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Tour the Historic Buildings Including Heritage Hall and Bonar Hall

6 Popular Attraction and Activities to Do in Madison, Georgia (2022)

Wondering how to spend a fun vacation in Madison? Madison is a city in Morgan County, Georgia, popular for housing beautiful antebellum homes. It is also one of the largest and oldest National Historic Districts in Georgia. The city of Madison is rich with an array of tourist attractions and things to do. Visitors get to check several examples of astounding architecture, taste the Southern charm and walk down the oak-lined lanes and take back beautiful memories.

Madison is a popular weekend getaway spot for Atlanta and Athens locals. This small, picturesque spot is widely touted as a relaxing getaway away from the urban hustle and bustle. Madison has a vibrant culture, it hosts several festivals, and good food is in abundance here. It might not make up for your 10 days long holiday, but for a weekend getaway or quick road trip, Madison will never disappoint. Discover new things on your next trip to the calm and beautiful Madison city.

6 Popular Attraction and Activities to Do in Madison, Georgia

Here is the list of Popular attractions and activities to try when in Madison. Have a look:

1. Enjoy Art at the Madison Morgan Cultural Center

Madison Morgan Cultural Center is an art and performance center housed inside of a beautifully restored Romanesque Revival building. The structure dates back to 1895, operating as a school until the year 1957. Later it transformed into a cultural center and grabbed its place in Madison’s National Register Historic District. It today hosts a unique set of performances focusing on performing arts, entertainment, and humanities. The events may include orchestral concerts, music festivals, storytelling, symphony performances, and others. The cultural center also features a variety of exhibits showcasing Madison’s history through interactive presentations. For an hour or two of entertainment, this is one fine place to visit in Madison.

2. Tour the Historic Buildings Including Heritage Hall and Bonar Hall

Heritage Hall is an 1811 house that served as a private residence up until 1977. Today it comes under the Morgan County Historical Society and is popular as a historic property. Beautifully placed on Main Street, Heritage Hall shows how the wealthiest used to live in Madison before the Civil War. The grandeur and stateliness of the mansion are truly a delight to watch. Individuals can tour the mansion along with local Madisonians who love sharing stories of preservation and perseverance.

Tour the Historic Buildings Including Heritage Hall and Bonar Hall

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On the other hand, Bonar Hall is an 1839 Georgi Style historic home in Madison. It was one of the very first grand homes in the town built by Morgan County pioneers John Byne Walker and Eliza Fannin. If you are an antebellum or Civil War historian, Bonar Hall is a must-visit attraction in Madison for you.

3. Explore the Georgia Safari Conservation Park

Georgia Safari Conservation Park is a vast grassland, and visiting here is a popular thing to do in Madison. With the main goal of combining education with adventure, the safari park allows guests to get up close and personal with magnificent wildlife. These 530 stunning acres of grasslands and pastures are home to both exotic and endangered animals. The main attraction here is the drive-through safari, where individuals can get close to the wildlife and observe them beautifully. Besides that, the conservation park also offers other tours, including feeding the animals, behind the scenes, walking through adventure, and more. When with kids in Madison, Georgia Safari Conservation Park is a must-visit attraction.

4. Observe Art at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art

Steffen Thomas Museum of Art is just 10 minutes from Madison and quite an interesting place to explore. The museum got its name after the German-American artist who gave it life and presented his art masterpieces to the public. The exhibits and programs here are dedicated to Steffen Thomas’ diligent handiwork. Besides that, the museum also hosts works of fellow artists who share the same passion for art. The collection here consists of over 400 sculptures, paintings, ceramics, pictures, and other art mediums. Art in numbers might appear short; however, the diversity and creativity are well worth it.

5. Visit the Morgan County African American Museum

The Morgan County African American Museum is located inside the historic Horace Moore House, circa 1895. It is a non-profit organization that aims to research, educate, and preserve the art and history of African American culture. The museum is home to a diverse collection of historical artifacts, artistic displays, and exhibits. While visitors can explore the site on its own, the museum also organizes group tours where the guide provides guests with a deeper appreciation of everything on display.

6. Take the North Georgia Tours

When confused about what to do in Madison, take the North Georgia Tours. Based in the historic town of Madison, the North Georgia tours are owned and operated by Melissa Piche, a lifelong Georgia resident. Offering a variety of experiences, one of its first tours is Step On and Driving Tours. It helps you understand how the Civil War affected Madison and then takes you to a cemetery. Next is the Madison Walking Tours, which takes you to several historic houses and churches. And final is the Haunted History Tour which includes an evening stroll through Madison’s haunted places and spooky shadows. All these tours last one to two hours and include group visits only. Individuals who want to learn about Madison’s local history and tales must join one of them.

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