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Chiklihole Reservoir, Coorg - The Amazing Holiday Destination in Karnataka

Visit Madikeri (Mercara) : The Amazing Holiday Destination in Karnataka (2024)

Everyone needs a break from the routine of our daily lives, and what can be a better break then to just spend some time in nature. It is tough to find time for ourselves in the metropolitan lifestyle we follow nowadays. But a quality break is significant to take from our exhausting work, which helps us increase our creativity and productivity.

Madikeri is a hill station town in Kodagu district of Karnataka, India. Madikeri (Mercara) is situated 1452 meters above sea level in the Western Ghats. This hill station is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. If you are looking for a break, then Madikeri is perfect for you. With picturesque scenery, mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, tropical forests, Madikeri is a place where you can lie down in nature and take a break.

Madikeri: Scotland of India, Kashmir of South

If you are planning a trip, then Madikeri is the place that should be on your list. You can just not miss the magnificent beauty of this place. Nature lovers who are looking for a spot away from the crowded cities, this is the place for you. Surrounded by breathtaking hills and valleys, Madikeri is the Kashmir of South and Scotland of India.

Madikeri: Scotland of India, Kashmir of SouthImage Source

With picturesque landscapes, hills, valleys, historical forts, enchanting temples, and beautiful lakes, Madikeri is one of the best tourist places in Karnataka. If you are looking for some adventure, then some of the highest peaks are in this region for trekking.

Places To Visit In Madikeri

The hill station, Madikeri, is home to various attractions that you cannot miss whenever you are there. Following are some of the must-visit places in Madikeri:

Chiklihole Reservoir, Coorg

The Chiklihole Reservoir is located 15 km away from Madikeri and Kushalnagar. Chiklihole is a place that offers a serene atmosphere and seclusion from the crowd. Many families come here on a picnic and outings. Chiklihole is a Shangri-la for photographers with mesmerizing beauty. One of the attractions of this place is watching the sunset.

Chiklihole Reservoir, Coorg - The Amazing Holiday Destination in Karnataka

Credit- Raji’s world  Image Source

Since there are no shops at the place, you must carry all the necessities with you. The best time to visit the Chiklihole Reservoir in Madikeri is between June and March. The Dubare forest reserve is situated near the reservoir. You can have a nature walk in the forest reserve and do trekking also. The entry to the Chiklihole Reservoir is free.

Harangi Dam, Coorg

With an elevation of 47 meters and an extent of 846 meters, Harangi Dam is the first dam built across River Cauvery. Harangi Dam is located 36 km away from Madikeri in the Hudgur Village. If you are on a trip to Mdikeri with your family, this is a perfect spot for picnic and family outings. Take a break from the city crowd, and you can rest here in peace and calmness.
Place To Visit In Madikeri-Harangi Dam, CoorgImage Source

The best time to visit the Harangi Dam in Kodagu is from August to September. If you plan to stay for some days, there are Guest House facilities available here where you can stay. The Harangi Dam is a religious tourist place also. The entry to the Harangi Dam is free.

Kotebetta Trek, Coorg

With the elevation of 1620 meters above sea level, Kotebetta Peak is the third tallest peak in the Coorg region. Kotebetta Peak is in Madapur. The name comes from the word Kote Betta, which means Fort Hill. There is a temple devoted to Lord Shiva at the peak of Kotebetta Peak. It is one of the most popular attractions in Coorg.

Best Place To Visit In Madikeri-Kotebetta Trek, Coorg

Photo by Wandertrails  Image Source

You can have a superb trekking experience at the Kotebetta Trek. If you want to enjoy your trekking experience to the fullest, then from October to March is the best time to go there. You do not need official permission to trek at Kotebetta Peak. Still, it is advisable to take a guide with you. When you are trekking, do not forget to take all the necessities with you. The entry to Kotebetta Peak is free.

Padi Igguthappa Temple, Coorg

In the year 1810, Padi Igguthappa Temple was built by Lingarajendra. The temple is situated 45 km away from Madikeri in Kakkabe Town. In the traditional culture of Kodavas, the temple has significant importance. There is an annual festival organized during March. Padi Igguthappa Temple is one of the most ancient temples, and it is believed that there are magical powers in the temple, which fulfills the wishes of devotees.

Amazing Place To Visit In Madikeri-Padi Igguthappa Temple, CoorgImage Source

Reaching the temple is not that difficult. Many private bus services are running from Madikeri, and if you prefer your vehicle, it is also an option to reach there. The entry to the Padi Igguthappa Temple is free.

Abbey Falls, Coorg

Abbey Falls, also recognized as Abbi Falls, is located 1km away from Madikeri. Surrounded by breathtaking views of spice properties and coffee farms, Abbey Falls offers you peace and calmness. To get a perfect visual of the Falls, there is a hanging bridge. Winter would be the best time to visit the Abbey Falls.

Place To Visit In Madikeri-Abbey Falls, CoorgImage Source

How to Reach Madikeri?

Reaching Madikeri is not a challenging task because there are direct services to get there and are very adequately connected to neighboring cities by train, road, and air.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Mangalore, which is 136 km away from Madikeri. Mysore airport to Madikeri is also around 136 kms approximately.

By Train:

Since Madikeri does not have its station, it is well connected to its nearby stations. At a distance of around 150 km, the nearest stations are Hassan, Cannanore, Kasaragod, and Tellicherry.

By Road:

Madikeri is easily accessible by road. Since Madikeri is located on the state highway, it is well connected by road.


There are various beautiful places to visit in Karnataka, and Madikeri is one of them. In today’s world, we live a hectic lifestyle. We are always in a hurry and do not have time for ourselves, which hampers our productivity. A break in the lap of nature will do the trick. A trip to Madikeri will bring you closer to yourself and nature. With natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, wildlife, waterfalls, hills, and valleys, Madikeri is the paradise for any nature lover. Next time whenever you are planning to take a trip, keep Madikeri on your list.

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