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Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort: History, Architecture, Attractions Nearby, Timings, Entry Fees (2024)

People who like to travel the world can live a stress-free life. It is essential to visit new places, understand different cultures, and know people in several languages. Detoxification from our everyday lives is necessary, mostly when it can be done by visiting historical places. The Kondapalli Fort in Vijayawada is a marvellous piece of art to be admired. Its beauty is something that cannot be ignored. If you are planning a visit to the state of Andhra Pradesh then, this ancient Kondapalli fort has to be one of the best places to visit in Andhra.

The History of Kondapalli Fort

Every ancient monument or artistic structure has a history, and so does this fort. Located in the Guntur district of Vijayawada near a picturesque valley, it was built by Musunuri Nayaks in the 14th century. Since then, it has been of great importance. When the son of Gajapati Kapilendra Deva, Hamvira, wanted to defeat his brother, Purushottam, and win Orissa, he took help from the Bahamany king.

Kondapalli Fort

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He was successful but lost Kondapalli, the village got stuck with famine, and then Purshottam tried to win it back again. The Bahamany king was held captive, and they had to sign a treaty with Purshottam. His son, Prataprudra, then ruled the village. However, when the Mughals attacked, in 1767, the Britishers used Kondapalli Fort as a military training base camp.

What Can You Expect In Kondapalli Fort?

When you visit the Kondapalli Fort , you will be mesmerized by its gloriousness. You don’t get to see evidence of the great ancient architecture of India, but also the breathtaking view of the valley near the fort. 

The Kondapalli Fort is known for its ancient architecture with three massive gates. The first gate is called Dargha Darwaza; it is made up of 1 single block of granite measuring 16 feet. The other two gates are 12 feet tall, opening to Golconda and Jaggaiahpet. The first has eight rooms with English barracks and several battlements. There is also a beautiful spring tower called the Taj Mahal. Once you get surrounded by architecture, you can feel lost and find yourself at once.


One thing that you should keep in mind if you are visiting the Kondapalli Fort is that the weather is going to be amazing. Living in a metropolitan city is difficult; the everyday chaos can frustrate you and snatch your peace of mind. When you visit the Kondapalli Fort , one can enjoy the cool breeze and embrace the lush greenery surrounding the Kondapalli Fort even more.

Magnificent Dolls

Kondapalli village is also known as Toys village. A place called the Bommala colony is famous for making toys. Every other household in this colony is induced in creating different toys. It is said that this 400-year-old tradition began when a sage, Muktharishi, was blessed by the skills of arts and craft from Lord Shiva. Most of the workers in this district migrated from the villages of Rajasthan to learn the skill. These dolls are made from a softwood called Tella Poniki. 

The paints used by the artisans to color the dolls once they have been carved are natural dyes and watercolors. There are various vendors in this village selling the dolls. So you must pick some which attract you the most as a memory of the beautiful town of Kondapalli.

Attractions Near Kondapalli Fort

Several attractions surround the Kondapalli Fort. Bhavani Islands, Undavalli caves, Kanakadurga Temple, Subramanyam Swamy temple and several other popular places are in close proximity to the fort. Whenever you find time after the visit to the first, you can also visit restaurants and authentic cafes near it.  Best Attraction Near Kondapalli Fort - Kanakadurga Temple

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Rose milk, RV, and Barkas Arabic are few of the most visited and liked places to eat delicious food in the town. So you can visit them whenever you are hungry. The accommodation is also stress-free; there are several decent hotels and motels near the district to give you a comfortable stay for your visit.  Beautiful Attraction Near Kondapalli Fort - Bhavani Islands

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Tips To Know Before Visiting Kondapalli Fort

Every city or state that you visit has its kind of problems to be dealt with. But you have a list of directions ten your travel may become easy and comfortable. Here are some points that you consider before planning to visit Kondapalli Fort in Vijayawada:

How To Reach Kondapalli Fort

There are various options through which you can reach the fort. First, you need to reach Vijayawada by train or flight or by road. Then from Vijayawada, the tourists can travel by road. There are buses, car services, or any other public transport whichever suits you the best. If you are driving on your own, then you can go straight on NH65 for around 25 kilometers.

Kondapalli Fort Timings

The Kondapalli Fort is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for all days. Usually, tourists take 1-2 hours to explore the entire fort properly. But you can wait longer if you want to. The fort has a different kind of composure and calmness. That is why most of the tourists always decide to stay longer and take a closer look at the hallways, rooms, gates, battlements, and spring towers of the Kondapalli Fort.  Kondapalli Fort Timings

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Best Season To Visit Kondapalli Fort

The weather of Andhra Pradesh is mostly breezy and moderate. Even the district of Vijayawada does not have extreme climatic conditions. However, it is advised to visit the Kondapalli Fort between November and February, the other months can be really hot. The view of the valley and greenery seems very soothing at this time of the year, and it is definitely the best time to visit the Kondapalli Fort. 

Entry Ticket Fees at Kondapalli Fort

The ticket fare to visit the Kondapalli fort is quite reasonable. It is 3 INR for children and 5 INR for adults. It may vary for foreign tourists, but for Indians, this is the price for tickets.


The splendid fort of Kondapalli attracts tourists throughout the year. People who live nearby Vijayawada keep visiting the fort either for trekking or for day-long picnic treats. The wooden dolls of the village must not be missed as they can be taken home as souvenirs. The first has been the center of trade, business, and military bastions for decades.

People are not only attracted by the architecture of the Kondapalli Fort but also its historical importance. The sunset view from the valley adds a cherry on the cake for the visitors. It is advised that you must carry all the essentials like trekking shoes, warm clothes, and phone batteries. You must also keep your belongings safe. Whenever you are in town, you must not miss visiting the fort.

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