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Enjoy Water Splash of Abbey Falls At Madikeri

8 Most Popular Things To Do in Madikeri With Children (2022)

Western Ghats of South India possess the nature loaded picturesque sceneries, refreshing water falls, aromatic coffee plantations and mesmerizing destinations. One such gem of Western Ghats is Madikeri. Locally called Mercara, Madikeri is the major tourist attraction of Karnataka state. Madikeri is an enchanting town of Coorg district which owns the array of forts, waterfalls, elephant camps, churches, temples and the list goes on. Madikeri is worth in your travel bucket list if you are longing for a full-fledged family holiday along with an educational trip for children.

Things To Do With Children At Madikeri:

Madikeri offers an ample of adventurous activities and bewitching destinations to make the family trip your best one. A family trip accumulated with children has an experience of its own. But it’s important that you pick the activities and places wisely to relish your time at Madikeri and for children to enjoy it. Madikeri is a tourist destination that entertain toddlers, babies and young kids. Many destinations of Madikeri are kids friendly and has well-structured parks and water parks. Children can learn a lot from the environment and place itself. Let’s explore the places and activities of Madikeri that best suits to a family trip.

1. Enjoy Water Splash of Abbey Falls:

  • Distance of Abbey falls from Madikeri: 5.5 km
  • Distance of Abbey falls from Mangalore International Airport: 149 km
  • Distance from KSRTC Bus station: 6km
Enjoy Water Splash of Abbey Falls At Madikeri

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Children love water activities. So, it good that you explore some places around Madikeri that’s water driven. A scenic place away from the crowded road, Abbey falls beholds the nature in its best. A little hike from main road amid coffee and spice plantations would leave you to serene destination of Abbey falls. It’s a 70 feet cascading water stream. Children can enjoy the splashes of naturally cascading waterfalls and explore the nature.

Precautions To Take:

  • Take the water and other eating items.
  • Be aware of leeches and other harmful water bodies.
  • Bathing at Abbey falls is prohibited.
  • Guardians must be there with children while enjoying Abbey falls.

2. Trekking and Hiking at Chingara Falls:

  • Distance of Chingara falls from Madikeri: 36 km
  • Distance of Chingara falls from Mangalore International Airport: 167 km

Amid tropical forest and coffee estate, Chingara falls is abode of natural beauty. Bliss of coffee aroma and panoramic views captivate the tourists a little longer. Planning a getaway to Chingara falls with children is a good idea indeed. This hidden cascading water stream is refreshing to eyes and soul. Chingara falls is perfect seat for hiking and trekking. Children may enjoy a chilled swimming experience in natural pool of Chingara falls. Along with the sightseeing at Chingara falls relish the local food like mutton-pulao, hajji and topo playa.

Precautions To Take At Chingara Falls:

  • Protect children from leeches etc.
  • Keep raincoat with you.
  • Ask children to walk carefully as path near falls remain wet.

3. Rejoicing Moments Amid Elephants At Dubare Elephant Camp:

  • Distance of Dubare Elephant Camp from Madikeri: 28 km
  • Distance of Dubare Elephant Camp from Mangalore International Airport: 165 km

Dubare Elephant Camp gives you delight of spending a full day with elephants. It’s like an endless tales of elephants to kids and knowing elephants in real life is a fun deal. A family can spend lot of time with elephants at this camp and do some fun activities with elephants. For the latest prices one can check the official website of Dubare elephant camp.

Things To Do At Dubare Elephant Camp With Children:

  • Getting more practical knowledge about history, biology and living habits of elephants from expert naturalist.
  • Walking the premises and reading about the elephants, where they were found, their name and age is an absolute wonderful experience.
  • Hike around the camp with children and explore the place with delightful meals.

4. An Exotic Coffee Evening With Family At Raintree Restaurants:

  • Distance of Raintree from Madikeri: 800 meter
  • Distance of Raintree from Mangalore International Airport: 138 km

When you are at a family holiday then dining in fine authentic restaurants of that locality is a must. Located at a walking distance of Madikeri, Raintree restaurants offers a variety of coffee and cuisines to explore. This pristine bungalow turned restaurant has an amalgam of historical bungalow styled living and modern era. Children can learn about ancient living of colonial times through this bungalow. You can sip the revitalizing coffee and enjoy the view and can buy some for home too. Don’t forget to have awe-inspiring Payasam here.

Activities For Kids At Raintree Restaurants:

  • Exploring the ancient architecture and amazing crafts of a century old bungalow of raintree.
  • Having a delightful local meal of raintree and getting to know more about local food.
  • Children can know more about coffee plantation and types of coffees from the raintree coffee shops.

5. A Temple-Trip To The Historical Omkareshwara Temple:

  • Distance of Omkareshwara temple from Madikeri: 950 meter
  • Distance of Omkareshwara temple from Mangalore International Airport: 138 km

For children, practical knowledge is better than reading books. Visiting Omkareshwara temple is a kind of experience that reading about it can never give. Being founded in the year 1820 by King Lingarajendra II, this place is a popular temple for Hindus. The architectural style of the temple is eye soothing. The tranquillity of temple premises will make you spend some more time. Taking blessings in this temple and making some family memories while performing Hindu worship rituals is the best way to relish this place.

6. Visit Raja’s Tomb:

  • Distance of Raja’s Tomb from Madikeri: 1 km
  • Distance of Raja’s Tomb from Mangalore International Airport: 140 km

Raja’s Tomb is famous for its picturesque views and scenic beauties along with Mohamad-styled tombs. A family trip to Raja’s tomb is a must to visualize the rise and fall of the Tipu Sultan’s dynasty. This place is considered as important for children as an educational trip. This place remains open from 6 AM to 8 PM. A couple of hours are enough to get through this place.

Check out the Following:

  • The dynasty of Tipu Sultan and the tombs of his officials.
  • They can witness the Beautiful sun-rising and sun-setting views along with the family.

7. A Religious Hangout At Bylakuppe (Tibetan Monastery):

  • Distance of Bylakuppe from Madikeri: 41 km
  • Distance of Bylakuppe from Mangalore International Airport: 180 km

If you are at Madikeri then visiting Bylakuppe becomes a compulsion. Bylakuppe is a Tibetan monastery and it’s the largest Tibetan premises in the whole of South India. The major attraction of Bylakuppe is the Buddhist monasteries and statues of Buddha. There is an institution where the monks and nuns get an education. This place is must visit to know about Buddhism and get inspiration from this religion.

Things To Do With Children At Bylakuppe:

  • Shop at local handicraft shops at Bylakuppe.
  • Explore the Buddhist architecture and monasteries.

8. Enjoy A Picnic With Kids At Nisargadhama:

Distance of Nisargadhama from Madikeri: 27 km

Distance of Nisargadhama from Mangalore International Airport: 166 km

Nisargadhama is a forest park and an enthusiastic picnic spot to rejuvenate with kids. This place is a beautiful island formed by the bifurcation of the Kaveri river. The popular is the hanging bridge which connects the island and helps visitors to cross over the river Cauvery.

Nisargadhama is the home of abundant fauna and flora that amaze the kids and give a chance to learn about our biodiversity. If you are with kids, then the Nisargadhama getaway will keep the kids engaged with ample things.

Things To Do At Nisargadhama:

  • Children can enjoy swings at the children’s park.
  • A good chance to engage with wildlife at birds park and deer park.
  • Take some lovely pictures of your family with exotic birds and deers.

Consider going to these amazing places that are listed above and do the respective fun activities with your children. Surely, a holiday with family at Madikeri will make you love this place.

How To Reach Madikeri?

To get at astonishing destination like Madikeri, one has to do a little effort. There are no direct flights or train routes available at Madikeri. To reach Madikeri one has to come by taking halts. The two popular ways to reach Madikeri are:

Mangalore – Madikeri:

To reach at Madikeri one has to reach Mangalore. The nearest airport from Madikeri is Mangalore International airport. One can have a direct flight from cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad to Mangalore. It takes 34 hours to reach Mangalore from Delhi via train. From Mangalore one can book a cab for Madikeri or rely on the bus service to complete the distance of Madikeri from Mangalore. The distance between Madikeri and Mangalore is approximately 137 km and it may take 3 hours or little above to reach Madikeri by cab.

Bangalore – Madikeri:

The another way of reaching Madikeri is via Bangalore. One can board on a plane from any major cities of India to Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. One can reach at Bangalore via choosing the respective train route. The shortest road route from Bangalore to Madikeri is via NH75. One can cover the distance in around 5 and half hours by cab.

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