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Gundlupet Sunflower Fields

Visit Gundlupet Sunflower Fields : A Perfect Weekend Getaway In Karnataka To Witness A Fairytale-like Land! (2023)

No one would disagree that sunflowers are amongst the most gorgeous flowers in the world. If you love these flowers and want to be amidst a garden of sunflowers then you need to go on a trip to Gundlupet in Karnataka. This is also known as the “Valley of Flowers” or “Flower Pot” of Karnataka. The Sunflower field in Gundlupet is no less than any fantasy world. This makes a perfect weekend getaway in Karnataka. We assure you that being present amidst these beautiful yellow sunflowers, you will feel like entering into a fairytale land. Let us take a look further to discover more about Gundlupet Sunflower Field.

Let’s Know About The Small Town Of Gundlupet In Karnataka!

One of the most exciting yet less-known places in Karnataka is Gundlupet, which is blessed with Sunflower fields. You can feel the happy vibes when you visit the Gundlupet Sunflower fields. Along with sunflowers, one can also find numerous marigolds and other flowers here. Though it is not well-known to many tourists, this could be the perfect destination for you if you love beauty and nature.

Gundlupet Sunflower Fields

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Also known as the “Valley of flowers”, Gudlupet is dotted at a distance of around 200 km from Bengaluru and can be considered one of the best weekend getaways in Karnataka. Gundlupet is a small town that is present in the Charmarajanagar district of the state of Karnataka. It is on the Mysore-Ooty Highway.  This small town, Gundlupet is a border town between Karnataka and Kerala. This is the last town in Karnataka in transit to Ooty, Kozhikode, or Wayanad.

Gundlupet Sunflower Fields: Where The Sunflowers Bloom Bright!

The sunflower fields of Gundlupet are located just next to the Gopalaswamy Hills. If you are looking for a perfect spot to make some reels and add them to your Instagram feed, then you should visit this sunflower field in Gundlupet. Thousands of sunflowers together look like a sea of yellow flowers. Nestled amid lush hills, Gundlupet sunflower fields give you some stunning views and make you feel like a fairy in the land of flowers. You might have to pay a small fee for entering the sunflower field, but in the end, it will be worthwhile.

The sunflowers that grow in these fields of Gundlupet are not just for show. These flowers are taken to Mysuru for extraction of sunflower oil. Marigolds found here are sent all over south India for their use in various temples.

Best Time To Visit Gundlupet Sunflower Fields: Because Time Really Matters!

There is always a perfect time for everything. The best time to visit Gundlupet is between June and September. This is because during this time the sunflowers are in full bloom. However, if you love waterfalls then monsoon is also a good time to visit as you can find some amazing waterfalls nearby. You can also plan a trip during winter when if you do not see many sunflowers, you can at least see innumerable marigolds feeling like clouds of flowers.
Gundlupet Sunflower Field: Perfect For Road Trips!

Are you fond of road trips? If yes, and if you are in South India, you should plan a road trip to Gundlupet sunflower fields. A road trip to this place is an idyllic ride to peace and rejuvenation. This makes a perfect destination for road trips because you can enjoy nature and also witness rural scenery and also some majestic yet hidden waterfalls on the route. On your way, you might also witness some beautiful wildflower fields. The best thing is that this place is not too far away from civilization and thus is a safe place to drive and roam around. Moreover, it is located at a perfect distance from various tourist destinations like Bengaluru, Hampi, and Gokarna.

Gundlupet Sunflower Field: Where You Get The Picture Perfect!

Have you been waiting for a perfect photoshoot or selfie for the display picture of your Instagram or other social media profile? Do you want to add a new reel to your timeline? If yes, then Gundlupet sunflower fields could be the best place in Karnataka for you.

We assure you that every picture that you take of the sunflowers would feel like a dream. These fields of sunflowers make them a great spot for photography. Though the farmers in the sunflower fields might charge you a nominal amount for taking the pictures inside, it is perfectly okay when you get your picture perfect.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind is to be respectful of nature and not to damage any flowers while clicking the pictures.

NOTE: Do not trespass, if there are warning signs mentioned anywhere in the sunflower fields.

How To Reach This Beautiful Valley Of Sunflower?

You can reach Gundlupet by road, taking the Mysore-Ooty highway or the Mysore-Calicut NH-212 highway from Bengaluru in Karnataka. This is the last town in Karnataka and is close to Tamil Nadu and Kerala borders. You can even take the NH-67 highway, which begins from Gundlupet and ends in Nagapattinam in the state of Tamil Nadu via Ooty and Coimbatore.

The nearest airport is Mysuru airport which is 61 km away from the destination. You can also choose railways. The nearest railway stations are Mysore Junction, Srirangapatna, Pandavapura, etc.

Places To Visit And Things To Do In Gundlupet That Make It A Perfect Weekend Getaway In Karnataka

Visit Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta/Gopalaswamy Hill:

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta or Gopalaswamy Hill is a beautiful place where you can visit near Gundlupet. It is a majestic loft hill with a height of 1450 m above sea level. You can witness a surprising view of the sunflower and marigold fields of Gundlupet from the top of the hill. This place is one of the best spots for tourists because it is filled with natural beauty and you can also take elephant rides here. You should also visit the splendid Gopalaswamy Temple, which is located at the top of the hill. It is dedicated to Lord Venugopal Swamy, who is an incarnation of Lord Krishna. This is an amazing spiritual spot.

Detach From Busy Life And Feel Rejuvenated:

Gundlupet gives you a chance to detach from the hustle and bustle of life and spend peaceful time amid the beautiful gardens of sunflowers. You can go on a picnic to this spot and we are sure that this would be a great way to detox.

Take Some Amazing Pictures

The Sunflower fields in Gundlupet offer you great scope to take some amazing pictures, especially if you visit the place around sunrise or sunset. You will surely capture some stunning photographs that would include memories to cherish forever.

Try Out Local Cuisine:

You can add some extra excitement to your trip to Gundlupet in Karnataka by trying out the local cuisine at the restaurants here. As we already mentioned that Gundlupet is located on the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, food served here has a touch of cuisines from the two states of South India. You can try out Mangalorean fish curry with rice, and also Kerala-style meals, and satisfy your taste buds and fill your tummy. You can also get all types of Indian, Continental, Italian, and authentic South Indian foods here.

Places To Stay In Gundlupet: Cozy Stay As Per Your Needs!

When you are visiting any place to spend your weekend, you must be looking for comfortable and safe accommodations. At Gundlupet, you will find some cozy hotels at budget-friendly prices. Below are some of the budget lodges in Gundlupet that are known for their supreme hospitality and best price.  

1. Surabhi Paradise

Address: RM8P+J27, NH-212, Gundlupet, Karnataka 571111

Approximate Price: Rs. 729 onwards

2. Sri Guruprasad Hotel

Address: Hanuman Plaza, Mysuru-Ooty Road, Gundlupet, Karnataka 571111

Approximate Price: Rs. 787/- onwards

If you are looking for luxurious resorts then also you get some fair options in Gundlupet. Though the prices are extremely high in these resorts, you can, however, get five-star facilities and treatments here and that too amid nature.

1. The Serai Bandipur

Address: Kaniyanpura Village, Mangala Post, Gundlupet, Taluk, Mysuru, Karnataka 571126

Approximate Price: Rs. 14,000 onwards

2. Windflower Jungle Resorts and Spa

Address: Mangala Village, Gundalapet, Taluk, Bandipur, Karnataka 571126

Approximate Price: Rs. 14, 600.- onwards

Witness This Fairytale-Like Land And Spend An Amazing Weekend!

A trip to Gundlupet sunflower field would surely be one of its kind experience. This place would surely give you a chance to witness the floral bliss and recreate some of the most enchanting moments of your life. The scenic view all over this place, beautiful things to do and places to visit around, and comfortable places to stay, surely makes Gundlupet one of the best weekend getaways in Karnataka. So, witness this fairytale-like land and make your weekend quite valuable.

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