproduction structures. The buildings here are either moved down from other locations, or a few of them are modern construction. There are buildings from Fort Howard, log cabins from the fur trade era, and a few 19th-century public buildings. What adds to the experience here are the live interpreters wearing period clothes demonstrating how life would be back in time. While you walk through the grounds, the vibe here will make you feel as if you are walking back into the time. Once done with the exterior, a visit inside these buildings will take you close to over 9,000 artifacts, mostly permanent while a few taken on loan. Heritage Hill though operates throughout the year, but summers here are only level fun and exciting.

5. Historical Society & Hazelwood Historic House

Hazelwood is a historic house turned into a museum located on South Monroe Avenue, Green Bay. It is basically an 1837 Victorian residence with original furnishing, objects, and other attributes. Hazelwood House is also the only historic structure in the entire Green Bay that is still sitting in its original location. This historic building is one fine example of Victorian and Greek Revival architecture, and if you are an enthusiast, you are going to love it. There are 10 rooms, all decorated in different styles that were common from the 1840s to the 1890s. For an interesting learning experience, guests are allotted dedicated tour guides who introduce them to the area’s history, its people, and life back in time. A tour ere costs a minimum of $5, and there are a few tour varieties to choose from. It goes easily from 30 to 45 minutes with every single twist and turns inside, engaging the guests. If you happen to be in Green Bay, this is one feature you cannot miss.

6. Green Bay Botanical Garden

Located at Larsen Road, the Green Bay Botanical Garden is beautiful ground you might not want to miss in Green Bay. These Botanical Gardens are spread over 47 acres; housing multiple themed gardens, terrace farming spaces, a Greek-style Gazebo, fountains, and other ornamental features. Something is always blooming in these gardens, from huge spreads of tulips to roses or hydrangeas. For kids, there are treehouses, mazes, slides, and themed summer houses for hanging out. The Botanical gardens operates throughout the year, daily during warmer months and on weekends during colder months. The gardens organize summer camps, social events, and multiple other engaging programs during summers. Even though summers here are extremely popular and lively, winters too aren’t any less. Every element is worth it, from gorgeous night lights to colorful Christmas decorations. Whenever in Wisconsin, do visit this popular attraction in Green Bay.

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