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Mypadu Beach Nellore - The Top Beach Destination of Nellore, AP

Visit Mypadu Beach Nellore: The Top Beach Destination of Nellore, AP (2024)

We often need time from our busy lives to settle and relax. But sometimes that is not possible at the place we are already living or working. Beaches are a great place for an ideal weekend getaway. People who are loaded with work but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle must take vacations from time to time. Work stress can lead to many mental as well as physical problems. It can hamper you severely in the long run.

However, being close to nature helps a lot in recovering from personal and professional issues and admire the beauty around. Often the soothing environment of beaches allows people to loosen up and relieve tensions.

Mypadu Beach Nellore - The Top Beach Destination of Nellore, AP

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Mypadu Beach is one of the most-visited places in Nellore. Nellore is a magnificent city in the state of Andhra Pradesh with many tourist attractions. Mypadu Beach is one such attraction, with people visiting throughout the year. Let us discuss the significance of Mypadu beach and know the reasons behind its popularity among travelers.

Reasons to Visit Mypadu Beach in Nellore

Mypadu Beach is located 25 kilometers away from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. From the west of the Bay of Bengal, you can see the ocean meeting the blue skies through the horizon. The beach is mainly focused on providing fishing opportunities to local fishermen; moreover, travelers from around the world are also welcomed. You can get to know the culture that they share and taste their local cuisine as well. Here is a list of reasons why you must plan your next vacation to Mypadu Beach, Nellore. 

Barefoot Walks

When you have a hectic lifestyle wherein you can’t find any work-life balance, then all you need is a walk at the beach. Whether you plan a trip alone or with your family, the barefoot walks at the beach are mandatory. The feeling of sand filling in between your feet and toes is to be cherished forever, especially when you are seeing a beach for the first time. At Mypadu Beach, you can walk barefoot to embrace the waves hitting your feet along with the sand. 

Soothing Ocean Breeze

The ocean view from the beach is breathtaking. Since the weather of Nellore is usually moderate, the cool ocean breeze will transport you to some other world of no worries. The golden sand and cerulean water adds up to the entire experience of being on a beach. That is why it is amongst the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh.

Green Surroundings

The beaches in Andhra Pradesh are comparatively less crowded and cleaner. Strict rules to maintain the Mypadu Beach are followed by workers of APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation). The APTDC is also taking various measures to keep the plastic waste away from the beach. The greenery around the beach lets you embrace the beauty of nature.  Green Surroundings in Mypadu Beach in Nellore

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Ancient Shiva Temple

There is an ancient Shiva Temple near the beach. Whenever you are planning to visit the Mypadu beach, do not forget to seek blessings from the temple of Lord Shiva. There are many folk tales narrated by the local people as well about the positive energy of the temple.

The Rock-Like Bridge

A number of palm trees surround the beach. There is a bridge near the beach as well, which appears to be one like the Pondicherry rock bridge. All these elements add up to the scenic beauty of the beach. There are a number of food stalls as well, which provide several snacks and beverages when you feel hungry. 

Things to Do At Mypadu Beach

When you are spending your vacation at one of the popular tourist places in Andhra Pradesh, then you cannot miss out on several things that you can do in Nellore near the beach. Here are a few things that you can consider doing during your trip to Mypadu Beach to make it more fun and exciting:

  • Jet Skiing
  • Stargazing
  • Camping
  • Picnic with family
  • Bonfire nights
  • Water sports
  • Sunbathing
  • Morning and evening walks

Other Attractions in Nellore

The city of Nellore is famous for its temples. The culture followed by the local people is one to be learned and relished. Narasimhaswamy temple, Ramalingeswara temple, and Ranganatha temple are few places of worship visited the most by the tourists. Apart from this, Nelapattu Bird sanctuary must be visited if you are a bird watcher and nature lover.

Tips That Can Help You During Mypadu Beach Visit

Certain things need to be taken care of before planning a vacation to any place. If you consider the following tips, your vacation can be an easy and comfortable one; the below mentioned things could help you to have a stress-free trip:

How to Reach Mypadu Beach?

There are various routes to reach Mypadu Beach, Nellore; you can choose which suits you the best.

By Rail – You can board a train to the Nellore railway station and then the beach is only 23 kilometers away, which can be covered by road.

By Air – Tirupati International Airport is the nearest airport to the beach with a distance of 145 kilometers. It can be covered by hiring a cab service or bus.

By Road – The beach is at SH 57, so you can take your car or hire a car service and connect to the highway from your locations and reach the destination.

Best Time To Visit Mypadu Beach

The best months to visit Mypadu Beach in Nellore are between November and February. It is the best time to visit Mypadu Beach because, during this time, there is no extreme weather of summer or winter. The climate is moderate so that you can enjoy the beach peacefully. 


Haritha resorts are the most popular beach resorts in Nellore. They provide incredible services to tourists with additional facilities; you can also enjoy the view of beaches from the hotel.


Tourists love Mypadu Beach because it is still untouched by commercialization. Many small towns and villages which have beautiful greenery have been commercialized with big restaurants and hotels. But this beach falls under the best places to visit in Nellore. The beach offers privacy and seclusion to people with crystal clear water touching their feet and stars flickering in the blue skies. The sunrises and sunsets at Mypadu beach cannot be missed.

If you are in Nellore, then you must take morning and evening walks at the beach to witness panoramic views of the dazzling sun. So when you are ready to pack your stuff to plan the next holiday for a weekend, the Mypadu Beach in Nellore should be your destination undoubtedly.

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