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Hampi Festival - Popular Fairs and Festival of Karnataka

8 Popular Fairs and Festivals of Karnataka (2024)

No matter whichever destination you choose to visit and how many interesting attractions it houses, but the overall experience improves manifold when you get a chance to take part in the local festivities of the place. If the vacation destination, you are planning to visit is Karnataka, then you have nothing to worry about. Karnataka state hosts a variety of exhibitions and festivals. Be it a dance festival, a traditional puja, a patriotic event, exhibitions or even performances, the state of Karnataka will offer you this and a lot more. Do you want to know more about the fairs and festivals of Karnataka? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have brought for you some of the top fairs and festivals to attend in Karnataka.

8 Popular Fairs and Festivals of Karnataka

1. Hampi Festival

This is one of the significant events that is celebrated with a lot of vigour and excitement in South India. Also known by the name of ‘Vijaya Utsava’, this cultural extravaganza is organised in the South Indian village of Hampi in Karnataka which in itself is a popular tourist and heritage site. The event is graced by the presence of many famous artists and musicians who showcase their marvellous talent. In short, one can say that this cultural festival in Karnataka is an ideal combination of color, fun, light and excitement! Hampi Festival - Popular Fairs and Festival of Karnataka

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When is Hampi Festival Celebrated?: January 2020.

Duration of Festival: 3 days.

Highlights of Hampi Festival: There are many dance and music performances as well as stalls selling several exciting stuff including handicrafts and trinkets in this annual cultural extravaganza.

2. Makar Sankranti:

In the entire country of India, Makar Sankranti is considered as an important harvest festival. It is also one of the most famous festivals in Karnataka. The festival is mainly dedicated to the Sun God. Festivities are in full swing during the celebrations. Colourful decorations can be seen all around. People even draw beautiful rangolis outside their homes. Almost every house, schools and even colleges are decorated prettily. If you actually wish to be a part of the festivities and witness the traditional rituals, then this festival should be on your top priority.

Popular Fair and Festival of Karnataka-Makar Sankranti
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When is it Celebrated?
January 2020.

Duration of Festival: 1 day.

Highlights of Festival: This harvest festival in Karnataka is famous for all the decorations, colors and rituals.

3. Ugadi

You may also know this festival by the name of Gudi Padwa. This is considered as an important festival in Hindu religion as it marks the beginning of a new year according to the Hindu calendar. If the legends are to be believed, then it said that it was on the day of Gudi Padwa that Lord Brahma initiated the creation of the universe. The festival is celebrated with a loss of zest and excitement in Karnataka. It is one of the main festivals in Karnataka!

Popular Festival of Karnataka-Ugadi
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When is it celebrated?
March 2020.

Duration of festival: 1 day.

Highlights of festival: People believe it to be an extremely auspicious day. Hence many people purchase a new asset or start a new venture on Gudi Padwa.

4. Ganesha Chaturthi

No matter whichever state you visit in India, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic. Similarly, it is considered as a top festival in Karnataka too. However, the only difference there is the kind of festivities. In Karnataka, even before the festival starts, the festivities begin many days before. A lot of temples and houses are decorated beautifully with pretty flowers and leaves in order to welcome Lord Ganesha. Other than the celebrations, festivities and decorations, a variety of sweets are also prepared for the occasion which are extremely delicious.

Popular Festival of Karnataka-Ganesha Chaturthi
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When is it celebrated?
August 2020.

Duration of festival: 11 days.

Highlights of festival: Celebrating birth of Lord Ganesha and sweets like Modakam, Pavasams and Kosambari form the true essence of the festival.

5. Sri Vithappa Fair

It is another major fair and festival of Karnataka. This particular fair is held every year on the 14th or 15th day of the month of Aswija. A lot of people from far and away come to Karnataka, especially to be a part of the celebration of Sri Vithappa Fair. During the festival, even a puja is organised which is further followed by a colourful procession. In short, one can say it is a prime festival with great religious and cultural significance.

Festival of Karnataka-Sri Vithappa Fair
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When is it celebrated?
September to October.

Duration of festival: 3 days.

Highlights of festival: The puja and the colourful procession are the two things for which the festival is popular.

6. Dussehra

Though Dussehra is celebrated throughout the country, the charm of the festival in Karnataka is exceptional. Popularly known by the name of ‘Mysuru Dasara’, it is considered as one of the biggest festivals in Karnataka. During the entire span of festivities, the state is brimming with excitement. If you want to experience the celebration of Mysore Dasara at its peak, then Mysore Palace is the place to be at. Decorated beautifully with about 10,000 light bulbs, it is a mesmerising sight to watch. Many dance and music performances are also organised around the state during Dussehra.

Amazing Festival of Karnataka-Dussehra
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When is it celebrated?
October 2020.

Duration of festival: 10 days.

Highlights of festival: Huge statues of Ravana are burned by Ram on Dussehra to commemorate the win of good over evil.

7. Groundnut Festival

 Also known by the name of Kadalekai Parishe, groundnut festival is an annual festival celebrated in Bangalore, Karnataka. One can indulge in the celebrations of the festival at Dodda Ganesha Temple in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. On this occasion, many people from nearby cities bring their first groundnut harvest to the market. According to the tradition, farmers offer their first groundnut produce to Lord Basava at the temple. To be a part of this unique festival in Karnataka, you should plan your trip around the last Monday of Karthika Masa.

Sight-seeing Festival of Karnataka-Groundnut Festival

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When is it celebrated? November 2020.

Duration of festival: 2 days.

Highlights of festival: A variety of groundnuts are available and one can even get the chance to taste some top – quality groundnuts at Dodda Ganesha Temple during this festival.

8. Mahamastakabhisheka

 It is believed to be one of the most significant festivals in Karnataka, especially among the Jain community. Celebrated every 12 years in the town of Shravanabelagola, people come from across the country to be a part of the festivities. On this occasion, the statue is bathed with a mixture of milk, powder of vermillion, saffron paste, ghee and turmeric. Many devotees even make huge offerings of gold and silver coins to the statue as a token of respect and gratitude.

Most Popular Festival of Karnataka-Mahamastakabhisheka
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When is it celebrated? Every 12 years. It was last celebrated in 2018.

Duration of festival: 9 days.

Highlights of festival: The Gomateshwara statue at Shravanabelagola is a wonder in itself and the whole festive celebration makes it even more attractive.

These fairs and festivals of Karnataka not only give us a chance to get a glimpse of the rituals, traditions and culture of the state but also feed us more information about the significance of those events.


Q1. What is Karnataka Popular For?

Ans. Karnataka is a culturally, historically and religiously significant state that houses many exciting attractions including stunning temples, ancient churches, majestic palaces and historical forts.

Q2. What Are The Top Historical Places To Visit In Karnataka?

Ans. Some of the most popular historical places you can visit in Karnataka are Badami Cave Temple, Mysore Palace and Bidar Fort.

Q3. What Are The Popular Foods In Karnataka?

Ans. Some of the staple food items you will find everywhere in Karnataka include Jowar, wheat rotis, millets, buttermilk, pickles and spicy curries. Ragi ball is one of the must try traditional dishes of the state.

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