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Top 8 Outdoor Recreational Activities To Do In Lawton, Oklahoma (2024)

Lawton is an interesting historical place for Native American history because it was established in 1901 and was constructed on the reservations of various Indian nations. The military base Fort Sill, Geronimo’s grave, and the largest collection of Comanche excellent art in the world are all located there. Lawton is encircled by the majestic Wichita Mountains, with Mt. Scott being the nearest. The area is also rich in spectacular views. State and national parks with camping areas, numerous family-friendly attractions, and recreational lakes including Quanah Parker Lake and Elmer Thomas Lake are all located close to downtown in Lawton.

Top 8 Outdoor Recreational Activities to do in Lawton, Oklahoma

Here is a list of some of the best outdoor recreational activities to do in Lawton:

1. Apache Casino Hotel:

In the year 1999, the Apache Casino developed and brought gambling to the region. The proprietors later built a large hotel, which is presently the one and only casino hotel in the vicinity. It serves as an entertainment venue as well, and if you’re fortunate, you may get to attend a show or a unique occasion like Disco Evening Fever. The ideal upscale casino to bet and have fun at night is Apache Casino. This casino, which is split into two regions, will accommodate everyone, even non-smokers. The latest gambling machines, casino games, poker, extreme Texas hold’em, roulette in the manner of Las Vegas, and craps are all available for use by visitors in Lawton. After all the excitement, if you become hungry, swing by the 360 Restaurant on the premises for dinner and enjoy their renowned grilled chili hot dog.

Best time to visit: During the night till dawn.

2. US Army Field Artillery Museum:

The U.S. Army Field Artillery & Fort Sill Museum in Lawton is a fantastic place to learn about the armed forces and the national history of America. The museum was founded in 1934 and is committed to honoring the heritage of the Field Artillery and Fort Sill, a regional military installation. The museum originally occupied the former guardhouse, but when more people and a larger collection were visiting, it was renovated in 1958. The museum is split into two sections: indoor exhibitions and outdoor exhibits. Visitors can see a brief historical documentary indoors, as well as see much more than 70 artillery pieces, swords, costumes, and technological artefacts including the largest ENIAC computer component still in existence. The outside exhibit is as thrilling as the inside because it features large equipment like tanks, artillery, and Atomic Annie.

Best Time to visit: In the afternoon.

3. Medicine Park Aquarium:

This Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center is a family-friendly destination that’s 20 minutes from the city of Lawton in Medicine Park. The aquarium contains over Ninety native and exotic fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds on showcase, with the goal of preserving the animals through awareness. A 7-acre city park and some outdoor picnic tables are also present. Many of the attractions are quite engaging, such as the hands-on horseshoe crab site, trying to feed the turtles and bobwhite quail, and petting marine life in tidal pools. Sam and Dean, two otters, electrical eels, a crocodile, and Moby, the biggest blue catfish held in captivity, are some of the other fascinating inhabitants.

Best time to visit: In the opening hours of the Aquarium.

4. Lake Elmer Thomas:

The Lakeside Elmer Thomas Recreation Area, which is close to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Sanctuary and is situated at the foot of Mount Scott, is ideal for day trips and camping. There are places for RVs, tent camping, contemporary cabins, and undeveloped camping areas. Checkout the neighbourhood shop that sells campsite supplies, fishing licenses and gear, food, and beverages if you require anything. Elmer Thomas Lake, which is named in honor of an Oklahoma politician and attorney, is the area’s most notable feature. Fishing, kayaking (containing tours and lessons), waterside volleyball, and perhaps even scuba diving are some of the outdoor activities available. The lake is perfect for swimming and kayaking, and children will enjoy the parks and water sports.

Best time to visit: In the mornings and afternoons.

5. Holy City of the Wichitas:

A 66-acre Holy Place recreation can be found in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Sanctuary, twenty minutes from Lawton. The lengthiest Easter passion play, The Prince of Peace, which portrays the tale of Christ, has been performed there, and it mimics Israel during the time of the Bible. Although the entrance is complimentary, many visitors donate money. Watch outside for buffalos going crazy in the meadows when you reach the peak of the hill. Although it was built in the 1930s, the location resembles ancient monuments more than anything else. The Emperor’s Supper structure, Herod’s Palace, the Garden of Gethsemane, and Pilate’s Judgment Hall are still there and accessible to visitors all year long. The World Cathedral, a Veterans Walkway, and the Oklahoma City Bombing Monument are all nearby.

Best time to visit: Any time of the day during visiting hours.

6. Geronimo’s Grave:

It’s essential to see Geronimo’s Grave in the Mount Sill Cemetery just on way to Lawton. Although it can be a little challenging to locate the grave, the personnel of the cemetery’s tourist center can provide guidance and a map. In the shape of a concrete pyramid, Geronimo’s Grave is the final resting place of a legendary Apache warrior and notable Native American warrior. The tomb provides a distinct historical ambience and some glimpse into the lifestyle of Geronimo, who resided his last days in Fort Sill before passing away from pneumonia in the year 1909. Those interested in Native American history might also look for the Apache Chief Loco, a nemesis of Geronimo, buried close by.

Best time to visit: In the afternoon.

7. Bath Lake Park:

Get your bathing attire and travel northwest towards Medicine Park, constructed in 1908, when you’re exploring Lawton during the warmer months. In the 1920s, twin dams built the small lake and Lake Gondola for boats, forming the well-known bathing and relaxation area known as Bath Lake. With both shallow and deep swimming sections, it’s the ideal swimming location for both children and adults. The lake can only be accessed after paying a nominal admission fee. If you’re seeking additional things to do nearby, take a walk all around the lake and gaze at the lovely waterfalls, or go for a picnic at one of the numerous picnic tables that are accessible. There are also snack stands and rental cottages located there.

Best time to visit: Particularly in the warmer months like June and July.

8. Mount Scott:

The Wichita Mountains contains Mount Scott which is one of the most well-known rock formations summits and peaks in the whole city of Lawton. You must plan a stop there on your schedule because it is only a short drive away from Lawton. The peak of the mountain, which is 2,464 feet above sea level, offers breathtaking views of the Wichita Hills, lakes, and surrounding towns. The mountain’s peak is accessible through a 3-mile major highway. There is a large parking area there that you can use to travel by car, bike, or on foot. Prior to travelling, be cautious to review the rules because some days may have restrictions on trekking. Prepare your camera because you will definitely find several animals in that region.

Best time to visit: In the month of October when the weather is pleasant.

It’s difficult to picture any city with as much natural beauty, enjoyable activities, and historical background but Lawton, Oklahoma, is where you can find all of these.

Whether you’re a local newcomer or simply passing through, the region has plenty of exciting things waiting for you to discover.

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