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Dubare Elephant Camp - Bylakuppe The Beautiful Indian Tibet Near Coorg in Karnataka

Visit Bylakuppe-The Beautiful Indian Tibet Near Coorg in Karnataka (2024)

The beautiful ‘Indian Tibet’ Bylakuppe is a destination you just can’t get enough of. It is the only Tibetan establishment outside of Tibet in the whole world. A cluster of twenty small villages, and consisting of a Tibetan study institute and several monasteries, this magical place is situated in the district of Mysore, near Coorg in Karnataka. Among the best places to visit in Karnataka, if you are looking for a quick getaway from city life, Bylakuppe should be your destination. Therefore, with this guide and your bags, head towards Bylakuppe for a mini vacation.

How To Get To Bylakuppe?

You can easily get to Bylakuppe, the land of enchantment via all routes. Let us elaborate on it a bit more for your understanding.

Flight: If your choice of travel is by flight, then the nearest airport, at around 100 km from Bylakuppe, is the Mysore airport. As it is a well-connected airport, it will be a comfortable ride. From the airport, you will get options for both buses and taxis to reach Bylakuppe.

Road: By road, you will find various active KSRTC buses leaving from major cities of Karnataka, such as Mysore and Bangalore. You can pre-book your seats and have a smooth ride to Bylakuppe.  How To Get To Bylakuppe

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Rail: If you are comfortable traveling via railway, then the nearest station is the Mysore Junction Railway Station, which is about 83 km away from Bylakuppe. Once at the station, you can board a KSRTC bus or hire a private taxi or cab.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Bylakuppe?

The best time to visit Bylakuppe would be during the Tibetian New Year or Losar, as is called in the local language. The entire town of Bylakuppe turns on its festive mode and becomes a beautiful carnival to enjoy. This festival is celebrated for around two weeks. It is usually during February or in the earlier half of March. Thus, during these months, visiting Bylakuppe would give you the best experience of the charm and beauty of Bylakuppe.

Things To Do In Bylakuppe

There are a lot of things that you can do while in Bylakuppe. Among them are the top places to visit in Bylakuppe. There are also activities for you here. Let us take a look!

Namdroling Monastery

Also known as the Golden Temple because of its beautiful golden paintings and idols, it is the oldest of the four Buddhist Tibetan schools. Its original name is Padmasambhava Buddhist Vihara. You can enjoy the beauty of this monastery with its Tibetan structures and wall paintings, all telling the stories of Buddhism. Among many other celebrations held here, the Tibetan New Year is the most popular and most gorgeous of all events that you must take part in!

Visiting hours: 7 am – 8 pm.  Top place to visit in Bylakuppe - Namdroling Monastery

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Dubare Elephant Camp

You will absolutely love the Dubare Elephant Camp if you are a nature lover. Though the main attraction here is, as you could guess, the elephants, it has so much more to offer. Situated around 25 km away from the central city, nestled on the banks of river Kaveri, this place is a treasure trove of nature and its wonders. Various types of animals and birds are seen here in their natural habitat. And for the adventure hearts, this place also has trekking trails for you to explore! It is, without a doubt, one of the must-visit places in Bylakuppe!

Dubare Elephant Camp - Bylakuppe The Beautiful Indian Tibet Near Coorg in Karnataka

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Serpom Monastic University

For the ones who want to know more about Buddhism, this non-profit organization acts as an institute for them. Welcoming one and all, this place does not work based on discrimination and accepts anyone who wishes to learn. Providing free knowledge, food, shelter to all those who come here, this place is a hub of peace and wisdom. 

Island of Nisargadhama

You can take a one-day trip to the island of Nisargadhama, which is almost a 30-minute car ride away from Bylakuppe. The rope bridge across the Kaveri River, the bamboo groves, and the teak and sandalwood trees are some prominent and beautiful features of this island.  Best place to visit in Bylakuppe - Island of Nisargadhama

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Madikeri Coffee Plantations

Around 40 km away from Bylakuppe lies the famous coffee plantation of Madikeri. You can enjoy a walk among the green plantations and enjoy their delicious coffee. After all, what can be better than hot coffee and beautiful sceneries? 

Go Shopping!

Bylakuppe also has a colorful shopping district to do your fair share of souvenir shopping. Places such as the Camp1 Market and the Tibetan Shopping Centre are shoppers’ favorite spots, giving access to beautiful clothes, delicious food, and so many more!

Accommodations in Bylakuppe

For accommodations, usually, you can travel to Coorg for the night. If you wish to stay at Bylakuppe, then you can either stay at the monasteries or rent a simple BnB at the village. You can also find guest houses here. As for overseas tourists, they require a special ‘Protected Area Permit’ to stay over at Bylakuppe.

Traveler’s Tips For Visiting Bylakuppe

While you are visiting one of the best tourist places in Karnataka, there are a few things that will help you travel and enjoy Bylakuppe better. Therefore, before heading down to this beautiful place, look at the few tips we have gathered for you.

The best way to enjoy Bylakuppe is to take your time and explore the village, rather than rushing through it all. Walk through the town, take your time looking around at the monasteries, and only then will you be able to envelope yourself in the mysticism of this enchanting place. 

Whether you believe or not, but do not forget to rotate the holy prayer wheels set up all around the Namdroling Monastery.

Spending time in the monasteries will help you learn a lot of Buddhist mantras and prayers. Therefore, make sure you stick around for a long time.

Showing respect is another way of getting respect. Keeping that in mind, restrict yourself from touching any sacred objects within the monasteries, including the idols. Also, while within the monasteries, always walk barefoot.

If you plan to have a meal in Bylakuppe, keep in mind that food stalls and other food stalls close at 8 pm.


The perfect getaway from the mundane life of the city, Bylakuppe, is your ideal spot for a quick vacation. Indulge in the serenity and beauty of this little village and forget about all your worries. That is why, the next time you want to take a breath, come and visit Bylakuppe!

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