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Middleton Place in Charleston

16 Best Places in Charleston for Couples (2023)

There are many romantic activities available in Charleston. In South Carolina, USA, Charleston is the biggest city, and the magnificent parks, sites, beaches, and architecture draw a large number of people. Charleston is a wonderful destination for a getaway with your loved ones. This city is undoubtedly the best for the most romantic experience of your life!

All the romantic sites in Charleston will surprise you when you visit for the first time. There are gorgeous sunsets, beautiful beaches, gardens for lovers, spas, and much more. Enjoy yourself as you explore this magnificent city!

16 Best Places in Charleston for Couples

The best places in Charleston for couples are listed here.

1. Cypress Gardens

How about paddling through woods of cypress trees and calm blackwater creeks or strolling through a greenhouse full of exotic butterflies and birds? Couples looking to experience the romantic Lowcountry outdoors might visit this lovely area of gardens, a greenhouse, and marsh grounds in Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

The entrance fee at Cypress Gardens is only $10, with discounts for AAA and military service members. Self-guided boat rentals and parking are also accessible at the gardens. Don’t miss the chance to visit the sites where hit movies like The Notebook and The Patriot were filmed!

Best Place in Charleston for Couples-Cypress Gardens

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2. Sullivan’s Island

Make your way to Sullivan’s Island at sunset for a wonderfully romantic seaside stroll along the beach, a sure good time, and a stunning low country location. Just 15 to 20 minutes from downtown Charleston, Sullivan’s Island is home to lavish beach homes, pure light sand, a large beach area, and several renowned eateries and bars.

You may turn a beach walk into a dating night by booking a dinner before or after. For fine Italian cuisine, visit The Obstinate Daughter, or go to Poe’s for a more laid-back burger bar ambiance. When you get to Sullivan’s Island, turn to the right to explore Fort Moultrie and a quieter section of the beach close by.

3. Spa At Belmond Charleston Place

Bring your special someone to The Spa at Charleston Place, located on the hotel’s top floor, for a luxurious treat: a couples massage! The Charleston Place Hotel offers together Swedish, together Deep Tissue, or together Warm Stone massages as its three different forms of couples massages.

The Spa at Charleston Place is renowned for its classic luxury spa sessions and other services, as well as its gorgeous facilities, hot tub, outdoor pool, and gift shop. There are also individual massages available, and the Spa at Charleston Place offers facials for people of all genders and skin types because it takes skin and body care seriously.

4. The Morris Island Lighthouse Trail

The Morris Island Light is located along a deserted beach south of Charleston’s harbor entrance. A thousand feet or so off the coast is where the lighthouse is. Due to the waves’ constant incursion, it is at risk of additional erosion. From the northeast corner of the final parking lot at Folly Beach, views of the long-gone lighthouse are accessible via a short path.

It is highly recommended that you go on a romantic stroll that covers a distance of one-fourth of a mile. It’s breathtaking to see this lovely historic monument at sea when you finally reach the top of the dune. Traveling to Charleston for a stroll along one of the more remote beaches is undoubtedly worthwhile.

5. Ride A Horse-Drawn Carriage Throughout The City

One of the most incredible romantic things in Charleston is taking a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city. The two most well-known carriage tour providers in Charleston are Old South Carriage Co. and Palmetto Carriage Works. These horses are not mistreated or overworked, so don’t be worried.

The care given to their horses, including regular time spent outside in green spaces where they may wander, is something that each company will be happy to discuss with you. Spend money on a private carriage ride for two, or if it is a bit out of your price range, buy a private section of a public tour to give you and your partner some privacy from other people.

6. Middleton Place

Middleton Place is one of the best places in Charleston for couples who appreciate the fragrance of springtime roses while strolling through the lovely surroundings of this region. The Gardens of Middleton are the perfect setting for couples who want a little corny romanticism. A popular activity for couples in Charleston is a visit to the Gardens.

The Middleton Garden has always been blazing with brilliant plant varieties, thanks to French botanist Andre Michaux, who initially dotted the grounds with Camellias. After smelling the roses in the Garden, proceed to the Middleton Place Museum to see historical images of people who fought for their beliefs.

7. Sail Away On The Schooner Pride

You can’t help but take a boat out to sea to photograph the picturesque sights of Charleston because its port is so gorgeous. Sailing the Schooner Pride is one of the most romantic activities for couples in Charleston. While you celebrate with wine and try some beer on the ship, the 84′ tall ship Schooner Pride will transport you over the waterways.

The most excellent views from the ship are guaranteed on a sunset trip. A dolphin or a pelican may appear out of nowhere and entertain you with flips and dives. Take pictures to capture your time on the Schooner. The historic Battery is passed when you sail through it to Fort Johnson, Fort Sumter, and other locations, including the USS Yorktown.

8. Magnolia Plantation And Gardens

The Magnolia Plantations and Gardens are aesthetically pleasing locations that reflect the concept of romance in its essence. The Garden’s environment and design are distinctive and were inspired by modern-style gardens. When you take a quick look at some of the Garden’s earliest parts, its historical significance becomes apparent.

They go back 300 years by tracing their steps. The diversity of flowers in this garden, including camellias, daffodils, and azaleas, are set up in exciting arrangements to catch people’s attention. With its cypress and tupelo gum trees, the Audubon Swamp Garden is a natural habitat for various animals and birds.

9. Dock Street Theatre

The Dock Street Theatre, which is owned by the City of Charleston, and serves as the home of the Charleston Stage Company, is a working, dancing relic of Charleston’s cultural past. As this theater was opened in 1736, its charming ironwork street front undoubtedly has memories to relate if walls could talk!

Since its start, the Dock Street Theatre has seen America’s first opera, a crushing fire, abandonment during the Civil War, and numerous restorations and reconstructions. To explore the historic French Quarter neighborhood, take a stroll down East Bay Street, Queen Street, and Church Street. Make reservations at one of the nearby fine dining restaurants on Broad or East Bay streets.

10. Walk By The Waterfront

Walking along Charleston’s waterfront on a bright day is a remarkably romantic activity. Because of the consistently pleasant weather, spending time on the waterfront is nearly never unpleasant. Additionally, there are lovely historic homes with beautiful facades to admire, as in Charleston.

The Waterfront Park to E Bay Street would be a fantastic location to start, with a brief detour to view Rainbow Row. From there, stroll along the water’s edge on E Bay Street in the direction of The Battery. The walk provides stunning vistas of the Cooper River and Fort Sumter in the background and elegant waterfront residences.

11. See Rainbow Row

Together, exploring new locations is always enjoyable. But if the area you are exploring is stunning, it is even more enjoyable! You should travel to Rainbow Row to find such a location. There are thirteen vibrant homes on Rainbow Row, a street in Charleston. Each home is a row of Georgian-style homes. And in the United States, these thirteen represent the largest cluster of this sort.

A pastel color characterizes them all. However, they didn’t always appear that way. During restoration work in their thirties and forties, they acquired this color. Going here is not just a romantic pastime. Charleston, it’s also a fantastic location for photos. Try to get as many vibrant houses in one picture as you can!

12. Kiawah Island Beach Getaway

Kiawah Island is one of the best places in Charleston for couples, which can be reached by car from Charleston in about 45 minutes; it is ideal for a romantic honeymoon beach getaway. Bicycling, a favorite year-round pastime of honeymooners and residents, is perfect on the hard-packed sand at locations like Beachwalker Park.

This green barrier island is well-known for its lengthy 10-mile shoreline and fantastic leisure opportunities. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a five-star coastal resort with top-tier amenities such as a seaside spa, outdoor pools, and more than a dozen places to eat scattered throughout the island.

13. Explore The Art Galleries With Your Love

A terrific pastime for you and your spouse if you both enjoy art is visiting Charleston’s art galleries. So much remains to be learned. Charleston has a wide variety of art galleries to visit. From current pieces to more traditional works to modern art. The city has everything you need! Where should you go, though?

Robert Lange Studios is regarded as one of the top art galleries. This gallery specializes in modern realism and showcases both lesser-known and more well-known artists. The Atrium Art Gallery is fantastic as well. Black-and-white photography, abstract art, modern artwork, and other types are all represented here.

14. An Evening Spooky Tour

You probably did not expect to find a ghost tour on a list of romantic activities in Charleston, South Carolina. Hold on to your partner as you hear horror stories and tales from Charleston’s past. So, whether you want anything PG or something so frightening that you won’t be able to sleep that night, you’ll be able to discover something that meets the criteria.

You will see Charleston’s haunted streets and cemeteries as part of the Pleasing Terrors Night Ghost Tour. You’ll discover Charleston’s history, folklore, and ghost stories without the unpleasant dramatics used on many current ghost tours. It isn’t nearly as spooky as the jailhouse tour because you are outside the entire time.

15. The Streets Of The French Quarter

The best romantic activity in Charleston is undoubtedly taking a stroll through the French Quarter. The longest cobblestone road in Charleston is where the trip starts. As you drive along the route, you can see notable landmarks, including the Dock Theater, St. Philip’s Church, and Unity Alley.

Travel all the way to get the best pictures of the harbor castle. You could walk along the cobblestone streets and alleys like the French merchants who used to live here. It’s also an excellent time to go to the historical cemeteries. Locate parks with a natural feel that makes people want to unwind for a bit.

16. Enjoy A Romantic Dinner For Two

Several excellent date night restaurants in Charleston, SC, serve anything from exquisite dining to secluded waterfront settings. At Hall’s Chophouse, indulge in some of the most excellent steaks you’ve ever had, while at High Cotton, savor delectable Southern fare.

Go to Bowens Island if you want to eat at a unique Charleston, South Carolina restaurant. This undiscovered gem is a favorite among locals and tourists because it offers a wide selection of fresh seafood and breathtaking waterfront views. Additionally, it’s among the most romantic spots to view a spectacular Lowcountry sunset.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of attractions for couples in Charleston, SC! There are many fascinating best places in Charleston for couples, such as visiting local breweries, shopping in lovely markets, and exploring parks, gardens, and beaches. You’ll have a great date whether you try just one of these ideas or all of them!

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