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Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

8 Popular Things To Do In Oklahoma (2024)

Oklahoma is a state located in the south-central region of the United States and has its name derived from the word Choctaw and is also known as Oklahumma. Over the past years it has taken over nicknames like the “Land of the Red Man” and the “Sooner State”. Oklahoma is a known tourist destination and houses a splendid amount of tourist attractions for people to enjoy and have a calm and soothing vacation. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the trees, lakes, parks etc. Or, if you are an art lover then there you can enjoy the number of art pieces and paintings displayed in art museums of Oklahoma. Furthermore, if you are a history lover then there are lots of museums, statues, and memorials for you to check out in Oklahoma.

8 Popular Things To Do In Oklahoma

If you are looking for popular things to do in Oklahoma, here are 8 popular things you can do in Oklahoma:

1. Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

If you are in Oklahoma, the first thing you should consider visiting is the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum which is located on the downtown side of Oklahoma City. It was made to pay tribute to the people who were killed in the Bombing of Oklahoma City which occurred on April 25, 1995, and to also honor those who survived and people who gave their lives on the line to rescue people. It is built over an area of 3.3 acres of land and took almost 3 years to build. There are two bronze gates that signify the amount of destruction that occurred and are located at the entrance of the memorial. The memorial houses a field of one hundred and sixty-eight empty chairs made of glass, stone, etc. and has the name of the people who lost their lives during the bombing inscribed on it, A Reflecting Pool, Walls, and Trees made for the survivors, a beautiful orchard and a children’s area made by the children who survived the bombing. The monument is made over the destroyed site of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The memorial holds great historical significance and if you would like to pay tribute to the people who died, then you must visit this place.

2. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

If you are a fan of arts and artifacts, then this place is for you. Built in 1995, It holds over 25,000 plus arts and artifacts that consist of photographs, statues, rodeo awards, etc. The idea of making the museum was initiated by Chester A. Reynolds to honor the era of cowboys. During the course, it changed its name three times and finally, it took the name of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The museum has received many awards, and it also has an award of its own called as Chester A. Reynolds Memorial award which is awarded to those who contribute to the preservation of American culture, heritage, and history. For artists, the museum allows people to sketch in its galleries.

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma

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If you are interested in the history and culture of the people of America, then you must visit this place.

3. Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is a heaven for all the art lovers out there as it is considered the Oklahoma City region’s most esteemed and reputed art museum. It is placed in the Donald W. Reynolds Visual Art Center and hosts special exhibitions for travelers, collections of dynamic art, restaurants for eating, etc. Inside the museum, you can check out various works of well-known artists like Dale Chihuly, Paul Reed, Renoir, etc., and it also has its own theater which features independent and classic films.

It is a tiny yet beautiful museum and is a must visit out for all the art lovers out there.

4. Beavers Bend State Resort Park

If you are looking to visit the nature side of Oklahoma City, then Beavers Bend Resort Park is a visit you would not forget as it is one of the most attractive and picturesque parks in the city. The park provides a very chill and calm atmosphere where u can relax and have fun with your friends and family. It is located on the southeast side of Oklahoma near the Broken Bow Lake and the Mountain Fork River and on the foothills of The Kiamichi Mountains. It is completely free for all travelers to enjoy. Furthermore, it provides you with many more activities like fishing, boating, and camping. It has all kinds of events and entertainment for visitors to enjoy throughout the day. If you would like to take a break and have some fun with nature, then do visit the park.

5. Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo is located on the northeast side of Oklahoma City and is also home to a Botanical Garden. The zoo comprises over 2000 animals and covers an area of 150 acres of land. It includes animals that are native to the state such as Addra Gazelle, African Lion, American beaver, American Bison, American Black Bear, etc., and are easy to navigate with the help of signs. It gives you an opportunity to meet up close and interact with the animals which includes feeding, shows, etc. The zoo also offers demonstrations and shows of its own like elephant express tram, sea lion demonstration etc., and has lots of aquariums for marine lovers. The place is very relaxing for tourists and is a must visit for animal and plant lovers.

6. Myriad Botanical Garden

The Myriad Botanical Garden is located on the downside of Oklahoma City and is home to many exotic plants, animal species, tropical trees, lakes, etc. It is spread over 17 acres of land and has closely packed landscapes. The center of attraction of the botanical garden is the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. The conservatory has all kinds of exotic plant species like flora and fauna. It hosts several events over the year all contributing towards the natural element and the most popular among them is the Oklahoma Gardening School event. It is a calm and loving place for tourists which makes it a great place to visit.

7. Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook Museum of Art is in the Tulsa region of Oklahoma and grasps expansive and big formal gardens. Built in 1939, it is the home to famous Oklahoma couples Waite Phillips and Genevieve Phillips. It consists of two buildings and is placed on a former villa dating. The foundation of the museum consists of native art, jewelry, poetry, etc. The museum occupies over 25 acres of land and consists of arts from all over the world like Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. The second building is a simple satellite gallery that can be found in the Tulsa Brady Arts District. It has many shops from where tourists can buy souvenirs and art pieces. Furthermore, it also has a library for book lovers and a children’s area for the children to enjoy. This place is one of the best tourist destinations in Oklahoma and if you are here then you must visit The Philbrook Museum of Art.

8. Science Museum Oklahoma

The Science Museum Oklahoma is located in Oklahoma City. The facility covers over 400,000 square feet and is known as one of the biggest science centers in the country. It was built in 1958 to cover the science field. It consists of The Kirkpatrick Planetarium, the international hall of fame, art galleries, science galleries, etc. The planetarium shows the view of the stars and the connection the planet has with space. It hosts several shows like the movies presented on the planetarium dome, The Tesla coil show, etc., and has beautiful gardens on the outside of the planetarium. For all the science lovers this place is stunning and will blow your mind.

Oklahoma is a state with many tourist destinations and places you can visit on your stay in Oklahoma. Hope this article helps you to have an understanding of some things you can do while your stay in Oklahoma.

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