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Krishna Temple, Udupi

Visit Krishna Temple, Udupi: History, Festivls, Timings, Best Time to Visit, Getting There (2024)

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the Krishna Temple or the Udupi Sri Krishna Matha, is considered as one of the most important and popular religious and pilgrimage sites for the Hindus in South India. In fact, the Krishna temple in Udupi, finds itself a place among the principal pilgrimage sites in the entire country of India. The thing which makes the temple so unique, exceptional and special is the pattern of worship which is followed here.

The temple can be said as a conspicuous centre of the Dvaita Vedanta Hindu Philosophy. According to this philosophy it is believed that Lord Vishnu (who is the supreme soul) as well as the other individual souls have their independent existential realities. Owing to its uniqueness, significance and its immense popularity, the Krishna Temple is regarded as one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. In this article, we have collected all the necessary information about Krishna Temple, knowing which you can make your trip all the more memorable. Continue reading!

Why Should You Visit The Krishna Temple In Udupi?

This auspicious temple in Udupi dedicated to Lord Krishna houses a beautiful idol of Krishna which is adorned with numerous precious jewels and a mesmerising golden chariot. Everything ranging from its interesting legends, history, religious significance to its worshipping pattern, architecture, idols and sculptures, make the Krishna Temple in Udupi a must visit tourist place in Karnataka. If you are still searching for more reasons to visit this holy and sacred place in Udupi, then no worries because we have already prepared a list of reasons which prompt you to pack your bags and visit this temple. Visit Krishna Temple, Udupi

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History: Founded in the 13th century by Shri Madhvacharya, the Vaishnavite saint and the founder of the Dvaiti school of Vedanta, the temple is immensely popular for its idol. It is believed that the Vaishnavite saint found the idol buried in a large stone ball of sandalwood. There are a number of interesting stories associated with the discovery of the idol of Lord Krishna that sits at the temple.

History of Krishna Temple In Udupi, Karnataka
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Unique Way Of Worshipping the Idol:
Another unique feature of the Krishna Temple in Udupi is its exclusive worship style. In this temple, no one gets to have a close or wholesome view of the idol. It is a tradition that the Lord is worshipped only through an exquisitely carved, silver – plated inner window called Navagraha Kitiki, which has nine holes indicating the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Idol: Though nobody gets to see a close view of the idol, but the Lord Krishna idol sitting at the Krishna temple, Udupi is much talked about. It sits all alone in meditational silence and wisdom. The idol wears a beautiful diamond studded gold cover, a regal crown and the brilliant gold lined garments that are studded with precious stones. The Krishna idol is also decorated with fragrant garlands made from fresh flowers and a sacred thread made up of gold yarn.

Idol of Krishna Temple In Udupi, Karnataka
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Like any other temple, the Krishna temple in Udupi is also known to celebrate a plethora of festivals with zest and happiness. Some of the most popular festivals celebrated at the temple are Ramanavami, Krishnashtami, Saptotsava or the Seven Utsavas, Paryaya festival, Deepavali and Hanuman Jayanti. During these festivals, the charm and glory of the temple is unmatchable. Devotees come from far and away to be a part of the festivities.

Festivals of Krishna Temple In Udupi, Karnataka
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The Krishna Temple Timings

Topping the list of top tourist places to visit in Karnataka, the Krishna Temple in Udupi is open on all days of the week for its visitors. It opens right at 4 AM in the morning and has its first seva or the Udayastamana Seva at 5 AM. The final seva or the Ekantha Seva takes place at 8.45 PM. Other than that, the visiting hours of the Krishna temple for the devotees are as follows:

  • Monday 5 AM till 9.30 PM
  • Tuesday 5 AM till 9.30 PM
  • Wednesday 5 AM till 9.30 PM
  • Thursday 5 AM till 9.30 PM
  • Friday 5 AM till 9.30 PM
  • Saturday 5 AM till 9.30 PM
  • Sunday 5 AM till 9.30 PM

What Is The Best Way To Reach The Krishna Temple In Udupi?

The Krishna Temple in Udupi is one popular tourist place to visit in Karnataka. It is well accessible by all means of transport. You can easily reach the Krishna Temple, Udupi by:

By Air: The nearest airport to reach the Krishna Temple in Udupi is located in Mangalore. One can catch a flight from their home state or city to reach the Mangalore Airport. From the airport, one can take a taxi or hire a cab to reach the temple in Udupi.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach the Krishna Temple is located in the area itself. Many people also consider travelling via the Mangalore Railway station since it is a major one. From both of the stations, buses and taxis to reach the Krishna temple in Udupi are easily available.

By Road: The Krishna Temple in Udupi is easily reachable via roads as well. There are plenty of KSRTC buses as well as many private buses that travel between Mangalore and Udupi frequently. You can even reach the temple via your personal vehicle or by hiring a taxi.

Best Time To Visit The Krishna Temple, Udupi

The best time to visit the Krishna Temple is during the Krishnashtami in between the months of August and September. The temple’s glory is at its peak then.

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Where To Stay Near The Krishna Temple?

Many great accommodation options are easily available near the Krishna Temple. Some of them you can consider are- Everglades (about 0.03 km away), Hotel Shri Krishna Residency (about 0.27 km away) and Summer Park Hotel (about 0.34 km away).

What Are The Different Places To Visit Near Krishna Temple?

There are several top tourist places to visit in Karnataka that are located close to Krishna Temple in Udupi. Some of them you can consider visiting are:

Place To Visit Near Krishna Temple-Ananteshwara Temple
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Ananteshwara and Chandreshwara temples:
It is like a norm among the devotees that before visiting the Krishna temple in Udupi they should visit the adjacent Ananteshwara and Chandreshwara temples first.

Amazing Place To Visit Near Krishna Temple, Udupi-Malpe BeachImage Source

Malpe Beach: Located about 4 km away from the temple, this is one lovely beach holding a certain religious as well as spiritual significance. You shouldn’t miss visiting it!

This Krishna temple in Udupi attracts the attention and love of thousands of devotees who come from even across the country frequently throughout the year to seek the blessings of the almighty.

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