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Charleston City Market

10 Best Places To Tour In Charleston With Your ‘Girl Gang’ (2022)

Charleston draws tourists worldwide because of its vibrant restaurant and bar scene, art, and charming combination of the old and new architecture. It makes the city the best and most desired destination in the South for a girlfriend getaway. The city’s diverse coastline, classic architecture, and historic landmarks offer something for everyone.

Charleston has it all and more! If you’re looking to plan an incredible girl gang getaway in Charleston, look no further!

10 Best Places To Tour In Charleston With Your ‘Girl Gang’

Below is the list of the best places to tour in Charleston with your ‘girl gang.’

1. Charleston City Market

Charleston City Market is a well-known tourist attraction of 200-year-old brick buildings with stores and restaurants. It is situated in the center of downtown Charleston. It is one of the oldest city markets in the nation and has been a shopping destination since the 1800s. The market offers a wide variety of locally produced goods. You can tell which ones are which by looking for a “Certified Authentic: Handmade in Charleston” tile placed on particular vendor stations. Tourists and locals frequent the market to purchase artwork, woven baskets, jewelry, clothing, sweets, and souvenirs. The Gullah artisans have been weaving baskets for centuries using local resources like sweetgrass and palmetto leaves. From 9:30 in the morning to 6 in the evening, the market is open daily. The market is also dotted with many places to stop for a snack. Visit the market website to learn more about the products and vendors.

2. King Street

King Street is an important anchor for downtown retail, attracting a large and diverse customer base. It is the most vibrant and recognizable downtown in America, thanks to its fascinating history and eclectic mix of clothing, artwork, antiques, home goods, and extraordinary food. King Street is the go-to location for retailers of all stripes because it is the ideal blend of neighboring, regional, and national stores. Numerous antique stores can be found in the lower district, whereas dining options are available in the upper district. Retailers for clothing can be found in the middle district. The chic boutiques and antique shops are both easily accessible thanks to the pedestrian-friendly pavements, and there is enough variety to make shopping enjoyable for everyone. Every weekend, King Street is closed to traffic, so guests can explore different shops and enjoy performances and fine dining.

3. Rainbow Row

The lovely row of pastel-colored buildings, known as Rainbow Row, is the ideal backdrop for pictures. It is also one of the most popular and frequently captured locations in Charleston’s historic district. This area is both historically significant and photogenic. There are 14 houses along the street that were all built around 1740. From 83 to 107 East Bay Street, a row of colorful homes is known as Rainbow Row. The houses from 83 to 107 consist of Rainbow Row and are situated south of Elliot St. and north of Tradd St on East Bay Street. You can purchase T-shirts, pictures, paintings, and postcards featuring these recognizable vibrant homes at gift shops all over the city. Take advantage of this iconic sight in Charleston when in the city with your girls, and remember to carry your camera!

4. Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is located within a short walking distance from Rainbow Row. With several wharves and shipping terminals, the 8-acre park once served as the thriving hub of local maritime activity. It has become a peaceful place where locals and visitors can stroll along the river, sit in the gazebo, watch the passing ships, unwind on the porch swings, and enjoy a picnic beneath the palmetto and oak trees. The Pineapple Fountain, a recognizable central fountain in Waterfront Park, serves as its focal point. Pineapples symbolize hospitality, and Charleston is full of pineapple decorations. Water spouts on either side of the fountain entice hot-weather visitors to cool off in the sprinkling waters. It has a calming effect to observe people splashing around, playing in the water, and children having fun.

5. The Cocktail Club

It calls for a grand celebration when the girlfriends get together, especially on weekends. The Cocktail Club is a luxurious and classy drinking location with inventive “garden-to-shaker” drinks made with products from the bar’s rooftop garden. The place’s speakeasy-inspired decor speaks for itself and makes it more happening. It includes creaking fireplaces of brick serving as the rooms’ focal points, big chairs made of leather, upcycled wooden doors and beams, and a dimly lit bar so tall that the bartenders need ladders to reach it. Choose the delicious cocktail “Right and Wrong”, which includes sage, local hat Trick Gin, honey, Cocchi Americano, and tonic, or share a punch bowl full of alcohol with your friends.

6. Magnolias

Upon opening in Charleston, South Carolina, in the summer of 1990, Magnolias sparked a culinary renaissance. They paved the way for a new generation of Lowcountry cooking in the city and throughout the entire South. With traditional ingredients and cooking methods elevated by contemporary flair and artistic presentation, Magnolias has been a fixture in Charleston for more than 30 years. This Charleston restaurant is a beloved delight for many residents of Holy City because it consistently provides appreciative and friendly service. The Magnolias’ menus feature many seafood dishes that are highlights of the Lowcountry cuisine, including Lowcountry Bouillabaisse, Spicy Shrimp and Sausage over Grits, Blackened Catfish, and Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast. Visit this East Bay Street restaurant for lunch and try the few common dishes that are even on the regular dinner menu.

7. Folly Beach

Charleston is known for its fascinating historical tourist attractions, amazing architecture, and old-world charm, but it is also close to some stunning beaches. After spending a couple of days touring the city, it is highly recommended that you visit the nearby Folly Beach, where you can unwind, soak in some sunlight, and take in the waves. You better arrive during the early hours as the afternoon wears on and the beach becomes congested. You could easily get umbrellas, beach chairs, and non-motorized sports equipment on the rent quite close to the beach. Located 20 minutes south of the city, Folly Beach offers visitors a long stretch of Atlantic Ocean shoreline where they can surf, swim, and sunbathe. There is more than enough sand to walk around and beachfront bars and eateries to try out with your girlfriends.

8. Charleston Music Hall

If you and your girl gang love music, you should take advantage of the opportunities for auditory pleasures served by Charleston Music Hall while touring the city. It is situated in the Upper King Street neighborhood of Historic Downtown Charleston. The Hall is close to three highly regarded restaurants and two award-winning hotels. It makes Charleston the ideal location for any event, especially considering three public parking garages and well-known shopping malls, museums, and cultural attractions are two blocks away from the venue. The Music Hall is, first and foremost, a listening room, an intimate setting that allows the audience and the artist to engage in deep, meaningful conversation. In addition to having excellent musicians, the Charleston Music Hall has an illustrious past. When you visit Charleston, find out who is scheduled to visit.

9. Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Sumter is a must-see location for any visitor to Charleston because of its historical significance as the site of the conflict that started the American Civil War. Its influence on the development of modern America, the monument itself, is also striking as it sits directly over the water. You must take a boat to the island, either from Patriots Point or the downtown Visitor Education Center at Liberty Square, giving them a good opportunity to see the city from the water and some dolphins on the way. Once you reach there with your girls, take your time exploring the dense stone caverns, which still contain several cannons from the American Civil War. It is a must-see location if you are a history enthusiast. Fort Sumter doesn’t offer guided tours, but before you embark on your journey, you can listen to a 10-minute history lecture by a ranger.

10. Woodhouse Day Spa

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Woodhouse Day Spa. Put on a plush robe and some comfortable sandals, then relax while the girls get their nails and feet done. Alternately, schedule a single treatment, such as a facial or a massage, for a tranquil hour.


You must be aware of all the places mentioned above if you are a resident of Charleston. If not, these are the most popular and amazing places to explore, shop, eat and have fun in Charleston, South Carolina. You can consider visiting the places without a doubt and can make the most out of your time with your girl gang.

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