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Kurumgad Island - Top Place To Visit In Karwar

Karwar Travel Guide: Why Visit Karwar, Top Places To Visit In Karwar, How to Get There (2024)

Do you love the oceans and seashores? Do you love the feeling of laying under the shades of coconut trees while hearing the calming white noise for ocean waves crashing into each other? Is that your ideal choice for a vacation? Then we know just the place for you to visit on this vacation! Karwar, situated only 15 km from Goa, is a beach lover’s paradise, with the horizon splashed with the blue of the waters, the sandy beaches, and lovely coconut trees swaying in the windy sea breeze. Want to calm your mind in such a setting? Then read this Karwar travel guide and head over to Karwar, one of the best places to visit in Karnataka in this vacation season!

Why Visit Karwar?

Mainly dominated by the South Indian culture, Karwar sees an exquisite combination of various other cultures, given its past of being ruled by various kings and rulers. Given its unique location, Karwar also has diverse biodiversity, which is a pleasant thing to behold. Karwar is a spot that appeals to both adventurers and calm travelers. Filled with spots and places to go sight-seeing in, Karwar is an ideal vacation spot. The best thing is, you can get the best of both the oceans and hills here. Also, because it is one of the prominent tourist places, you will easily find accommodations and great hotels for an extended stay.

Top Places To Visit In Karwar

Karwar has several spots and attractions that you can visit. Listed below are a few of the places to visit in Karwar. Take a look and form the perfect to-visit list for Karwar.

Kurumgad Island

The interesting thing about Kurumgad island is its shape, which seems like that of a tortoise. If you are a devotee, this island houses a Narasimha temple, a famous pilgrimage site. However, if you are an adventure-seeker, then you will find several water sports here at the island to get your share of thrill. If you are into history, then the abandoned lighthouse here has its own historical significance to keep you amused.

Kurumgad Island - Top Place To Visit In Karwar, Karnataka

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Guddali Peak

If you love mountains and hills, then the Guddali Peak is among the must-visit places in Karwar for you. Standing at the height of 1,800 feet above the sea level, it is one of the highest points in the Haidar Ghat range. Once used as a summer retreat by the British, this place offers a splendid view of the Kali and Belekeri River and the Arabian Seas. You will need to trek about 5 km up to the site. Along the way, you will come across dense forests and springs.

Top Place To Visit In Karwar-Guddali Peak, Karwar, KarnatakaImage Source

Oyster Rock Lighthouse

11 km away from Karwar, the Oyster Rock Lighthouse is a cluster of rocks on the Devgad islands. Constructed in the 1860s and becoming functional on 25th March 1964, this lighthouse is a prime attraction. Reach this beautiful place by a machine boat from the Karwar port and enjoy sunsets and sunrises from atop the lighthouse. Also, you will find adventure sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling here.

Best Place To Visit In Karwar-Oyster Rock Lighthouse, Karwar, KarnatakaImage Source

How To Get To Karwar?

One of the best tourist places in Karnataka, Karwar is an easy destination to reach. You can come here by various routes. Let us take a look!

By Road: Karwar is the easiest to reach by buses, as you will get all sorts of luxury, semi-deluxe, and deluxe buses en route to Karwar from nearby cities such as Bangalore, Mangalore, and Mysore. These buses are very active and are readily available. They are also very affordable. On reaching Karwar, you may hire a taxi to go sight-seeing in nearby places.

By Rail: Located about 7 km from the crore city, Karwar has its own railway station. Through the Konkan railway station, Karwar station is well connected to major Indian cities.

By Flight: If you were to approach by flight, then the nearest domestic and international airport to Karwar is the Dabolim Airport in Goa, which is about 98 km away from Karwar. It is a well-connected airport and could be accessed from major states and countries from across the globe. You can rent a taxi to Karwar from the airport.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Karwar?

Karwar has moderate weather of an average of 28 degrees celsius around the year. However, if you want to enjoy Karwar to the fullest, then the best time to visit Karwar would be in the winter season, that is, from around November to April. It would be best to avoid the summers as the hot and humid temperatures could get a bit difficult to bear. The monsoons are good too, as the rains are not too harsh. But, in the end, the winter season is the best for a pleasant stay at Karwar.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Karwar?Image Source

Local Delicacies Of Karwar

If you are a foodie, then Karwar can also be your getaway seafood paradise. Being a coastal area, it is a well-known port of delicious seafood cuisine. The cuisine here has some prime elements such as coconuts, cashew, and rice. Therefore, while visiting Karwar, do not forget to try some of these local mouth-watering seafood delicacies.

  • With the unique Konkani preparation of a coconut-based curry, the Kurle Ambat is simply a crab masala dish and is extremely popular in Karwar. You must try it for its savory and spicy taste, which has many people asking for more!
  • Another popular dish here is the exquisite oyster and clams that are harvested right here and served fresh. They are popular for being absolutely delicious and probably one of the best. True food connoisseurs must have a try of these dishes. The chilly squid is also a popular local snack.
  • Being a coastal state and seafood dominating the cuisine, other seafood dishes that one has to try are the Masli Curry, which is fish curry, and the Sukhe Masli, which is simply dried and salted fish. With its unique Konkani preparation, it is an absolute must-try.

You can find a ton of local sheds and restaurants selling these local delicacies. Of course, you will also find other food cuisines here.


Karwar is a beautiful place, perfect for people who love being outdoors and sporting a good tan. A place to do nothing but relax and calm your mind, Karwar is also an ideal place for holidays with family. Get a coconut in your hand, and sit by the ocean and enjoy the blue waters. How perfect can a vacation be than this? Therefore, come and visit the beautiful blue waters here at Karwar.

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