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5 Most Popular Weekend Destinations from Mysore (2022)

The South of India has several destinations that cater to all kinds of tourism. One such place, Mysore, has its share of religious and heritage tourism sites and has several other places of tourist interest in its vicinity.

5 Most Popular Weekend Destinations from Mysore

Here’s a list of the best weekend destinations from Mysore.

1. Udhagamandalam (Ooty)

Udhagamandalam or Ooty is one of the most famous hill stations in India, and it has a Bollywood connection as well. Many of the movies of Mithun Chakraborthy were shot in Ooty, making it the favorite of producers of the South movie industry. Ooty has several tourist destinations, making it one of the most interesting weekend destinations from Mysore.

At Udhagamandalam, which tourists prefer to call Ooty, you can visit Pyakara Waterfalls, which gives you a serene and thrilling experience – both at the same time – during the monsoons. A cleft in the palms of nature, the Pyakara Waterfalls are a great venue to forget the humdrum of daily life. At Ooty, you can also visit the Dodabetta Peak, the highest point in South India, at about 8000 meters. The major aspect here is the view of the Nilgiri valley.

Other than this, the other natural marvels here are the Lamb’s Rock, the Dolphin’s Nose, the Pine Forest so on and so forth. The Pine Forest was a popular shooting location for several Bollywood movies back in the seventies. You can also spend some time at the Catherine Waterfalls and the Kamaraj Sagar Lake. One popular contemporary location in Ooty is the Tea Museum, which provides everything you’d ever like to know about tea and the role it plays in contemporary India.

Ooty is a popular tourist location, possibly one such tourist location that every Indian who has a tourist bent of mind has visited. There are several accommodation facilities available here that cater to all budgets. Ooty is one of the most popular weekend destinations from Mysore.

It will take you about 4 hours to travel from Mysore to Ooty. Ooty doesn’t have an airport. If you plan to travel from Mysore to Ooty via train, you will have to change trains either at Pandavapura or Channapatna and then proceed to Ooty by cab or bus.

2. Coorg

Coorg is about 100 km away from Mysore, and a popular hill station in the South of India. It’s so popular because it offers all options for the tourist and is a veritable feast for the ones who are looking for nature tourism. Coorg is popular for its coffee plantations. The visuals of the coffee plantations cascading through the hillsides are something that makes Coorg a postcard-ready area. The various places to visit in Coorg are the Nisargadhama, Madikeri Fort, the Mallali Falls, the Golden Temple monastery, and other places.

For those looking for some excitement in their outing, the hikes to Tadiadamol are a pretty good option. The Tadiadamol Peak offers a mesmerizing view of the hillside. The highest point of the Peak is at 5300 feet, so this is a major trek, and those who are physically fit and experienced in trekking should try this one. If you aren’t up to it, you can spend some time at the magnificent Nalknad Palace that’s situated at the base of the hill.

If you are more of a water baby, head over to the Barapole River Rafting and experience a unique experience that tourists consider to be the most premium of them all -river rafting. Several companies offer these services at the rapids of Coorg. In Coorg, you can also visit the Dubare Elephant Camp, which is another unique experience as it gives information about elephants and offers you a chance to interact with the pachyderm. Coorg has several hotels, hostels, and other types of accommodation. Coorg doesn’t have a railway station and doesn’t have an airport. So, the only way that you can reach Coorg is via road. The various tourist destinations make Coorg the perfect weekend escape from Mysore.

3. Wayanad

Wayanad is now becoming popular because of its political importance, but it is a pretty good destination to chill for a while. Wayanad offers options for trekking, cycling and even visiting and camping in the caves. Wayanad is home to the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary. In Wayanad, you can also experience the unique activity of Bamboo rafting, at Kuruva Island. To reach Wayanad from Mysore, the best route is the road. Wayanad is about 130 km away from Mysore, and you can either take a bus or a private vehicle to complete your journey to one of the most popular weekend destinations from Mysore.

4. Bandipur National Park

The Bandipur National Park is a popular tourist location in the South of India and is at a distance of about 90 km from Mysore. The park has the second-highest number of tigers in the country. Along with tigers, the Bandipur National Park is home to several other endangered species. You will see the chital, langurs, elephants and other wild-life.

This park is a treat for people who like to view different types of trees and plants as well. Bandipur is famous for its butterfly population also, and you will be able to spot both commonly found and rare butterflies at Bandipur. Because of the number of animals, insects, birds, and wildlife, Bandipur is a nature photographer’s delight.

At Bandipur, you have the opportunity to book a safari that takes you through all the spots where you can spot wildlife. In some cases, the safari will also consist of food and beverages. Near Bandipur, you will see several hotels, and the costs vary from 1000 to 3000 rupees, depending on the amenities and services that you want.

The best way to travel from Mysore to Bandipur is via road, as it is just an hour’s drive. If you plan to travel via train, you will need to get down at Nanjangud, which is about 90 km away from Bandipur.

5. Nagarhole National Park

The Nagarhole National Park is about 100 km away from Mysore. This is a quaint, little-known National Park but is famous among nature enthusiasts. The Nagarhole National Park is home to wildlife including deer, elephant, sambar, and others. At the Nagarhole National Park, you can opt for a safari, and that will take you through all the major points in the Park and you have a better chance of spotting the animals that you want to. The only way to travel from Mysore to Nagarhole National Park is via road. The hotels around Nagarhole offer accomodation at a premium, and the prices might go even until 3000 rupees day. The road trip is about 2 hours and the total distance is about 100 km away from Mysore.

These are some of the best weekend destinations from Mysore that you can visit.

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