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Malpe Beach - The Hidden Treasure in Karnataka for Beach Lovers

Visit Malpe Beach: The Hidden Treasure in Karnataka for Beach Lovers (2024)

Karnataka is known for its exotic locations ranging from beaches in Goa, dense green forests, and ancient temples. It is a traveler’s paradise. There are innumerable rivers, mountains, hill stations, villages, and so much more. These locations are remote yet beautiful. One such place is the town of Malpe, in Karnataka. More than a town, it is a significant fishing harbor consisting mainly of the mogaveera fishing community. It is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka.

About Malpe

Malpe is a natural port lying in the Udupi district of Karnataka. The main population here is the mogaveera fishing community, and the leading industry here is also fishing. It is known to be the largest fishing harbor in the Udupi district. It lies 6Km to the West of Udupi district. The whole population is either directly or indirectly associated with the fishing industry. Sunsets in the Malpe beach are beautiful and a must-watch. It is said that Malpe is the port where the Tuluvas and the Greeks used to trade. Many hotels, resorts have developed centering the Malpe beach giving rise to quite a strong tourism industry.

Malpe Beach - The Hidden Treasure in Karnataka for Beach Lovers

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About Malpe Beach

Malpe beach is one of the busiest and most beautiful beaches in Karnataka. It is about 66Kms from Mangalore and 6kms from Udupi. Malpe beach is the main attraction of this place. Four rocky islands, namely surround the beach:

  • Daria-Bahadurgad
  • Kari-Illada-kallu
  • Daria-Gadara-Kalluthe
  • Mary’s Islands(thonse paar)  About Malpe BeachImage Source

Malpe is definitely a hidden treasure for beach lovers. There’s white sand as well as pleasant weather all year round. Surrounded by a line of palm trees, Malpe beach is one of a kind. You can enjoy the sunset or engage in the various water activities that happen here. The gentle breeze and the calm waves washing off the white sand from your feet would give you so much peace. The clear blue sky over your head is also to be mentioned. Malpe beach is perfect for all the photography enthusiasts out there. It is India’s first beach that has a 24/7 wifi connection.

Places To Visit Near Malpe Beach

There are quite a lot of places to visit in and around Malpe:

1. Malpe fishing harbor

The Malpe fishing harbor is a colorful and vibrant one. It is a delight to watch all the fishermen at work with perfect coordination. The friendly locals would interact with you and tell you about the must-see places all around. There is also a ship-building yard nearby which you can pay a visit to. 

2. Ram Bhajana Mandir, Kola

When you’re in Malpe, you can go and visit the nearby Ram Bhajana Mandir if you want. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Ram. The temple has a sea-side on one side and backwater on the other side.  

3. Malpe Seawalk

When at the Malpe beach, you should take the Malpe sea walk and walk by it. The cool breeze by the sea under the clear blue sky would mesmerize you. 

4. Paradise Beach

The Paradise beach is perfect for a coastal trek. This beach is beautiful but mostly remains empty, and the current is also vital, which requires proper caution. It is a fifteen-minute boat ride from the Om beach with a charge of 200 INR per person. 

5. St Mary’s Beach

It is a quite popular beach in Karnataka and a must-visit place in Malpe. There are many boat rides available from Malpe to St Mary’s, which you can take.  Great Place To Visit Near Malpe Beach - St Mary’s Beach

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What To Do in Malpe, When To Visit, And How To Reach Malpe

There are many attractions in Malpe, the main one being the Malpe sea beach. There are also the St Mary’s beach, Ullal beach, Bahadurgarh fort, and Anantheshwara and Balarama’s temples. The serene atmosphere, the cool breeze, white sand, and the magnificent sky make the water sports experience even better. The multiple water sports activities that happen at Malpe Beach are:

  • Parasailing
  • Banana boat rides
  • Surfing
  • Speed boat rides
  • Speed boat cruise till St Mary’s island
  • Jetski

All these water sports activities are enjoyable here. The parasailing takes place partly over the sea and somewhat over the beach. It is a popular activity here in Malpe Beach. One can take the speed boat cruise to St Mary’s island, which is a delightful experience. You can also take the banana boat ride and speed boat ride and explore the beautiful Malpe Beach. Surfing lessons are provided at the beach by surfing experts which you can bring any time. It is incredibly safe to go for these water sports activities. The water is clear, and as the boats set, you will feel the thrill.

How To Reach Malpe?

By train: The nearest railway station to Malpe is Udupi Railway Station, which is lying 4 km away.

By air: The nearest airport to Malpe is the Mangalore Airport, which is 58 km away. You can take a bus after getting down at the airport and easily reach Malpey. 

When To Visit Malpe?

It is good to avoid the monsoon here. The month of October-June is the best time to visit Malpe.

Places To Stay Near Malpe Beach

1. Sattva Cottages and Camping

An affordable stay with efficient staff and a complimentary breakfast.

Price: 1400 INR/per night

2. Malpe Sea-Front Cottages

A great stay with safe booking. You can cancel anytime you want.

Price: 3,000 INR/per night

3. Vamoos His Grace Cottage

This place has multiple cottages and comes with free cancellation. It is a vintage type stay and is a great choice.

Price: 2,720

4. Almeda Sea View Cottage

It is a place that has beautiful cottages and is surrounded by a line of palm trees. It comes with free cancellation and doesn’t require any pre-booking. It has a sea-facing balcony.

Price: 4,000 INR.


We can’t work like machines. We all need that one break, be amidst nature, and enjoy to our fullest. If you love beaches, the sunset, white sand, waves, Malpe is undoubtedly your destination. Malpe is one of the most famous tourist places in Karnataka, but people living outside Karnataka are not aware. There are many restaurants and resorts to explore across the Malpe Beach, plus there are many water activities you can indulge in. Plus, this place is affordable. Hence, without thinking twice, book your tickets and visit this exotic place.

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