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Pulihora - Mouth-Watering Andhra Dishe To Try

8 Mouth-Watering Andhra Dishes To Try (2024)

No matter whichever place you talk about, each and every one of them will have their own set of culinary treasures. They will have their own unique tastes, flavors and spices. All of these factors are enough to change the complete architecture of a dish. If you are a foodie, then the first thing that you would look for in a vacation destination even before sightseeing attractions would be their most popular dishes. After all, you would not want to miss out on trying any of the iconic dishes. Moreover, when the place we are talking about is as large as Andhra Pradesh where each region has their own dishes, confusion is bound to happen. In some parts of the Andhra Pradesh state, till date some dishes are made using historical recipes which date back as long as to the time of Madras Presidency. However, you don’t have to go through millions of pages finding the top Andhra dishes to try because we have already done the work for you. Continue reading to know more!

8 Mouth-Watering Andhra Dishes to Try

  1. Pulihora: Though the name is a bit unique but this Andhra dish is basically an exotic version of tamarind rice. This dish alone is enough to tease and play with your taste buds. Enriched with spicy flavours which give the dish a tangy, salty, spicy as well as sour taste all at the same time. Some of the main ingredients which combine together to shape this dish are tamarind, curry leaves, mustard seeds and tomatoes. You will notice that this dish is considered as one of the prime dishes in any of the festivities or special gatherings. If you wish to get a real and authentic taste of Andhra cuisine, then it is highly recommended that you give this Pulihora a genuine try and be rest assured, you will not end up disappointed! Pulihora - Mouth-Watering Andhra Dishe To Try Image Source
  2. Pesarattu: If you are wondering what exactly is this weird sounding dish, then let us tell you that Pesarattu is one of the most popular Andhra dishes. It often finds itself a place in the breakfast meals of many local people. It is basically a mouth-watering dosa but what makes it different from rest of the dosas is the fact that it is made up of green moong dal. It is loved by almost everyone, locals as well as the travellers. This moong dal dosa is commonly served along with either coconut chutney or chilli–tomato chutney or both, according to the preference of the eater. If you want to get a real taste of the native Pesarattu flavour, then it is advised that you visit one of the authentic food corners in Andhra Pradesh only.
    Mouth-Watering Andhra Dish to Try-Pesarattu
    Image Source
  3. Punugulu: This is once again an Andhra Pradesh dish with a very weird name but don’t go ahead and start judging it by this mere fact. If you are a person who is more interested in crunchy snacks rather than the complete heavy dishes, then Punugulu is the ideal Andhra dish to try for you. In the state, many of the people love eating this delicious snack whenever they crave for munching something along with a cup of tea or coffee. Simple yet mouth – watering, Punugulu is prepared with the normal Idli batter and is deep fried until it turns golden brown. Once ready, this lip – smacking sack is served along with a coconut ginger chutney. The combination of the two is a perfect treat for your taste buds as well as your foodie soul.
    Best Andhra Dish to Try-Punugulu
    Image Source
  4. Curd Rice: You may think that who eats rice with just curd but when in Andhra Pradesh no meal is complete without serving this light yet yummy dish of curd rice. As far as curd rice is concerned, their fan following is not just limited to the state of Andhra Pradesh but even extends till Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Nothing extraordinary but everyone loves this dish once they get a taste of it. One can easily prepare it at their home using simple ingredients like unsweetened curd, assorted vegetables and rice. To add in additional flavor, the dish is often blended with chopped green chillies, curry leaves and ginger. Some people even season the rice with a tadka of cumin seeds, urad dals and mustard seeds. Not only the dish is light and easy to digest but it is extremely yummy and carries multiple health benefits too.
    Andhra Pradesh Mouth-Watering Dish-Curd Rice
    Image Source
  5. Bobbatlu: If you are a person with a sweet tooth and are thinking that there is no top Andhra dish to try for you, then you are highly mistaken. Bobbatlu, also known by the name of Puran Poli in Maharshtra, is an all-time favourite dish among the locals. In fact, in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, this classic sweet dish is considered quite pious. This dish finds a place for itself in the kitchens often at the times of important festivals or occasions. The outer layer of Bobbatlu is made of wheat or refined flour, while inside it is stuffed with a mixture of lentils and jaggery. It is mainly this stuffing that gives the dish its unique, delicate and inviting flavor.
    Top Andhra Dish Bobbatlu
    Image Source
  6. Andhra Chicken Biryani: As far as biryani is concerned, the state has given an entirely new perspective to the definition and taste to it. When it comes to the original delicious Andhra chicken biryani, it is made using a rich combination of aromatic herbs and spices. This fierce combination gives the long and thin rice grains an exceptionally addictive taste. The vegetables are tossed and mixed with chicken to bring the final taste which everyone craves. It is one of the must try Andhra dishes for every non-vegetarian.
    Andhra Chicken Biryani-Mouth-Watering Dish
    Image Source
  7. Dondakaya Fry: If you are looking for a simple but delicious homestyle Andhra dish, then your search will end with this dish. It is basically a stir fry item that is prepared with Parwal curry. This Andhra dish is completely healthy and is enriched with a lot of beneficial vitamins. In fact, the local people love this dish as it boasts of being an amazing body detoxifier as well. Since it is prepared with nuts and spices, it carries a different crispy nutty taste. It can be served with freshly made roti, rasam or rice. Mouth watering and carrying multiple health benefits, what more could one ask from a dish.
    One of Best Andhra Dish Dondakaya Fry
    Image Source
  8. Vada/Wada: This popular South Indian recipe has been loved all over the country and has found a special place for itself in the kitchens of states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Though it may be known by a variety of names in different regions such as Ulli Garelu, Medu Vada, Ulundu Vadai or Uzhunni Vada, the core taste of the dish remains the same. The main ingredient being Urad dal, this doughnut-like recipe is widely prepared during festivals or important celebrations.
    Popular Andhra Dish Vada/Wada
    Image Source

As far as Andhra cuisine is concerned, it is better for you to make a list beforehand of the dishes you wish to try because once you actually go there, you will come across a sea of dishes and you will just end up overwhelmed with all of these unique flavours and exceptional love.


Q1. What is Andhra Pradesh Famous For?

Ans. With the Bay of Bengal to its west and boasting of two beautiful rivers- Krishna and Godavari, the state of Andhra Pradesh not only claims to have the longest coastline in India but has a plethora of sightseeing attractions too.

Q2. Does Andhra cuisine offer non – vegetarian options only?

Ans. No, one can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Andhra cuisine.

Q3. Why is Andhra Pradesh called Mexico of India?

Ans. The state has been given this name because of its fiery spicy dishes. The Nawabi culture inspired meals have resulted in making Andhra cuisine red hot.

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