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Visit Bhavani Islands in Vijaywada

Visit Bhavani Islands in Vijayawada: Great Place for A Memorable Weekend Getaway (2024)

Who isn’t fond of islands? Like what’s in there not to like, the red-hued sky, the swaying cold breezes, our transient feet hurled away by mighty waters, and the sultry sands that withstand within themselves a cornucopia of lovely memories, all in all, the islands are an exhibition of pure beauty. The Bhavani islands evince our eyes with eternal serenity, the tidy waves that splash against our body, an escape so profusely miraculous, a runaway from the busy urban lives to shelter into the mellifluous verses of mystic waters and gracefully wavy mosses. And that’s what makes Bhavani islands one of the best places to visit in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

What Bhavani Island Stands For In The Tourism World?

Urbane runaways are labeled over our holiday planners, scored on our hearts, and engraved in our precious little exhausted minds. One such urbane runaway is the classic gem island called the Bhavani Island. Yes, we heard you, you might have thrust your thoughts on the name because the island sounds more like a pilgrim land, well that’s the beauty of this Bhavani islands, a perfect blend of flawlessly architectured temples with irresistible beaches, an uncanny yet a wondrous match.

What Bhavani Island Stands For In The Tourism World?Image Source

Bhavani Island prominently acquires the mushy spot amidst the heavenly Krishna river alongside Vijayawada. Bhavani island eminently stretches up to 133 acres, across the Prakasam Barrage, thereby bagging the title of largest Indian river island.

About Bhavani Island

Beyond its built area, the island reflects tantalizing landscapes, illustrious sunsets, and sharply gushing waves. These are all that islands stand for, but there’s more here, besides the usual jittery island vibes. This island holds itself a profusely prominent position in the Hindu mythological history, this mystical island that is wrapped around in utterly golden skies and blatantly incandescent hues is believed to be goddess Durga’s abode, the mighty Hindu deity that symbolizes the intense feminine strength and evinces sheer exemplification of how women, when respected, can blossom your lives but if once wrongly provoked could shatter up your frivolous little existence.

Visit Bhavani Islands in Vijaywada

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How APTDC Initiated To Wonderfully Modify The Ravaged Island After The 2019 Flood?

A few days in the laps of Bhavani Island, and you would have witnessed paradise. The beaches of bhavani island tend to hold within them a bewitching power that can wash away from your very soul the dust of everyday life, sink in your rusty routine and crush up your shackled monotonous demons and wrap them up in barbed wire and expose you to the most enthralling trip of your life. A journey that made you drift towards wild adventures, youthful gaiety, and at the same time could urge you to invoke your spiritual souls, unearth the lost zest and slip into the carefree regimes of vacationing.

The Bhavani Island Preservation

All of the above within a single island, provoked the APTDC(Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) to grasp over the matters of this island that withholds within itself a stack of scenic views, a spot of composure, an emotion of self-introspection, and an entire system of land that personifies beauty into mysterious water and wondrous skies.

The Bhavani Island PreservationImage Source

The APTDC, therefore, entered the glorious island picture only after a fatal tragedy, the formidable floods that coldly hit the island completely ravaged the divinely located island into clutters of submerged trash. The island that once represented blithe, vigor, and pleasure was washed away into tiny pieces of wet melancholy; the floods soon escalated to sink portions of islands, thereby cutting it short by 2 acres. The blighty rising flood intensity was a calamity that struck the most beautifully pestering area of the Indian subcontinent, thereby creating an atmosphere of a robust soulless dolor.

After significant efforts and about two crores of damage repair money, the island gradually upgraded to its original earthly beauty and was inaugurated with high spirits on 1st September 2019.

Other Major Attractions Near Bhavani Islands

  • Mangalagiri: A perfect pilgrim spot before beginning any remarkable journey is the Mangalagiri, the holy gra of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. It lies around 16 km before the Bhavani Island, holding the deity of the eldest Pandava, Yudhishtira, which is known to be the main attraction of this place.
    Major Attraction Near Bhavani Islands-Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, Mangalagiri
    Image Source
  • Kondaveedu: A peerless historical destination in the Vijayawada region, flawlessly architectured by the Reddy Kings with 21 beautiful structures in about 14th century. The place will flush you up with retro enthusiasm and an archeo feeling.
    Best Attraction Near Bhavani Islands-Architectured by the Reddy Kings, Kondaveedu
    Image Source
  • Shilparamam: This is a significant aspect of the Bhavani Island, the APTDC cleverly implanted this art and craft Village Project on the sightful structures of Bhavani Island to uplift the rural craftsmen and artisans and also attract artistic tourists. The latter hunt creative travel souvenirs every time they travel.
    Amazing Attraction Near Bhavani Islands-Shilparamam
    Image Source

How To Reach Bhavani Island?

Bhavani Island has tempted you enough, and now you need to lay your beautiful feet on the righteous sands of Bhavani Island, but how do you do that? We, Bhavani Island, fall far away from the sophisticated hustle-bustle and thus could not be reached directly. You will need to turn up at Vijayawada, from where a ferry will escort you straight into the laps of Bhavani Island in less than 7 minutes.

So, here’s how to rightfully clock in at Vijayawada, the wondrous pathway to the havoc heaven of Bhavani Island.

Flights: Well, the Vijayawada seems to have a connecting flight to Hyderabad, this means you will need to get a flight to Hyderabad and then finally to Vijayawada.

Trains: Vijayawada railway stations halt almost all the major trains that nexus around entire India through the Chennai-Delhi route.

By Road: Vijayawada bus station runs buses relating to almost every state city and also the towns of the adjoining state. Therefore, reaching Vijayawada is extremely easy for any traveler.

Hotels To Stay Near Bhavani Islands

Many hotels cover the island, but the best alternative while vacationing in Bhavani Island is to stay at Bhavani Island Resort. It is a friendly accommodation with facilities like free breakfast and boat rides. A perfect place for alluring photoshoots and evening teas. But if you are not into resorts, then here are other options:

1. Treebo Empire: The ideal family accommodation with hospitable room services, scenic views, and the hearty sea view location rooms.

Nice Hotel to Stay Near Bhavani Islands-Treebo EmpireImage Source

Distance From Bhavani Island: 3.5 km

2. Hotel M5: An excellent hotel that falls in the heart of the Vijayawada region. A hotel that exclusively offers access to malls and multiplexes, thereby ideally positioning itself for both vacations and business tours.

Distance From Bhavani Island: 3.6 km


Suppose you have been sucked out of joy due to a lack of leisure and an extremely fast-paced life. It is time for you to halt and take a break from your monotonous routine and enter the realms of vacationing spots that enlighten your spirits and detox your mind. This vacation place will serve you physically and spiritually. And no better place hits the spiritual and physical strings at once than Bhavani Island.

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