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GPS Tracker for Luggage Bags

How GPS Trackers Help You Avoid the Nightmare of Losing Your Luggage (2023)

Traveling to any destination is always exciting. You pack your luggage, take all the necessary things you require, and lock it. However, when you reach your destination, there is no trace of your luggage. The absolute nightmare starts. All your hopes and dreams of an exciting vacation are dumped. 

Therefore, to avoid all harassment, you must keep track of your luggage wherever you go. You cannot do so physically, but with the help of a luggage/backpack GPS tracker, you can always keep a check on your luggage. You will receive an alert on your phone when it crosses the boundary. Now, how it happens is the big question. We will give you a brief outline of the importance of a GPS tracker and how it can help you keep track of your luggage.

Benefits of a GPS tracker

If you travel a lot and often carry valuables, investing in a GPS tracker is better. It is a small device that will offer complete security for your luggage. Moreover, due to its size, it can fit anywhere. Following are the benefits of using a GPS tracker for your luggage.

GPS Tracker for Luggage BagsReal-Time location

A GPS tracker does not care about distance. It is because as long as the GPS reception is there, it will function. Hence, with the help of a GPS tracker, you can get your luggage’s actual time and location. It helps flying people because when you check in at the airport, you have to part away with your luggage. Sometimes, due to an error by the airport staff, your luggage is boarded in the wrong aircraft. So, while you are in the aircraft, you can instantly get an alert about the location of your luggage on your smartphone or computer. It will thus save you from the worst happening.


A GPS tracker is fitted with an accelerometer. It is helpful as you will get a notification about the whereabouts of your luggage. It greatly helps in preventing theft. You can set a specific speed for your luggage, and the moment it crosses the specified speed, you will receive an alert. It will help you save your luggage from being stolen as you act instantly.

More Battery Life

It is a pure waste if you are going for a GPS tracker with excellent features except for the battery life. It is because if you are in the middle of tracking your luggage and the battery dries up, you will not be able to get any notifications. Hence, the battery must stay for a long time to track your luggage’s location at any length.

Travel History

One of the benefits of using a GPS tracker is that it gives you a detailed description of your travel history. You can download it to your computer and send it to your friends and loved ones so they know your whereabouts. The GPS tracker also helps you to find your luggage if lost, as you can track the exact location.

Set a safe zone

One of the prime benefits of a GPS tracker is that once you fit it in your luggage, you can set a safe zone. When your luggage moves away from the boundary, you will instantly receive a notification on your smartphone or computer. It is instrumental if you are traveling by air, and you will know precisely about the safety of your luggage.

An easy fit

A GPS tracking device is comparatively small in size. Hence, you can fix it anywhere in your luggage as it does not take up much space. So, even if your luggage is overweight, the presence of a GPS tracker will not do any harm. The important thing is that you will have peace of mind while traveling as you can get the exact location of your luggage. Hence, a GPS tracker is a must for all travelers. It does not cost much and is worth an investment. Once you fit the GPS tracking device onto your luggage, you will know it will never get lost or stolen. It is because you will be able to track the location of the luggage and get it back in case of any mishap.

Track your luggage from anywhere

You can use a GPS tracking device if you are shifting all your belongings to another country by any form of transport. It will help you keep track of your belongings while they are in transit. The benefit of a GPS tracking device is that since GPS connectivity is accessible in most countries, you can quickly check the exact location of your luggage. It will help you understand precisely when they will reach the destination. If you find that one of your luggage is not accessible in the tracking device, you can quickly contact the transport company for verification.

 An Alternative

There may be times that you may need to remember to keep GPS tracker in your luggage due to urgency. It happens mostly with those people who are frequent travelers who need to remember to take the GPS tracker. Hence, an alternative is there to keep track of your luggage while traveling. There is various smart luggage that comes with an in-built GPS tracker. It is beneficial as you can keep the GPS tracker in your luggage whenever you are on a trip.


It is better to invest in a GPS tracker than lose your valuables. Hence, you must include a GPS tracker in your packing list. We all get excited when we go for an extended vacation or outdoor activities. But if you lose your luggage in between, all your dreams will come to a standstill. It is one of the worst nightmares for anyone when they lose their luggage. If you want hassle-free and exciting travel, you should get the Portable GPS tracker from reputed brands like Family1st instantly. Whatever the cost, the importance of a GPS tracker is unmatchable.

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