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Vashishtha Temple in Manali

Visit the Exquisite Vashisht Temple & Its Healing Hot Springs in Manali (2024)

The exquisite Vashisht temple in Manali stands in the wilds amongst the green forests of majestic hills in this Himachal Pradesh town. Steep narrow roads winding through the beautiful surroundings take the traveler through the streets and busy market to the majestic temple and hot springs. Park your vehicle in the parking lot at a nominal price, wear your walking shoes to tread along the inclined planes, and go to the sanctuary to pray!

The Vashisht Temple:

Just about 5.5 km away, from Manali’s Mall Road, a little off track from the Leh-Manali highway, lies the Vashisht village in old Manali. This village is an important pilgrimage and religious site for Hindus because of the presence of ancient Temples. On one far end of this small village, away from the cacophony of the vehicles and crowds, stands the ancient and glorious Vashisht temple, proudly in its wooden glory.

Vashishtha Temple in Manali

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The Vashisht temple in Manali is made of wood and has breathtakingly beautiful carvings that can stun the tourist into silence. But, this is not all the temple has to offer. There are hot springs inside the premises waiting for you, so carry an extra set of clothes, because, after the hot sulfur water bath, you will need to change into a dry set. 

A black-colored stone image of Rishi Vashisht, wearing the dhoti attire, stands inside the temple. The temple is decorated with traditional wooden carvings, figures, and antique paintings.

Legend of Vashisht temple:

Rishi Vashisht, a famous sage in Hindu mythology, gave this temple its name. The famous sage of India was the Kula guru of Raja Dashrath and Lord Rama. One day he learned that his children were killed by Sage Vishwamitra and thus attempted suicide by jumping into the river. The river denied his sacrifice and refused to kill him.

After this, the gushing waters were named Vipasha River or the river that provides “Freedom from Bondage”. Rishi Vashishta started a new life by meditating and doing penance in and around this 4000+ years old temple. Today, we know the Vipasha river as River Beas. 

The Healing Hot Springs At The Vashisht Temple In Manali 

Hot springs in the chilly cold weather are the first experience of the ancient and unique Vashisht temple in Manali. These hot spring waters or Vashisht Kund have healing properties, so even if they are a tad too hot, go ahead and soak yourself in the hot medicinal waters for a bath. Soon, your tiredness will seep away, and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Curative Properties of Vashisht Baths

The hot springs have curative properties and are the most popular attraction in Manali. People visiting the area often visit the Vashisht hot baths for bathing and curing their skin diseases and skin infections. Many travelers travel the steeply inclined roads to get this natural treatment in the hot springs. Their belief stands strong and the fact is that many people have actually healed here. 

Legend of the Vashishta Kund or Hot Springs:

Legend says that the hot water baths or Vashisht Kund were created by, Lord Rama’s younger brother, Lakshmana. Lakshmana did this for Sage Vashishta because he did not want the rishi to travel long distances for his bath. Deep in the ground, Lakshman shot an arrow, and the hot water emerged for the holy bath!

Separate Areas For Men And Women: 

Men and women enter the bathing arcade through different queues. In fact, the two genders don’t have to feel awkward because there are separate batches for their bathing. For women, there is an exclusive enclosure outside the temple, and men are assigned another area 20 meters away to bathe. 

The Turkish-style bath areas here have geothermal water coming directly from the springs and provide you the much-needed privacy to take a shower bath. Cleanse yourself in the exotic baths and take the blessings of the religious guru and Lord Rama at the Temples in the refreshing atmosphere of Manali. 

Every morning invariably, the locals carry their clothes to the springs for bathing and washing. The sight should not surprise you, as this is their everyday routine. Several taps are lined outside the temple for the convenience of the people. Turn on the tap, and voila! Hot water pours out. So, soak deeply in the warm water and wallow meditatively in the serene atmosphere. 

Temple Surroundings:

Lying adjacent to the Vashisht temple, is the ancient Rama temple made from stone. The beautiful stone idols of Lord Rama, Devi Sita, and Lakshman are installed here. There is a Shiva temple also nearby. It provides an amazing view of old Manali and the gushing Beas river. Looking at the valley below is a stunning sight. Moreover, the sunsets are exquisitely beautiful and the perfect picture for photography lovers in this backpacker’s paradise.

Manali’s Dusshera celebrations are famous worldwide, and festival celebrations continue here for seven days. You can feel an extraordinary-spiritual vibe that shrouds the village. Peaceful surroundings offer a stunning view of nature and add to the beauty of this place. It is an excellent place for the devotees to meditate in this village that lies East of the river Beas.

The Vashisht Temple and the Markets Nearby:

Near the Vashisht temple lies a beautiful Ram mandir and Lord Shiva temple also, which adds to the ambience. Besides these attractions, there is a market of shops selling unique local products and sumptuous foods. You can roam around, pick small nic-knacks, admire the scenic beauty and eat to satisfy your palate.

You can also see people in Manali and the Vashishta village lead a relaxed stress-free life. They spend hours knitting pure wool clothes to sell, and tourists lounging around taking walks to the innumerable cafes and “Khokhas” for a bite is the way travellers spend their time here. Peace and tranquillity are what Manali is about!

Stay Accommodations in Manali:

Whenever we head out for a vacation, we look for a luxurious holiday with all the amenities. Manali promises you a comfortable stay so much so you won’t miss your hectic routine life at all. Whether it is a budget hotel you desire or a luxury accommodation you book, Manali caters to all kinds of tourists. There is something for everyone here. We have listed a few accommodations you can check out if you are heading to the Vashisth temple in Manali. But, there are also many more hotels and resorts where you can spend your vacation:

  • Hotel Smugglers
  • Hotel Greenfields
  • Mahadev cottage Manali
  • Golden Tulip Manali
  • The Orchard Greens
  • Club Mahindra White Meadows
  • TreetopCafe
  • The locals den
  • Jogini Cottage Manali
  • Zostel Vashisht (Kullu/Manali)
  • Snow Valley Resorts, Manali
  • The Holiday Villa Resort & Spa
  • Manuallaya -The Resort Spa in the Himalayas
  • The Tranquil Inn
  • Vashisht Homestay

Timings of the temple:

Visitors can come to the temple anytime between 7 AM to 9 PM

Vashisht Baths: 7 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 9 PM daily.

Important travel tip:

One thing you need to know is, that most of the restaurants and hotels shut down from November to March due to chilly weather and heavy snow. So plan your visit accordingly. Do check out the amazing Manali tour travel package deals for a lucrative offer and pick the right time to visit Manali at its best.

Distance from the bus stand:

The Vashisht temple is about 3.5 km from the Manali bus station. There are plenty of people strolling around leisurely. Time is no criterion for them and taking hours to reach their destination is the new norm. Autos and cabs are plying to and fro, thus travel is easy and can be managed well in Manali.

Other attractions you can visit near the Vashisht temple:

While in Manali, visit each nook and corner of this beautiful Himachal Pardesh town. From the Vashishta temple, a visit to the Manu temple in Old Manali is not a tough deal. You can also visit the Hadimba temple, Rahalla Falls, Solang Valley, Kothi, Kullu, and so much more when you are in the area. Some areas may seem far, but a few miles or a few hundred kilometers is worth the scenic splendor you see!

 Traffic around the temple:

The temple area is peaceful and spiritual. It is a great place to be in to spend a few hours. But, the marketplace is bustling with energy and chaos. Beware of the jaywalkers and zipping cabbie traffic. Plenty of shops and hotels are spread along the roadside. If you want to avoid the traffic, it is better to visit the region during the morning hours. There have been nasty traffic jams in the region, so it is better to start early. Manali is a favorite travel destination for many, and loads of tourists are seen loitering around. 

In Manali, people are constantly on the move making “desi” memories. While you are here, get a picture clicked with the famous Himalayan rabbit and etch this memory for your album forever. This will always remind you of the wonderful spiritual experience at the Vashisht temple in Manali.

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