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National Museum - Amazing Museum to Visit in Delhi

6 Amazing Museums to Visit in Delhi (2024)

Museums are undoubtedly one of the best places to visit to learn everything about a place. Museums are mostly thought of as a mere place that exhibits the antiques and historical pieces, which are associated with the place but apparently they are more than that. Museums are the sites where one can find out everything about a place, a person who is associated with the artifacts and antiques presented there. It resembles the culture, norms, and traditions of the land, along with the arts, cuisines, and a lot more. Now let us take a closer look at some of the museums around Delhi, which you should pay a visit to during your trip.

6 Amazing Museums to Visit in Delhi

Below Mentioned are 6 Amazing Museums:

1. National Museum

The national museum of Delhi is, without any doubt, one of the largest museums in the city. The museum was established just two years after India won independence, and its spectacular collection of artifacts attracts a lot of visitors round the year. Simply put, the national museum is a visual treat to the visitors who are interested in historical artworks and art forms. Even though you can find a lot of historical artifacts here, the prominence it has given to the arts, which resembles the culture and traditions of the nation, is simply mesmerizing. The national museum is located around 13 km away from the Delhi bus stand, from where you can find a lot of local transport. The museum remains open between 10 to 6, every day for the visitors. National Museum - Amazing Museum to Visit in DelhiImage Source

2. National handicrafts and handlooms museum

Handicrafts have always played an important role in the historical movements of India, which have been prominent in India’s freedom struggle against the British. One of the best examples is the Quit India movement, where the foreign-made clothes are decided to be avoided at any cost, and the clothes which are made within the boundaries of India and especially the ones which are made by hand were promoted. Other than clothes, the range of handicrafts extends to a variety of ornaments and even a lot of decorative items. Most of these were for spiritual and devotional use. As its name suggests, a very good part of the museum is dedicated to the range of exclusive handicrafts and handlooms. There are separate galleries arranged in the museum, which are based on the type of portrait or time in which it was made by someone. The national handicrafts and handloom museum is situated around 9 km away from the Delhi bus stand. It also remains open from 10 to 5 every day.
Amazing Museum to Visit in Delhi-National handicrafts and handlooms museumImage Source

3. National Rail Museum

Railways are one of the most popular interests of many, and this rail museum of Delhi is indeed a visual treat for the fanatics of trains and railways. One of the major attractions of the rail museum is it’s interior itself, which is excellently designed in a way, it is given the outlook of a train and a railway station. You can find many such designs which can be related to the trains and railway stations of different time periods and even different geographical locations. The history of the Indian railway is briefly described here, which gives a clear idea of the evolution of railways in India for the visitors. Moreover, the other major attractions include the vast and exclusive range of railway coaches and trains displayed here. Some of these designs trace back to centuries ago, and you can even find some popular and most loved names among the train fanatics here. The ‘Fairy Queen,’ ‘John Morris Fire Engine’ are some of the most popular trains in the Rail Museum. A huge number of miniature models of the train, too, decorate the museum, which is a delight to the eyes. The rail museum is around 16 km away from the Delhi bus stand, and you can visit the museum anytime between 10 to 5.
Best Museum to Visit in Delhi-National Rail MuseumImage Source

4. Shankar’s international dolls museum

Rail museums are rare to find in India, and doll museums with excellent collections of antiques and maintenance are even rarer to find. But your search for such a fine museum ends in Delhi as you can visit Shankar’s international dolls museum, which has a brilliant collection of dolls and all other associated things which dates back to a longer period of time. Even though the museums cannot be associated with kids, the dolls’ museum of Delhi is an exception. This is somewhere you can enjoy to the fullest with family and especially kids. The museum has a gigantic collection of dolls, which is collected from nearly 85 different countries. The museum houses more than 6000 dolls, and out of these, more than 500 of them belong to different Indian states and exhibit variant cultures of India. Shankar’s international dolls museum is located close to the Delhi bus stand, which is just 5 km away, and you can visit the museum anytime between 10 to 5:30.
Top Museum to Visit in Delhi-Shankar's international dolls museumImage Source

5. National Gallery of Modern Art

Even though it’s not essentially a museum, the national gallery of modern art is something more than that. The galley is a wonderful collection of antiques to modern pieces of art, which excellently traces the evolution of the artworks and their impact in different cultures, and even the world itself can be analyzed. It is such a nice place to ignite the creativity and innovation in you, which will take you to places. Right from the interiors of this place, the artifacts presented here are simply eye-catching and remarkable.

If you are an art enthusiast, then this is something that you should never miss at any cost during your trip to Delhi. You can also find dignified artworks of many renowned artists here in the museum. Even though the museum gives more importance to contemporary and modern artworks, you can also find some extremely old and special pieces of art which are of great significance. There are a limited number of museums in the country which support and encourage modern art, and the national gallery of modern art is one of the best in them. The gallery is located nearly 11 km away from the Delhi bus stand. Moreover, you can visit the gallery conveniently during the daytime between 11 to 6:30.
Popular Museum to Visit in Delhi-National Gallery of Modern ArtImage Source

6. Nehru memorial museum and library

One of the rarest places in India which will definitely entertain the avid reader and the history enthusiast in you. The Nehru memorial museum and library is one such place, which is simply a great place for quenching your thirst for knowledge and experience. One of the major attractions of the Nehru memorial museum and library is the prominence that it gives to the Indian independence movement, tracing through all the major struggles and strikes which led to gaining the freedom of the nation. The central ministry of culture established the Nehru memorial museum and library in 1964, which is still maintained by them. Apart from the antiques, the collection of books deserves much appreciation. The museum and library are situated around 13 km away from the Delhi bus stand from where you can easily avail any kind of local transport. You can visit the place between 9 to 5:30.
Attraction Museum to Visit in Delhi-Nehru memorial museum and libraryImage Source


Museums are indeed one of the best places to visit in any place to learn more about the locality and even the city. This will get you to learn about your roots. Delhi has a bunch of quality museums which you should visit during your leisure time.

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