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Gokak Falls - Place To Visit In Belgaum, Karnataka

Visit Belgaum-For An Unforgettable Travel Experience in Karnataka (2024)

Located in the Western Ghats, Belgaum is a state in Karnataka. It falls somewhere in the borders of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa. Belgaum has a pleasant climate all year round with an affordable cost of living. It is an ancient state and is famous for the architecture found here. The primary industry in Belgaum is the hydraulic industry, machinery industry, and forging. It is a defense training center with an army cantonment. It also has an air force station of the Indian Air Force. Belgaum is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka.

Places To Visit in Belgaum

There are many places to visit in Belgaum. Some of them are:

  • Belgaum Fort: The Belgaum Fort is one of the must-visit places in Belgaum. When you’re in Belgaum, you have to look around and come here for sight-seeing. The Belgaum Fort is a beautiful heritage site controlled by the Government of Karnataka at present. It is heard that the kings of the Ratta Dynasty created it. The king Jaya Raja started building the fort in 1204 AD. 
  • Gokak Falls: The Gokak Falls is a beautiful fall located on the Ghataprabha River. What mainly attracts the tourists is the hanging bridge on the river built by the British. Gokak Falls - Place To Visit In Belgaum, Karnataka
  • Jamboti Hills: From the Jamboti Hills viewpoint, you can look at one of the dense and evergreen forests. It is an extension of the Western Ghats. It is one of the most famous tourist Places in Karnataka. 
  • Military Mahadeva temple: The Military Mahadeva temple is a beautiful Shiva temple maintained by the Indian Army. You should visit the temple when in Belgaum. 
  • Rajhans Gad Yellur Fort: Yellur is a small village that lies 6 Km to the South of Belgaum. The Rajhans Gad, the Rajhans Fort, stands on top of the hill, a beautiful site. 

Things To Do In Belgaum

Belgaum is a great place to have a small holiday. You can enjoy the true bliss of nature and also experience the ruins of the old age. All in all, it would be a great experience.

  • Trekking Activities in Belgaum: Belgaum is a place consisting of many waterfalls, which makes it a trekker’s paradise. You can easily trek to the Gokak Falls whenever you want along with other falls. Try to visit this place during the monsoon.
  • Adventure Trips: If you are an Adventure freak, Belgaum is the perfect destination for you. You can take adventure trips to the outskirts of the district anytime you want to. You can also pay a visit to Bhimgad Adventure Park. Try to Visit in April, May, and June.
  • Pastoral Visits: Many sacred temples are here in Belgaum, such as the Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama and the Military Mahadeva temple. You should visit the temple and seek blessings. The tranquil surroundings of the temples would charm you.
  • Shopping: You can shop authentic brass and wooden items from Belgaum. Jeweler, utensils, and many more things are available here. Belgaum is famous for its rigid and brass objects. You can take souvenirs back home.
  • Heritage Walk: Belgaum is famous for the Ratta architecture present here. You can take a heritage walk around Kamala Basti to have a lifetime experience.
  • Eating: Another thing you cannot miss in Belgaum is trying authentic Belagavi cuisine.

Facts About Belgaum For Tourists

Belgaum is a small city in the state of Karnataka. It is a perfect place for a short holiday. It is an affordable city. You can have the essence of the town as well as be amidst nature. You can pay pastoral visits in the sacred temples of Kamala Basti, experience the ancient architecture of the Ratta Dynasty, and take adventure trips. The primary industry that people are engaged in Belgaum is machinery. The weather remains pleasant during the year but the best time to visit Belgaum is in the months of Monsoon and Winter. You can come to Belgaum through the airway, bus, and train as well. Reaching Belgaum is not that difficult.

What Is Belgaum Famous For?

Belgaum is a famous tourist spot in Karnataka. Among the many things that Belgaum is renowned for, Kunda is the main thing. Kunda is a sweet made of milk, a must thing for all Marathi and Kannada weddings.

Belgaum is also known for a range of temples such as the Kapileshwar temple, Shani temple, and Maruti temple.

Wood and brass items in Belgaum, such as jewelry, utensils, boxes, are famous all over India. It is an excellent souvenir for your dear ones. 

Top 5 Places To Stay In Belgaum

Belgaum is, overall, an affordable city. You can lavishly spend a holiday there on a budget. You wouldn’t easily find this aspect in other similar towns of Karnataka.

1. Fairfield

This hotel is one of the best in Belgaum, and it falls near the Pune-Bengaluru Highway. It is situated in Belgaum. It is 18 Km away from Belgaum Airport.

Rooms include Minibar, a flat-screen TV, coffee/tea maker.


  • The hotel has a 24-hour front desk service.
  • All-day dining.
  • Kava restaurant.
  • A bar named the Market that comes with 24-hour food and drinks service.
  • Heated swimming pool.
  • Free wifi and parking space.
  • Price: Approximately 4,000 INR/per night.

2. Treebo Trend Elite Residency, Belgaum

Location: Kirloskar road.


  • Free wifi and parking space.
  • Air-conditioned rooms with tv.
  • Price: Rs. 2,000 to Rs.2500 /per night

3. Sankam Residency

Location: Airport Road, Belgaum


  • Free wifi and parking space.
  • Air-conditioned rooms with tv.
  • It comes with a swimming pool and a spa.
  • Price: 3,733/per night

4. Hotel Eefa

Location: Club Road, Belgaum


  • Free wifi and parking space.
  • Air-conditioned rooms with tv.
  • Price: Rs. 2800-Rs. 4500

5. Samudra

Location: Saraf Galli, Shahapur, Belgaum.


  • Air-conditioned rooms with tv.
  • Free wifi and parking.
  • Price: 3,919/per night.


If you plan to take a break from your busy life and breathe, you should choose Belgaum. It is an affordable city with delights waiting for you. You can be amidst the lap of nature and have an essence of the city life indulging in scrumptious Belagavi cuisine. You are bound to be utterly thrilled by your trip to Belgaum.

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